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10 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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Celebrate good times: come on! It’s beautiful weather and boys are having birthdays everyday!  A cruise ‘round the neighborhood will inspire you for sure.  These are some of my favorites this week: hot dogs and pirates; knights and dragons; campfire and a sandy beach; I’m diggin’ dinosaurs in the old west; Mickey Mouse sails to a jungle safari; it’s tee time, back-to-school time and high time for you to check out these great boy birthday parties!

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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1. From Delightfully Noted via Project Nursery: Hot Dog! It’s a Boy’s 1st Birthday Party – Whether you own a wiener dog or not, this first celebration is pure fun. There’s terrific cheery blue and green décor, a hot dog bar of course, and a great beverage bar…I laughed out loud when I saw the beverage bar!

Mickey Mouse Nautical Birthday Party

2. From Michelle’s Party Plan-It: Boy’s Mickey Mouse Nautical Themed Birthday Party – The iconic Mickey silhouette lets guests know this is Mouse territory! Michelle amazes with imaginative nautical décor and fun, themed party ideas.

3. From Scarlett Harlow Design via Design Dazzle: Boy’s Pirate Birthday Party – You’ll see a treasure chest full of suggestions for hosting a little boy’s dream party here. Be sure to notice the treasure chest cake, too.

Boy's Yee Haw Western Birthday Party

4. From Printable Parties to Go: Boy’s Yee Haw Western Birthday Party – Here’s a set-up that would jingle the spurs of any little cowboy! Paisley bandanas and cute printables set the party scene. Cactus-on-a-stick treats are novel and especially appealing.

A Guy's Tee Party Celebration

5. From Pizzazzerie: A Guy’s Tee Party Celebration – Is there a duffer in your family? This is a great tee party set-up! I can see this being used for a boy baby shower theme, too.

Boy's Safari Jungle Animals 1st Birthday Party

6. From Roxy’s Kitchen: A Boy’s Safari Jungle Animal Birthday Party – Go to Roxy’s blog to see the posts where she shares decorations, food, desserts and DIY details for one wild first birthday celebration.


A Boy's Camping Birthday Party

7. From Lemonberry Moon via Spaceships and Laser Beams: A Boy’s Camping Themed Birthday Party – This camping themed party really took place at a camp ground. Elizabeth’s ideas inspire whether your party is the real deal or in the back yard.

A Boy's Dino Dig Birthday Party

8. From Anders Ruff via Spaceships and Laser Beams: A Boy’s Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party – You won’t have to search hard to find terrific themed ideas at this party. The awesome decorations, activities and favors would excite any birthday boy.

A Boy's Beach Themed 3rd Birthday Party

9. From Dizzy Dinos Party Printables via Spaceships and Laser Beams: A Boy’s Beach Themed 3rd Birthday Party – No beach nearby? No problem! As you’ll see in this adorable party, there are plenty of celebration ideas that make this gathering the next-best-thing to being there.

A Boy's Knights and Dragons Themed Birthday Party

10. From Parties by Paris via Spaceships and Laser Beams: A Boy’s Knights and Dragons Birthday Party – There’s so much you can do with this fun theme. See how boy heroes can decimate the dragon cake and save damsels in distress while wearing really cool armor, even if there is no castle in sight!


Boy's Back to School Party Idea

11. From Sweet Bambini via Spaceships and Laser Beams: A Colorful Back-to-School Party – Want to start the school year off with excitement? This brightly hued party will ramp up anticipation for the best school season yet. It would also be a super theme to celebrate a September birthday.


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