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15 Awesome Glow-In-The-Dark Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Glow in the Dark Basketball Party
  2. 2. Glowing Party Drinks
  3. 3. Glowing Star Wars Birthday Party
  4. 4. Glowing Centerpiece Design
  5. 5. Neon Glow Dessert Table Backdrop
  6. 6. Glow Stick Ring Toss
  7. 7. Glow Decoration for Walls
  8. 8. Glowing Cotton Candy
  9. 9. Glow Light Chandelier
  10. 10. Glowing Food Picks
  11. 11. Glow Game Idea
  12. 12. Glowing Guest Table
  13. 13. Glow-in-the-Dark Game Ideas
  14. 14. Neon Table Centerpiece
  15. 15. Glowing Neon Dessert Table
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Check out these cool Glow-in-the-Dark Birthday Party Ideas. They include neon cakes, decorations, drinks, food, party games, and more. Coming up with the right birthday party theme for older boys and girls can be difficult, but glow-in-the-dark parties are awesome enough for those hard-to-please tweens. Whether it’s a basketball party, a Star Wars celebration, or a cool club atmosphere, black lights and neon give everything a new look. You’ll find all sorts of decoration ideas plus beverages and foods that glow, food picks that glow, guest and dessert tables that glow, and even games that glow.

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1. Glow in the Dark Basketball Party

Black lights, glow sticks, neon colors, and plenty of cool basketball details make this glow-in-the-dark basketball party for two brothers extra special. If the sweet treats on the dessert table aren’t cool enough as is, the glowing effects definitely take things to a whole new level of awesome.

2. Glowing Party Drinks

Add glowing party drinks to your glow-in-the-dark party. The secret is adding tonic water to your beverage of choice before exposing it to a black light!

3. Glowing Star Wars Birthday Party

Take guests to the dark side with a glowing Star Wars birthday party. Black lights, glowing light sabers, and a few neon details really make the décor in this party seem like it’s from a galaxy far, far away.

4. Glowing Centerpiece Design

Create your own glowing centerpieces using a combination of glow sticks, LED ice cubes, and glassware. Top them off with glow stick orbs for some playful décor guests will love to look at and toss around.

5. Neon Glow Dessert Table Backdrop

Give your desserts a place to shine with a neon glow dessert table backdrop. Attach paper rosettes and paper circle garlands in neon colors to a black paper backdrop for a totally awesome look!

6. Glow Stick Ring Toss

Creating a glow stick ring toss game is easier than you think. Just insert glow sticks into water bottles and toss glow stick rings (use the connectors that come with the glow sticks to create the rings) around the bottles to play.

7. Glow Decoration for Walls

Create your own glow decorations for an amazing glow-in-the-dark party. Whether you splatter neon or glow-in-the-dark paint on black butcher paper or create fun designs using neon paper and tape, the results when the black lights come on will be awesome!

8. Glowing Cotton Candy

A glow-in-the-dark party needs glow-in-the-dark food. White cotton candy turns luminescent when the lights are off and the black lights are on. Plus, when you add a glow stick to the cone-shaped cotton candy holder for an even cooler glowing effect!

9. Glow Light Chandelier

DIY your own glow light chandeliers for a huge impact at your glow-in-the-dark party! You can create these by using cardboard, plastic flagging tape, neon paper circles, a hula hoop, and a push light!

10. Glowing Food Picks

Help your food stand out at a glow-in-the-dark party by using clear neon food picks. Blacklight + neon = magic!

11. Glow Game Idea

Guests at your next glow-in-the-dark party will like this glow game idea! Turn an ordinary game of Twister into glow-in-the-dark Twister! Fun, right?

12. Glowing Guest Table

If you want to create a glowing guest table for your next celebration add neon cups, plates, and decorations that really make your table pop!

13. Glow-in-the-Dark Game Ideas

Try out these fun glow-in-the-dark game ideas including glow-in-the-dark hopscotch using neon tape. You can even set up a game of glow-in-the-dark bowling too using neon tape on the bowling pins.

14. Neon Table Centerpiece

Playful and fun, these neon guest table centerpiece balls are totally fabulous. Not only are they colorful, but they collapse too!

15. Glowing Neon Dessert Table

Nothing screams the 80s quite like neon and glow-in-the-dark parties! This glowing neon dessert table combines neon balloons, favors, treats, and decor that glow to create the coolest party vibe!

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