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31 DIY Slime Recipes You Can Make In Minutes

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A close up of a cup, with Slime and Jar
Recipe for Classic Slime - Easy and Inexpensive
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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Bug Slime
  2. 2. Edible Slime Or Gak
  3. 3. Oobleck: Liquid Or Solid?
  4. 4. Fluffy Slime
  5. 5. Two Ingredient Slime
  6. 6. Professor Figgy's Glow Slime
  7. 7. Homemade Play Goo Or Slime 
  8. 8. DIY Monster Boogers
  9. 9. Simple LEGO Slime
  10. 10. Glow In The Dark Slime
  11. 11. Sparkle Slime
  12. 12. Golden Glitter Slime & Dragons
  13. 13. Chocolate Stretchy Slime
  14. 14. Star Spangled Slime
  15. 15. Snow Slime
  16. 16. Polka Dot Slime
  17. 17. Glowing Rainbow Slime
  18. 18. Edible Slime (Kool-Aid Slime)
  19. 19. Eye Spy Slime
  20. 20. Princess Snot Slime
  21. 21. Soap Slime
  22. 22. TMNT Sewer Slime
  23. 23. DIY Rubber Slime
  24. 24. Ninja Turtle Ooze Slime
  25. 25. Scented Slime
  26. 26. Spaghetti Slime
  27. 27. DIY "Floam" (Slime)
  28. 28. Frozen Slime
  29. 29. Silly Pumpkin Putty
  30. 30. Grinch Slime
  31. 31. Easy Classic Slime Recipe 
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Gooey, FUN, slippery slime. There are many different recipes to try; some last for months and others are a one-time play activity. Kids of all ages enjoy creating different textures. In this roundup, you’ll find edible slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, fluffy slime, and magnetic slime. There are slime recipes for a night sky, ocean swirl, or star shine. Find snow slime, rainbow slime, and two-ingredient slime. Make glitter, sparkle, or polka-dot slime. Some use borax but some are borax free. Call it a science experiment, call it a sensory experience, call it a kid’s party activity — any way you look at it, you can call it fun.

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1. Bug Slime

This sensory recipe for bug slime will provide hours of oozy, gooey fun! The slime is made by mixing white glue with liquid starch and food dye. Rocks, plastic leaves, and bugs are added to the slime mixture for some bugged-out fun.

2. Edible Slime Or Gak

This chemical and Borax-free slime are edible! You’ll love the super easy, no-cook recipe that takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish. Wondering what the ingredients are? Cornstarch, basil seed, water, and food coloring.

oobleck recipe

3. Oobleck: Liquid Or Solid?

In this fun hands-on science experiment, kids have to figure out whether Oobleck is a liquid or a solid. To conduct the experiment, you’ll need cornstarch, water, food coloring (optional), and a large bowl.

Fluffy Slime Recipe

4. Fluffy Slime

Need a new sensory play activity for your little ones? This fluffy slime recipe may be a fun one to try! Some interesting ingredient additions in this fluffy slime version are shaving cream and googley eyes.

5. Two Ingredient Slime

This Borax-free recipe for slime only requires two ingredients, and one of them is water! The other ingredient surprised us—Metamucil which is a natural fiber supplement found at most grocery stores!

6. Professor Figgy’s Glow Slime

Gross your kids out in the best way with Professor Figgy’s glow slime! It makes for a fun afternoon craft and/or science experiment and will keep your kids entertained for hours. This glow slime requires you to disassemble a fluorescent highlighter!

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7. Homemade Play Goo Or Slime 

A great boredom buster, you can make your own homemade play goo or slime using a recipe that features ingredients you might already have in your cupboards. Pull out the white glue, food coloring, measuring cups, Borax, and some bowls for mixing and Ziploc baggies for slime storage.

A close up of a bottle
8. DIY Monster Boogers

How fun would it be to DIY your own “monster boogers” for a Halloween party or any monster-themed party? These monster boogers are just a classic slime recipe using Borax, water, and glue, but add in a classic monster green color via food coloring.

