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14 Halloween Kid’s Crafts Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Stamp
  2. 2. Paper Roll Bat Craft
  3. 3. Halloween Frankenstein Kids Craft
  4. 4. Halloween Bat
  5. 5. Halloween Pom Pom Pop-Ups
  6. 6. Toilet Roll Bat Fun
  7. 7. Goofy Ghouls Halloween Crafts
  8. 8. Halloween Toilet Roll Spiders
  9. 9. Halloween Faux Candles
  10. 10. Halloween Owls
  11. 11. Monster Crafts
  12. 12. Halloween Pumpkin
  13. 13. Pumpkin Rolls
  14. 14. Toilet Paper Roll Mummies
  15. Get busy crafting with these great DIY inspirations for Halloween fun:
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It seems that the leftover cardboard tube has almost mystical properties because it can morph into more objects than we would have ever dreamed. For the ultimate upcycling in Halloween party decorations or for a kid’s craft activity, start saving those tubes now so you can make pumpkins, bats (flying and hanging), Frankenstein, colorful silly monsters, spiders, fake candles, owls, and the cutest themed pop-ups (perfect party favors). You’ll want to see the pumpkins and spooky faces you can make while the paper is still on the roll, too. Toilet paper:  it’s a Boo-tiful thing!

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1. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Stamp

Have your kids make some cute little pumpkins using a homemade toilet paper roll stamp. This is a great project for the fall season that will last through Halloween and Thanksgiving without breaking the bank. Dip your stamp in some orange paint, draw on a stem and some vines, then paint the pumpkins with a paintbrush.


2. Paper Roll Bat Craft

Going batty? Make these fun toilet paper roll bat crafts with your kids for a Halloween craft this year. It’s pretty simple to make with everyday craft supplies you probably have around your house and you can hang them up inside or out for some Halloween decorations. All you need are some toilet paper rolls, black construction paper, and spooky glow-in-the-dark googly eyes.

3. Halloween Frankenstein Kids Craft

Transform recycled toilet paper rolls into adorable Frankenstein Halloween decorations to decorate your home through the month of October. They make an easy yet engaging craft that younger children will love working on. Decorate your recycled toilet paper rolls with green paint, googly eyes, glitter glue, and some magic markers.

4. Halloween Bat

Because of their flexible feet, these little bats can hang just about anywhere. Use them to decorate your brick wall, wooden fence, trees, and more. They are made from black-painted toilet paper rolls with legs made out of pipe cleaners. These little guys would also be great for a vampire costume accessory.

5. Halloween Pom Pom Pop-Ups

Boo! Make these super fun Halloween Pom Pom Pop-Ups with recycled toilet paper rolls, pompoms, googly eyes, and any other craft materials you have around your home. These simple little pompom pop-ups are for anyone and make a great gift for a little one, a party craft, table toppers, or place settings.

6. Toilet Roll Bat Fun

This crafty little toilet paper roll bat is almost too cute to be a Halloween decoration! An expertly folded toilet paper roll turns into the body of a bat, decorated with some black paint and accordion-folded black construction paper wings. They are perfect for decorating your front entryway for trick-or-treaters or for hanging from the ceiling for your Halloween parties.

7. Goofy Ghouls Halloween Crafts

Keep Halloween silly with funny little toilet paper roll crafts like these Goofy Ghouls. This family of spooky monsters is only a little bit of a scare and a whole lot of fun. They are easy for kids to make and offer room for creativity and personal touches. Make these Halloween crafts from items around the house for a super thrifty thrill.


8. Halloween Toilet Roll Spiders

Not a fan of anything too spooky or scary for Halloween? These Toilet Paper Spiders will do just the trick for anyone seeking an adorable and child-friendly October craft. Get creative with different patterns and colors.

9. Halloween Faux Candles

Deck out your home with some spooky-looking dripping candles. Your guests will never even guess they are made from toilet paper rolls. A little bit of hot glue and spray paint goes a long way, transforming the toilet paper rolls into the most realistic-looking candles. Add a little battery-powered tea light in the middle for added effect.

10. Halloween Owls

If you are looking to make some fun and easy Halloween crafts with your kids this month, be sure to put these little crows on your list. Too cute for words, these adorable toilet roll crows are decorated with spare craft materials like buttons, craft feathers, and felt. We love how each kid can get to create their own unique bird.

11. Monster Crafts

These Moody Monsters are a wonderful craft to create with your children around Halloween time. This creative blogger used cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls as the base for a wide array of felt monsters. Our personal favorite is the little green guy with a single eyeball and buck teeth. What will you create?

12. Halloween Pumpkin

If you are in need of a last-minute craft to do with your kids for Halloween, be sure to check out this roundup post filled with seven awesome toilet paper crafts. From Frankenstein monsters to spooky spiders, this list is filled with great ideas that are budget-friendly and kid-approved. Our favorite? Kid mummies complete with your kid’s face!

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13. Pumpkin Rolls

Easy and inexpensive to make, these toilet paper roll pumpkins are a classy and adorable addition to your fall décor. Find some fun fall-themed fabric that matches the rest of your décor and then make these simple no-sew pumpkins yourself. The best part is that they are ready in five minutes or less.

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14. Toilet Paper Roll Mummies

This toilet paper roll mummy craft is a wonderful and easy Halloween craft for toddlers and preschoolers. They’ll look cute in your festive decor. We tore some gauze into strips, painted the tubes black, and added googly eyes. You can’t get much easier than that, but here’s the tutorial just in case you want to see it all.

Get busy crafting with these great DIY inspirations for Halloween fun:

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