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33 of the Best Avengers Birthday Party Ideas on the Planet

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Table of Contents
  1. These Avengers Birthday Party Ideas will make your Birthday Boy Super Happy
  2. Avengers Party Decorations
  3. 1. Avenger's Themed Birthday Party 
  4. 2. Incredible Hulk Themed Birthday Party 
  5. 3, Personalized Comic Book Invitation
  6. 4. Craft Stick Bookmarks
  7. 5. Captain America Glove Napkin Ring
  8. 6. Avenger Masks
  9. 7. Thor Paper Figure
  10. 8. Avengers Party Banner
  11. 9. Super Hero Shield
  12. 10. Avenger Candy Buffet Idea
  13. 11. Avengers Birthday Cake
  14. 12. Avenger Themed Food Ideas
  15. 13. Avenger Cupcake Ideas
  16. 14. Avenger Birthday Cake Ideas
  17. 15. Chalkboard Skyline
  18. 16. Hulk Face Drink Idea
  19. 17. Easy Decoration Idea
  20. 18. Pin-the-Star Game
  21. 19. Hulk Game Idea
  22. 20. Free Printable Avengers Masks
  23. 21. Captain America Dessert Table
  24. 22. Hulk T-Shirts Craft
  25. 23. DIY Captain America Piñata
  26. 24. Thor's Hammer Bites
  27. 25. Super Hero Drinks
  28. 26. Free Iron Man Bottle Labels
  29. 27. DIY Iron Man Invitation
  30. 28. Iron Man Cookies
  31. 29. Iron Man Birthday Cake
  32. 30. DIY Iron Man Light Disc
  33. 31. Avenger Food Ideas
  34. 32. DIY Thor Hammer
  35. 33. DIY Thor Helmet
  36. Suit up for your next superhero themed party with these super party ideas:
  37. Be sure to check out more great super hero party ideas.
  38. Plus, check out 10 Superhero Party Must-Haves...

These Avengers Birthday Party Ideas will make your Birthday Boy Super Happy

Have any superhero wannabes at your house? Not just any super heroes, we are talking the Avengers team.

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With new Avengers movies scheduled for 2018 and 2019, you know kids are going to be asking for an Avengers themed birthday party. Take a look at this roundup of awesome ideas and you’ll be ready to celebrate.

Our compilation includes a few parties — as well as party supplies — that will totally wow you as well as specifics for invitations, cakes, favors and games. There are masks, banners, table décor items, menu suggestions, craft ideas and a DIY themed piñata.

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Avengers Party Decorations

Create the perfect atmosphere for your Avenger’s birthday party by using decorations inspired by the Avengers theme and color palette. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Make or purchase Avengers themed party printables. These could include cupcake toppers, party banners, beverage wraps, party signs, favor tags, and food labels.
  • Invite the whole team of Avengers to assemble and greet party goers in cardboard form. Place some life size cardboard cutouts of the Avengers team near the front door to welcome guests and throughout the party space.
  • Create a welcome sign to hang on the front door with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.
  • Round up your child’s collection of Avengers action figures and toys to use as decorations on the dessert table and food tables, or watching over the party favors.
  • Create an oversized city skyline using black cardboard tri-fold boards, scissors and/or a box cutter. Add yellow cardstock windows.
  • Create a party garland that features each of the Avengers’ logos.
  • Add vinyl logos to colorful balloons.
  • Hang Avengers themed posters and comics around the room.
  • Hang framed pictures of each of the Avengers.
  • Create an oversized Avengers logo out of wood to hang as a focal point above a dessert table.
  • Add clusters of balloons to represent the predominant colors of each Avenger hero.

1. Avenger’s Themed Birthday Party 

From Styled by Belle via Spaceships and Laser Beams

The 3-D city skyline turned dessert display will have you wishing you were a guest at this super cool Avengers themed birthday party.

The pop art details of this party will leave you inspired. Comic book party favors, a super hero photo booth, and Avengers inspired game and activity stations look so fun.

2. Incredible Hulk Themed Birthday Party 

From Printable Parties to Go via Spaceships and Laser Beams

If you’re looking for Incredible Hulk themed inspiration for your Avengers party, this party has it all!

From amazing printable decorations to a cool DIY Hulk piñata and Hulk smash game to awesome Hulk cookies and more, you’ll find plenty of ideas.

3, Personalized Comic Book Invitation

From Annie H. via Catch My Party

As if getting invited to an Avengers party with all of your favorite superheroes wasn’t exciting enough, imagine receiving a personalized comic book invitation! What a fun twist to the traditional invitation.