Lego Slime Recipe

9. Simple LEGO Slime

When we say simple LEGO slime, we mean simple! This slime recipe uses a basic slime formula and adds tiny LEGO pieces to it—tiny dots, flat circles, and LEGO heads. While this is great for older kids, it is not recommended for children who still put things in their mouths.

Slime and Food coloring

10. Glow In The Dark Slime

The secret ingredient in this glow-in-the-dark slime recipe is glow-in-the-dark paint! Using neon food coloring gives this slime a really cool color too!

11. Sparkle Slime

Making sparkle slime vs. traditional slime is probably easier than you think! Just substitute clear glue for white glue and add glitter! Get ready for some fun sparkle play!

Golden Glitter Slime from Fun at Home with Kids

12. Golden Glitter Slime & Dragons

This golden glitter slime may just bring out the star in you! A good amount of gold glitter was added to a traditional glue and starch mixture to get the gold saturation seen here.

Chocolate Stretchy Slime Recipe from Fun at Home with Kids

13. Chocolate Stretchy Slime

If you want a delicious-smelling slime that will stretch and stretch, this chocolate stretchy slime recipe is a winner! And when it turns into its liquid state, it looks just like melted chocolate! Keep in mind, that this chocolate slime is not edible in any way, even though it looks and smells tempting because of the addition of cocoa powder.

Star-Spangled Slime

14. Star Spangled Slime

Ready for some star-spangled fun? This star-spangled slime would be so fun to make on the 4th of July and only requires 3 ingredients: clear school glue, liquid starch, and star confetti!

15. Snow Slime

This snow slime recipe almost satisfies that anticipation for the first snow! This recipe calls for chilled white school glue (or substitute silver glitter glue), to give it an icy, cold feel to mimic snow. The addition of iridescent glitter is a fun touch. If you want to get really creative, add a touch of peppermint extract to give it a minty winter scent!

Recipe for an ultra fun and stretchy Polka Dot Slime!  Fun at Home with Kids

16. Polka Dot Slime

Throw in some pom pom balls into your slime mixture to create polka-dot slime! This slime recipe features clear school glue and liquid starch and results in a very stretchy slime that is so fun for playing with!

RAINBOW SLIME RECIPE: It glows-in-the-dark-SO COOL! #slime #slimerecipes #slimerecipesforkids #glowinthedarkslime #glowinthedarkpartyideas #glowingslime #rainbowslime #rainbowslimerecipe

17. Glowing Rainbow Slime

Up the cool factor of slime by making it glow! This glowing rainbow slime features fluorescent paint in each of the rainbow colors. You’ll just whip up a big batch of plain slime and divide it into 6 blobs before adding one rainbow color at a time to each of the 6 blobs. You’ll need a black light with this recipe to show off the glow!

HOW TO MAKE SLIME WITHOUT BORAX (taste-safe recipe) #slimerecipe #slime #howtomakeslime #edibleslime #slimerecipeeasy #slimewithoutglue #artsandcraftsforkids #growingajeweledrose

18. Edible Slime (Kool-Aid Slime)

If you’re afraid your kids might sneak a taste of their slime, we’ve got an edible slime recipe featuring Kool-Aid that is Borax and school glue free! This recipe features Kool-Aid for color and Metamucil (a fiber supplement).

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19. Eye Spy Slime

Not only will kids love playing with this ooey, gooey slime, but they can practice letter recognition by utilizing the “Eye Spy” game component. That’s right, alphabet letters are added to the slime, and kids must hunt for them!

20. Princess Snot Slime

This fun sensory recipe for princess snot slime calls for unflavored gelatin and corn syrup. Additionally, food coloring, glitter, and fragrances are added for a multi-sensory experience.

Slime and SOAP

21. Soap Slime

This creepy soap slime is perfect for Halloween! The recipe is a little more involved than other slime recipes as it uses powdered gelatin that must be dissolved in boiling water. Other ingredients include liquid soap, fragrance oil, table salt, liquid food coloring, spooky eyeballs and/or other creepy objects, glass jar for storage.

