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Stephanie Keeping

Stephanie Keeping


Stephanie is an entertaining and food expert. Her delicious recipes and easy DIY ideas have been featured on MSN, CBC, NBC, ABC, Fox, CW, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Cafemom and The Huffington Post. When she’s not blogging, she can be found at the beach with her husband, Mike, and son, Sam.

Layne Henderson

Layne Kangas

Marketing Director

Layne is passionate about sharing great food and amazing adventures with her husband Steve and three sons. Her yummy recipes and easy DIY ideas have been shared on digital platforms worldwide.


Lenore Ortyl

Project Manager

Lenore is a cheese enthusiast and carb lover! As a wife, and mother of five amazing kids, she is always cooking up something she thinks her crew will love.



Developer & Photographer



Recipe Developer



Food Photographer


Graphic Designer


Editorial Assistant


Social Media Manager

Your experience making our recipes is the most important thing to us. Every day, the Spaceships Kitchen team develops delicious recipes to go on our site. We test them over and over again to make sure they’ll turn out perfect every time — giving you all the tips and tricks you’ll need for success. Once ready, our photographers capture the bright, mouthwatering images and our writers create the step-by-step recipe tutorials that you see on Spaceships and Laser Beams.

How We Work

Develop Recipe

Test, Test, Test

Prep and Cook

Photograph and Blog

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