4. Craft Stick Bookmarks

From Crafts By Amanda

These DIY craft stick bookmarks featuring Avengers superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk will be treasured party favors. To get started making them, use a pencil to freehand characters or use the template to trace Avengers characters on jumbo craft sticks. A combination of paint, paint pens and Sharpie markers are used for adding color and details.

5. Captain America Glove Napkin Ring

From Top Party Ideas

Dress up your next Captain America birthday party table with Captain America glove napkin rings. Creating napkin rings inspired by Captain America’s signature red gloves is made easy with a tutorial that includes downloadable templates.

6. Avenger Masks

From Cutesy Crafts

Getting into character is a fun idea at a superhero themed party. These Avengers masks are a fairly simple DIY using craft felt, thread and ¾” elastic. Some basic sewing is required, but this free tutorial makes it easier. You can choose from Spiderman, Iron Man, Spider Girl, Batman, Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk and Thor.

7. Thor Paper Figure

From My Paper Heroes

Now you can create paper heroes to decorate your Avengers party space, or better yet, send home with guests as a party favor. Simply print the Thor paper figure (there are other Avengers paper figure templates too) and assemble!

8. Avengers Party Banner

From Ribbons and Glue

Pay homage to the characters that make up the Avengers by creating an Avengers party banner. A die cutting machine makes this task easier as super hero themed words/phrases and character logos are crafted and layered.

9. Super Hero Shield

From Project: Party Perfect via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Super hero shields are a definite necessity for little super heroes and definitely ramp up the fun factor at an Avengers party. Never fear, help for a DIY is here! Best of all, this project only requires foam, felt, scissors and hot glue!

10. Avenger Candy Buffet Idea

From 3’s a Party via Kara’s Party Ideas

Get the coolest ideas for an Avengers candy buffet! You’ll find everything from Iron Man, Spider Man and Hulk gumball tubes to caped blow pop super heroes and jars of candy to coordinate with each Avengers character.

11. Avengers Birthday Cake

From Itsy Bitsy Bites via Birthday and Party Cakes

Make all your birthday boys’ dreams come true with an Avengers birthday cake that really wows! There are ideas for single layer cakes with edible images or triple layer cakes with fondant accents and characters.

12. Avenger Themed Food Ideas

From Mom on Time Out

Kids will go crazy over these creative Avengers themed food ideas. Imagine strawberry and blueberry shortcakes made to look like Captain America’s shields! And “Black Widow spider bites” made from Oreos and red food gel? So cool! Don’t miss out on seeing Hawkeye’s wings or Fury’s tropical freeze!

13. Avenger Cupcake Ideas

From Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai

Attempts to create the most awesome Avengers cupcakes don’t have to end in frustration. Check out all of the Avengers cupcake inspiration, including printable toppers, candy melt embellishments like Thor’s hammer and even frosting techniques.


14. Avenger Birthday Cake Ideas

From Simply Delicious Cakery via Cake Decor

Some serious talent and time was required to make this amazing Avengers birthday cake. Check out the 5 layers of cake and fondant accents, each layer giving a nod to a popular Avengers character. Can you spot Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America?

15. Chalkboard Skyline

From OhSoPrintable via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Need a great backdrop for your Avengers party and/or dessert table? Why not create your own using chalk? This chalkboard skyline is fabulous for super heroes! Whether you free hand it or use a projector to trace buildings and words, the effort will pay off come party day.

16. Hulk Face Drink Idea

From Cute as a Fox

These Hulk faced drinks will bring all the Avengers fans to your party! Grab bottles of green Hawaiian Punch from the store for this creative beverage idea. Remove the label and add a vinyl Hulk face to each one. You can cut the Hulk faces using an SVG file.

17. Easy Decoration Idea

From Our Life in a Click

Easy decoration ideas can transform an ordinary party into something extraordinary! We love this idea for pairing balloons with crepe paper streamers in super hero colors! Not only does it make for a festive atmosphere, it provides an awesome photo backdrop too! The balloons in this example are sewn together by their tales using wax twine and an embroidery needle.

18. Pin-the-Star Game

From Amy Rasmussen via Events to Celebrate

This Pin the Star on the Shield game is an Avengers inspired twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. It pays tribute to Captain America and is an easy DIY made by layering red, white and blue circles to form a shield!

19. Hulk Game Idea

From Kristi C. via Catch My Party

DIY your own Hulk game, perfect for an Avengers party featuring several characters! Use paper to cover a recycled box to look like the Hulk! Cut out the mouth area to use for a ball toss game! Guests can aim mini footballs into Hulk’s big jaws!