22. TMNT Sewer Slime

Can you think of a better Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party favor than TMNT sewer slime? While this recipe incorporates the typical slime materials (Borax, water, white glue, food coloring), the packaging is what makes this especially cool for a TMNT party. Individual-sized lidded containers house the slime, and have TMNT Sewer Slime labels!

A close up of food, with Slime and Craft

23. DIY Rubber Slime

This DIY rubber slime recipe isn’t actually too slimy. It’s definitely a bit stretchy and a bit bouncy and is fun to make and play with by young and old. It utilizes many of the same ingredients as traditional slime recipes but requires a stronger white glue than the typical white school glue.

24. Ninja Turtle Ooze Slime

Now you can make your own radioactive canister of glowing slime, perfect for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party! This Ninja Turtle ooze slime is non-toxic and easy enough for a 3-year-old to make. Gather the following materials and follow the directions: clear school glue, green and yellow food coloring, Borax, and water.

Slime and Craft

25. Scented Slime

Scented slime is a DIY multi-sensory playtime activity that kids will love! You’ll love how easy it is to make. Like many slime recipes, it calls for liquid starch, clear school glue, colored glitter, and Essential Oils or Extracts to create a great scent!

How to make Spaghetti Slime at

26. Spaghetti Slime

A unique twist on traditional slime, this spaghetti slime uses a box of spaghetti, divided into three parts. Kool-Aid or food coloring is added to water and brought to a boil, after which one portion of the spaghetti is cooked and rinsed. This simple process is repeated using a different color of Kool-Aid or food coloring for each portion of spaghetti noodles until 3 different colors are achieved.

27. DIY “Floam” (Slime)

This DIY “floam” starts with the basic slime ingredients: borax, white glue, food coloring, and water! But, the addition of polystyrene beads makes this slime recipe even cooler!

Make your own icy-cold slime inspired by the Disney movie, FROZEN!  Kids of all ages will love this easy recipe! #frozen #frozenslime #frozenslimerecipe #frozenmovie #frozenslimepartyfavors #frozenbirthdayparty #frozencraftsforkids #disneyfrozen #slimerecipe #slime #winterslime #growingajeweledrose #activitiesforkids

28. Frozen Slime

If you have lovers of Disney’s Frozen in your home, this Frozen-inspired slime will be a favorite! To create the sparkly, oozy slime, you’ll need a bottle of chilled blue glitter glue and liquid starch. This recipe is so simple to make!

Make slime for kids that smells just like pumpkin pie!  #pumpkinslimerecipe #pumpkinactivitiespreschool #slimerecipeesy #pumpkinslimeforkids #growingajeweledrose

29. Silly Pumpkin Putty

Ooey and gooey, this silly pumpkin putty smells just like pumpkin pie. Ready to make it? You’ll just need some white school glue, Borax, orange food coloring, pumpkin pie spice, and warm water!

Bring a cherished Christmas movie to life with this easy to make Grinch slime for kids. #grinch #grinchactivitiesforkids #grinchcrafts #grinchslime #grinchslimerecipe #grinchslimekids #grinchslimediy #christmasslime #holidayslime #slimerecipe #slime #growingajeweledrose #activitiesforkids

30. Grinch Slime

Perfect for holiday play, this Grinch slime can add some excitement during winter break! To get the Grinch green, green glitter glue is used. Warm water is added to the mix. And a fun holiday scent was added with a few drops of Christmas essential oils!

Slime and Text

31. Easy Classic Slime Recipe 

Psssst…making slime for a Halloween party? Check out this easy recipe.

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A close up of a cup, with Slime and Jar

Easy Slime Recipe

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Recipe for Classic Slime - Easy and Inexpensive


  • 4 oz clear glue
  • ½ cup water
  • 1/2 tbsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp saline solution
  • Food coloring


  • Mix water and baking soda together until completely dissolved.
  • Add glue and mix until smooth.
  • Stir in 2-3 drops of food coloring. Continue to add more until you get the color you want.
  • Add saline solution and stir until it begins to pull away from the bowl and form a ball. Knead in your hands for a minute. If it seems too sticky, add a squirt of saline solution and continue to knead. 
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