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Moana Birthday Party Ideas

Table of Contents
  1. Moana birthday party ideas:
  2. 1. Disney Moana cake table
  3. 2. Moana Birthday Cake
  4. 3. Tropical Palm Photo Backdrop
  5. 4. Moana photo booth props
  6. 5. Moana Party games
  7. 6.Tropical balloon garland 
  8. 7. Moana Themed Jello Treats
  9. 8. Moana 3-tier cake
  10. 9. Moana Cupcakes 
  11. 10. Moana watermelon boat
  12. 11. Moana Themed dessert table
  13. 12. Moana donuts
  14. More Party Ideas You'll Love

What better way to celebrate a special birthday than with a Moana birthday party! A girl chosen by the ocean itself for an important mission makes such a great role model for any birthday girl or boy. And the aesthetics of a tropical island party make for just plane fun.

In this round up, you’ll find Moana party ideas for invitations, party supplies, birthday cakes, sugar cookies, cupcake toppers, party food, decorations, party games  — and more! Planning to hold your party poolside? You’ll want to check out our pool party ideas as well!

A bunch of different foods, with Party and Moana

For fun party food options, try our delicious Hawaiian BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and Hawaiian wedding cake for dessert.

Moana birthday party ideas:

A living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

1. Disney Moana cake table

From Pretty My Party

This Moana themed party leaves no Polynesian detail unturned! With the theme of “Where the Sky Meets the Sea”, this posh party includes traditional hula attire for the guests, temporary tribal tattoos, live hula lessons, and a Hawaiian fire dance performance! Your little princess will find herself submersed in a real-life paradise, waves of wonderful memories, and finding her place where the sky meets the sea!

A person sitting at a table with a birthday cake

2. Moana Birthday Cake

From EZE Breezy

This amazing Moana cake is actually simple to put together and a design anyone can tackle, no matter how much cake decorating experience you have. The frosting doesn’t have to be perfect, and pirouline cookies will become your best friend. You will definitely WOW your guests with this one! Expect lots of flower leis, squeals, and giggles!

A close up of a flower

3. Tropical Palm Photo Backdrop

From Love the Day

The number one word to keep in mind for your Moana party is simple: TROPICAL. Here’s a quick and easy way to make a tropical backdrop that sets the Moana scene perfectly. Use it as a photo backdrop, the main table decor, or just a gorgeous way to add a little palm leaf filler! Can’t you just feel the breezes flowing?

A stack of flyers on a table

4. Moana photo booth props

From Mommy of a Princess

This Moana themed birthday party looks like there’s no expense spared… but most of the items came from the dollar store. The main star of this paradise was the wonderful Hawaiian themed food – complete with Hei Hei (chicken tenders), Pua (Pulled Pork on Hawaiian Rolls), Driftwood (Pretzel Sticks), Fruit of Tefiti, and Tekah Lava Rocks (rock candy). Paper mache letters and numbers were adorned with tropical flowers purchased from the dollar store – as were the coconut cups, leis, grass skirts, and Moana tattoos.The gorgeous hibiscus flower centerpieces  also came from the dollar store – proving that Moana’s paradise truly can be created on a dime! Now that’s magical.


A group of people posing for the camera

5. Moana Party games

From KerriCreates

It has to be tropical. It has to be other-wordly. It HAS to be a Moana birthday party.

Moana sings “How Far I’ll Go” (as you’ve no doubt heard rehearsed 100s of times). You’ll find out just how far you’ll go when you make this amazing tropical party… complete with a beach scene and their own Moana boat! Get ready to sail away on a grand adventure!

A little girl holding a colorful teddy bear

6.Tropical balloon garland 

From Catch My Party

This budget-friendly version uses a few beachy things you probably already own, tropical balloon garland made with paper hibiscus and tropical leaves, and a DIY Moana sail. Add pineapples, seashells, and coconuts, and PRESTO! You’re on the island of Motonui!

Food on a plate, with Party and Moana

7. Moana Themed Jello Treats

From The Jersey Momma

These Moana themed treats make every special guest their own “way finder” on the tropical Polynesian seas! The crystal blue yummy ocean is made of blue Jell-O and comes complete with its own edible boat! The “sandy shore” of Nilla wafers will have your guests feeling like they’re in paradise. This special treat will have everyone saying “Mahalo” (thank you) to the host! Enjoy your ocean adventure!

A group of people sitting at a table with a birthday cake

8. Moana 3-tier cake

From Kara’s Party Ideas

Even Te-Fiti, the island goddess, will have trouble competing with the posh beauty of this Moana themed birthday party. From the chic decor to the colorful multi-sized balloon banner, every part is a tropical treat for the eyes! Your little ones will be in paradise!

A cake sitting on top of a table

9. Moana Cupcakes 

From Mama Cheaps

Every Moana fan knows the gorgeous ancient gem known as the heart of Te Feti must be restored to the tropical mother island. This Moana themed treat gives the guests a chance to have their own magical heart of Te Feti in these beautiful tropical cupcakes. This simple recipe is easy to decorate and will thrill the Moana fans as they each become the hero of the day!

A bowl of food on a table, with Party and Moana

10. Moana watermelon boat

From Make Life Lovely

This Moana themed birthday party is pure paradise with three beautiful tropical cakes, important ancient symbols, and gorgeous fruit and flowers. The children will love getting to paint their very own kakamoras, made by sanding and painting coconuts. Each guest gets to take home a pineapple cup, beautiful leis, and flower hair clips. Cross the ocean with us and  join this grand Polynesian birthday adventure!

A group of colorful balloons on a table

11. Moana Themed dessert table

From Pretty My Party

This super tropical, super cute party walks you step-by-step across the sands of paradise. From free printables to colorful, amazing tropical ideas, you will be inspired to follow Moana on her amazing journey to save her people and fulfill her own destiny. Make waves and sail away with us to the perfect Polynesian islands!

A birthday cake

12. Moana donuts

From Make Life Lovely

This totally fabulous Moana birthday party is full of surprises – complete with tropical leaves, shells, edible Moana canoes, and even some kakamora coconuts. Lots of raffia, hibiscus, and beautiful leis adorn this magical paradise. And what would paradise be without delicious grilled pineapple chicken kabobs? You’ll find lots of details and helpful shortcuts for giving the most magical, beautiful party even the island goddess Te Fiti would love! The line where the sky meets the sea will be calling you for sure!

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