20. Free Printable Avengers Masks

From Oh My Fiesta

Ironman, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk can make an appearance at your Avengers party thanks to free printable Avengers masks! Simply print out the free designs and let guests color their own masks as one of the party activities. You can’t beat a party favor and activity all in one!

21. Captain America Dessert Table

From Fabiane A. via Catch My Party

Red, white and blue party decorations, desserts and props all point to one popular Avengers party character. If you guessed Captain America, you’d be right! Even the cheese sandwiches are star shaped!

22. Hulk T-Shirts Craft

From Creative Mama

Making Hulk t-shirts as part of an Avengers party craft can be so much fun! Using a Hulk hair and eye image found online, you can make a stencil for painting. Let party guests add the green face as part of a craft station!

23. DIY Captain America Piñata

From Maureen Wilkinson

Follow this amazing tutorial for DIYing your own Captain America Piñata for a fraction of the cost of buying one already made. (This one was only $6!) You’ll need a few basic supplies like a craft board, crepe paper and clear packing tape!

24. Thor’s Hammer Bites


Elevate your Avengers party snacks by bringing in the power of Thor’s hammer bites! The warrior of thunder, lightning and strength is easily represented using crackers, white cheese sliced into lightning bolts, purple grapes and pretzel sticks fashioned into hammers.

25. Super Hero Drinks

From The Cards We Drew

Create these awesome layered super hero drinks inspired by Iron Man and Captain America for your next Avengers party! The trick is layering the colored beverages according to their sugar content! Higher sugar content drinks must be poured into your glass first, followed by lower sugar content drinks. Pouring technique is important so you don’t mix the drink layers.

26. Free Iron Man Bottle Labels


Add a little oomph to your Avengers party by adding these free printable Iron Man labels to your party beverages. With 3 Iron Man designs to choose from, guests will have fun picking their favorite! Just download, print, cut and adhere to your beverages of choice!

27. DIY Iron Man Invitation

From Uniquely Grace

If you want to send invitations to your Avengers party that will really wow, consider DIYing your own Iron Man invitations! Using this paper layering technique you can create a 3-D effect that is really cool!

28. Iron Man Cookies

From Handmade by Rianna

There are no fancy royal icing recipes or steady piping techniques required for these cool Iron Man cookies! However, you will need a hand shaped cookie cutter as well as two different sized circle cutter shapes to recreate Iron Man’s hand with the arc reactor.

29. Iron Man Birthday Cake

From A Keen Cake Impression

This Iron Man birthday cake will give you definite inspiration for your Avengers party cake dreams. It features Iron Man busting out of the top of the cake!

30. DIY Iron Man Light Disc

From Boo Turtle

Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) can make an appearance at your Avengers party with this easy-to-create arc reactor. You’ll need one strand of battery operated LED lights, a 3” Styrofoam disc, duct tape and clear packing tape.

31. Avenger Food Ideas

From Will Cook for Smiles

Tying food into a party theme will score big brownie points with the party guests! Add these Avenger food ideas to your party for loads of creative fun.

Red, white and blue mini cupcakes can be arranged creatively to form Captain America’s shield. Spinach parmesan dip served with purple (blue corn) chips can be labeled “Hulk Dip”.

How about using mini pepperoni and cheddar cheese arranged to create Iron Man’s face on the top of a pizza? And “Thunder Punch” is definitely the beverage of choice—a simple concoction of raspberry compote, lemonade and club soda.

32. DIY Thor Hammer

From Snap!

Not only are these DIY Thor Hammers easy to make and inexpensive, they make perfect party favors! Made from sturdy cardboard mailing tubes, craft paper boxes and a little hot glue, they can be filled with Avengers inspired treats like Avengers fruit snacks, blue and red candy and Captain America popcorn.


33. DIY Thor Helmet

From Crafts on Seas

Kids will love channeling their inner Thor with the help of this DIY Thor helmet. Would you believe it is constructed primarily from paper plates and duct tape?

Assembly is fairly simple and starts with making a skeleton based on head measurements, covering the helmet base with duct tape and adding winged ears to each side, also covered in duct tape.

Suit up for your next superhero themed party with these super party ideas:

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  • Cardboard Jumbo Superhero Word Cutouts
  • Happy Birthday Cake Bunting Topper
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  • Superhero Comics Centerpiece
  • Superhero Comics Pinata
  • Superhero Comics Empty Favor Boxes

Be sure to check out more great super hero party ideas.

Plus, check out 10 Superhero Party Must-Haves

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