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14 Teen Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Emoji Birthday Party Theme
  2. 2. Outdoor Movie Party
  3. 3. DIY Escape Room Birthday Party
  4. 5. Geocaching Birthday Party
  5. 6. "Pop It Like It's Hot" Popcorn Bar
  6. 7. Glow In The Dark Party 
  7. 8. Basketball Party
  8. 9. Hawaiian Luau Party
  9. 10. Epic Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt
  10. 11. Eno Hammock Party
  11. 12. Taco Fiesta Party Food
  12. 13. Under The Stars Party
  13. 14. Fortnite Party Theme
  14. Plus, get more inspiration with these party ideas:
  15. Plus, check out 23 Crazy Cool Camping Ideas, Hacks, Tips & Tricks

If you have teens, you know how difficult it can be to plan birthday parties. No worries! I’ve got some of the best teen birthday party ideas to share with you today and they are all teen-approved. Who is ready for a little slice of teen birthday awesomeness?

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A close up of food, with Party and Idea

1. Emoji Birthday Party Theme

Social media is so popular with this age group, so an emoji party is a perfect fit! Check out this post with 21 of our favorite emoji party ideas. From poop emoji cupcakes, cakes, and cookies as well as all the cute party decorations like emoji paper lanterns, masks, and even a photo booth.

Food on a table, with Party and Idea

2. Outdoor Movie Party

Throwing an outdoor movie party is fun for every age, but for teens, it is a fabulous idea. Grab a fun movie, and snacks and throw a sheet over the fence and you are ready to roll! Check out this post for a cute movie concession idea!

A group of people on a newspaper

3. DIY Escape Room Birthday Party

Escape Room venues are popping up all over. Take a group to your local room or create your own with this fabulous DIY Escape Room party idea. Your teens will love solving problems, working puzzles, and trying to beat the clock to escape. So fun!

A group of people around each other

5. Geocaching Birthday Party

Have you ever tried geocaching? It is a game of hiding and seeking “caches” of treasure. Players can place a cache anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location using a GPS device, and log their cache online or share it with friends. Anyone with a GPS device or smartphone can then try to locate the cache. It makes for the perfect birthday party for teens and older kids!

A group of pink flowers on a table

6. Pop It Like It’s Hot” Popcorn Bar

This popcorn bar is perfect for any teen party, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. This entire slumber party is nothing short of epic. Throwing a party like this could definitely help you reach cool mom status.

A screenshot of a computer

7. Glow In The Dark Party 

If it is neon or it glows… teens love it! Why not throw an entire party filled with glow sticks, lava lamps, black lights, and loads of neon. So many cool ideas!

An orange sign on a wall

8. Basketball Party

Gals and guys both love the sport of basketball. Put a modern spin on a sports party with really cool art and decoration ideas. Check out this University of Michigan basketball party and this Iowa State basketball party as well for super cool ideas for party food and decorations.

Party and Birthday

9. Hawaiian Luau Party

Think tiki bars, chocolate seashells, and surfboard cookies! How about coconut bowling, DIY leis, and grass skirts?! You’ll be bringing the Aloha spirit and flavor of the islands to your luau in no time.

Party and Birthday

10. Epic Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt

We’d say there is a 98% chance that your teens will be on their phones at a party, why not make it part of the festivities? We love this idea of an Instagram Photo scavenger hunt. A person sitting on a bench posing for the camera

11. Eno Hammock Party

This is a new spin on a camping party. Grab the gang and tell them to bring their Enos to hang out… literally. I think this is such a cool idea and the details of this party are spectacular.

A cake on a table

12. Taco Fiesta Party Food

We are certain of one thing in this life… teens love some tacos. Throw an epic fiesta with bold and bright colors and their fave tacos and toppings. You simply cannot go wrong with this!

A vase of flowers on a table

13. Under The Stars Party

As an adult, I’d love this party,  but it was actually designed for a young lady. Talk about a dreamland. The kids will be talking about this party for years to come.

A close up of many different types of food, with Party and Idea

14. Fortnite Party Theme

Does your teen love Fortnite? Let the game come to life with these awesome Fortnite party supplies and decorations, Fortnite birthday cakes, and the coolest Fortnite favors around.

Plus, get more inspiration with these party ideas:

Plus, check out 23 Crazy Cool Camping Ideas, Hacks, Tips & Tricks

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  1. Marta says

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. These are amazing birthday party ideas. This will help trim down the long list of birthday themes to choose from.


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