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21 Top Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas

Table of Contents
  1. Plan the perfect Pokemon themed birthday party with these 21 ideas!
  2. 1. Pokemon Party Dessert Table
  3. 2. Modern Pokemon Party Invitation
  4. 3. Pin the Tail on the Pikachu
  5. 4. Pikachu Cupcakes
  6. 5. Pokemon Training Camp
  7. 6. DIY Pikachu Balloons
  8. 7. DIY Pokemon Balls
  9. 8. Pikachu Cups
  10. 9. Pokeball Cake Pops
  11. 10. Pokemon Macarons
  12. 11. DIY Pikachu Pinata
  13. 12. DIY Candy Pokemon Pokeballs
  14. 13. Pokeball Marshmallows
  15. 14. Pokemon Cake
  16. 15. Pokemon Billiards
  17. 16. Pokemon Toss Game
  18. 17. Pikachu Cake Pops
  19. 18. Pikachu Peeps
  20. 19. DIY Pokemon Paper Lantern
  21. 20. Pokemon Character Headbands
  22. 21. Pokemon Party Favors
  23. BONUS Pokemon Bookmark Craft 
  24. BONUS DIY Pokemon Pinata Cake 
  25. Recreate your own Pokemon inspired boy's birthday party with these great party supplies:
  26. Get more video game themed boy's party inspiration from these ideas.
  27. Plus, don't miss 21 Super Mario Brother Party Ideas...

Plan the perfect Pokemon themed birthday party with these 21 ideas!

With the release of the Pokemon Go app and movies like Detective Pikachu, the Pokemon craze has been revitalized and a whole new generation of Pokemon lovers has emerged.

We’re helping you plan your Pokemon themed birthday party with this roundup of 21 top Pokemon birthday party ideas.

From DIY Pikachu balloons and pokeballs to tutorials for making candy pokeballs and Pikachu peeps, you’ll choose to come back to this list of ideas over and over as you plan your own celebration.

Pokemon Go Birthday Party Ideas

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Pokemon Party Dessert Table

1. Pokemon Party Dessert Table

From Craft That Party

No matter what age you are celebrating, guests will love this colorful Pokemon dessert table that features Pokemon inspired treats—like paper Pokeball topped cupcakes—and favors.

Replicate the backdrop by gluing yellow paper plates together and attaching a Pokeball sign customized with your guest of honor’s name and age.

Modern Pokemon Party Invitation

2. Modern Pokemon Party Invitation

From Brenda Bird Designs

This clean and simple invitation design is modern and fresh. Let guests know that you “choose” them to help you celebrate.

Pin the Tail on the Pikachu

3. Pin the Tail on the Pikachu

From Debbie M., as seen on Catch My Party

This is a Pokemon inspired spin-off of the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” party game.

Blindfold guests and give them a little spin before setting them loose to give Pikachu his tail back.

Pikachu Cupcakes

4. Pikachu Cupcakes

From The Carver Crew

DIYing Pikachu cupcakes is easy with a few simple ingredients:  cupcakes, frosting, candy corn, red gumdrops and Junior Mints.

Add Junior Mints for eyes, halved gumdrops for cheeks and frosting coated candy corn for the ears.

Pokemon Training Camp

5. Pokemon Training Camp

From Frog Prince Paperie

Get party guests going with these exciting training exercises.

DIY Pikachu Balloons

6. DIY Pikachu Balloons

From Myzotte

Permanent markers transform ordinary yellow balloons into adorable Pikachus.

DIY Pokemon Balls

7. DIY Pokemon Balls

From Frog Prince Paperie

Make your own Pokemon Balls in 10 minutes.

Perfect party favor and a great place for guests to store all the Pokemon they catch at your party.

Pikachu Cups

8. Pikachu Cups

From Ruffles and Stuff

Boring party cups no more. These yellow cups got a Pikachu makeover with help from some markers.

Pokeball Cake Pops

9. Pokeball Cake Pops

From The Cake Poppery

Cake pops are the perfect shape to be transformed into pokeballs.

Dip the top red and bottom white and add that signature black detailing.

Pokemon Macarons

10. Pokemon Macarons

From Cake Works

Macarons just got even more amazing with Pokemon faces added using edible markers.

DIY Pikachu Pinata

11. DIY Pikachu Pinata

From Smelling Oranges on Winter Afternoons

Add a piñata to your party games by DIYing a Pikachu using crepe paper and paper mache.

This tutorial will walk you through the details.

DIY Candy Pokemon Pokeballs

12. DIY Candy Pokemon Pokeballs

From My Cupcake Addiction via Cake Journal

Imagine a chocolate piñata explosion in your mouth, and that is what you’ll have by DIYing these candy Pokeballs.

Pokeball Marshmallows

13. Pokeball Marshmallows

From Cynthia L. via Catch My Party

Who doesn’t love marshmallows? These Pokeball marshmallows, dipped in red candy melts and topped with white chocolate chips and chocolate detailing are easy enough that older children could even help make them!

Pokemon Cake

14. Pokemon Cake

From Erivana Cakes

Fondant details like famed Pokemon trainer Ash and a Pokeball cake topper make this cake amazing.

Pokemon Billiards

15. Pokemon Billiards

From Made by Marzipan

Guests will love trying their hand at Pokemon billiards.

Using a golf ball, they must try to only knock the DIYd Pokeball out of the taped ring, leaving the ping balls inside the ring.

Pokemon Toss Game

16. Pokemon Toss Game

From M Lou is Pink via Flickr

Little guests will love tossing whiffle balls through the Pokemon covered game board!

Pikachu Cake Pops

17. Pikachu Cake Pops

From Tali via Cakes Decor

These Pikachu cake pops, complete with their signature ears, are the perfect bite sized dessert table treat.

Pikachu Peeps

18. Pikachu Peeps

From Frog Prince Paperie via Catch My Party

Yellow Easter bunny Peeps and edible ink markers pair to easily make these Pikachu Peeps a great addition to a Pokemon dessert table.

DIY Pokemon Paper Lantern

19. DIY Pokemon Paper Lantern

From Rose’s Notes

Who would’ve thought that a little red spray paint, black electrical tape and a black cardstock circle could transform white paper lanterns into Pokeball party decorations?

Pokemon Character Headbands

20. Pokemon Character Headbands

From Forever Stitchy

Help guests get into character with these DIY felt Pokemon character headbands.

They are the perfect party accessory and a great take home Pokemon party favor.

Pokemon Party Favors

21. Pokemon Party Favors

From Debbie M. via Catch My Party

Party favors disguised as Pikachus? You betcha! Yellow paper bags with cardstock features have never looked cuter.

Pokemon Bookmark Kids Craft Idea

BONUS Pokemon Bookmark Craft 

From Red Ted Art

DIY Pokemon Pinata Cake

BONUS DIY Pokemon Pinata Cake 

From Red Ted Art

Recreate your own Pokemon inspired boy’s birthday party with these great party supplies:

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  • Pokemon Birthday Banner
  • Pokemon Scene Setter
  • Pokemon Treat Bags
  • Paper Party Striped Straws
  • Pokemon Wristband Favors
  • Paper Party Striped Straws
  • Pokemon Party Balloons
  • Yellow Chevron Party Kit
  • Pokemon Party Supplies Set
  • Bright Yellow Paper Party Favor Bags
  • Mini 4″ Red and White Striped Popcorn Boxes

Get more video game themed boy’s party inspiration from these ideas.

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