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26 Halloween Games

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Table of Contents
  5. Halloween Party Games For Adults
  6. More great Halloween Party ideas:
  7. Plus, don't miss these 10 Spooky DIY Halloween Projects & Crafts

We love these fun Halloween games for kids (and adults). Print this awesome list of fun Halloween games to play at your Halloween party. This resource includes fun Halloween party games that appeal to all ages, from toddlers to tweens to teens to college students to adults. Bonus: You can easily DIY most of the games yourself with inexpensive supplies. There’s nothing spooky about that. We made certain that the games we chose are suitable for large groups or school class parties, as they can be played both indoors and outdoors, at home, in a classroom, or in a school gym. They’re perfect for those who don’t have a huge budget for supplies or prizes, as they can be made with everyday items like boxes, buckets, toilet paper, balloons, candy, and apples.

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Newspaper Monster Toss

1. Newspaper Eating Monster Toss

Halloween party games bring plenty of excitement! Here’s another fun and easy toss game you can incorporate into your next Halloween party. This is an especially great game for preschool (pre-k) children as young as three years old, kindergarten, and grade one and grade two. A couple of simple embellishments + a bucket = squeals of delight when you call it “feeding a monster.” Hang on to those old newspapers and use them for this thrilling newspaper-eating monster toss game. Great for home or school parties and carnivals, too.

Halloween Party Game Spider Web Walking Game

2. Spider Web Walking Halloween Game 

This game gives “searching the web” new meaning. It actually requires balance and problem-solving, with a few spiders thrown in for excitement. Painter’s tape is used to create a web on the floor. Plastic spiders and a prize (in this case, a glowstick) are placed around the web. Kids have to stay on the web and collect all the items and make it back to home base to win!

A close up of a bottle

3. DIY Halloween Bubbles 

Chasing bubbles is fun for kids of all ages. A simple, homemade DIY idea, you could use them as favors at a Halloween party, take them to your kid’s classroom party instead of candies or even hand them out to Trick or Treaters.

4. Pumpkin Bowling

Starring Toilet Paper as Ghost and Pumpkin as the Ball, this uncomplicated game can entertain little ones for ages. We bet you’ll have all the supplies on hand to create this bowling game. You’ll use a black sharpie marker to create the faces on toilet paper and pumpkin before allowing kids to go “bowling”.

Craft and Ghost

5. Pom Pom Popper Ghosts

Simple white cups are transformed into cute ghosts and pumpkins with the help of a marker. Balloons taped to the bottom help create fun with this game. Kids can fill their pumpkin or ghost cups with little pom-poms and then use the balloon to make them fly!


Party and Fun

6. Poke A Pumpkin 

Orange cups, napkins, and rubber bands hide tricks AND treats in this fun game that puts a new spin on treasure hunting. You can create your own version of this thrilling Halloween game by hiding prizes inside orange cups and affixing napkins over the tops using rubber bands. Hot glue the cups to a piece of black foam core in the shape of a pumpkin. Treats could include things like candy, stickers, and small toys. Tricks could include toothpaste, socks, and gag gifts. 

A person sitting on a table

7. Pop Goes The Pumpkin 

Are you looking to kick off Halloween with a bang? You don’t have to buy your fun when you can make it. This pop goes the pumpkin game will keep the Halloween “boos” at bay! Confetti and candy-filled balloons start the party off with a bang! This Halloween party game is great for older kids up to 10 to 12 years old who won’t be alarmed by the loud popping of balloons. Bonus—this classic balloon pop game also makes a festive wall decoration for your party! 

A pair of blue shoes

8. Witch’s Hat Toss 

Such a great game to play! The witching hour definitely calls for a wickedly fun party game. Everyone’s favorite carnival game of ring toss is given a twist by using witch hats instead of cones. Are you feeling crafty? You can make the witch hats out of craft paper and glue. Short on time? Pick up some ready-made witch hats.

Halloween Can Game

9. Halloween Can Bowling Game 

Dress up a few empty tin cans as Halloween characters and you’ve got a great knock ‘em down game. Kids as old as 10-12 years will enjoy this activity. Old soup cans are cleaned and decorated for this fun activity. Some cans are painted, some have felt pipe cleaners, and some have fabric. Faces and googly eyes are added as well, then it’s time to play. We think creating this Halloween bowling game would be just as much fun as playing it.

Spider Halloween Corn Hole

10. Cornhole Halloween Game For Kids 

Step one: make spiders as a craft activity. Step two: spiders scurry to hide in dark holes, with a little help from your kids. This fun Halloween version of the classic cornhole game is sure to deliver lots of fun and laughter at any Halloween party.

Halloween Party Game Pumpkin Picking

11. Pumpkin Punch Hole

Another punch-hole idea, but this version can be reloaded with prizes to keep the fun going. Kids as old as 4th or 5th graders will enjoy it, making it a great option for a class or school party. Pieces of orange felt are decorated like pumpkins before being attached to the frame. Kids can keep the prize they select, or you can make it more challenging by having them match up items before they win, or by adding different textures.

A close up of a toy

12. Pumpkin Golf 

Ever made a hole-in-one? Bet you (and the kids!) could do it with this game. A plastic pumpkin is easy to cut thanks to an Exacto knife, then kids are able to have fun playing this DIY putt-putt golf game, Halloween style.

Halloween Witch Pitch Game

13. Witch Pitch

Candy corn and cauldrons make perfect game partners. Mini plastic cauldrons are hot glued to a giant piece of black cardstock. Kids are given their own stash of candy corn to toss into the cauldrons. This is sure to create lots of giggles as they work to fill up the cauldrons!


Halloween and Party

14. Pumpkin Balloon Stomp 

All you need is a pack of orange balloons and some small candy or small coins. Before you blow the balloons up, slide the candy or small coins inside. After all the balloons are blown up, you can let the kids get creative and go wild as they try to pop the balloons and catch the prizes inside.

Ghost Toss Halloween Party Game

15. Ghost Toss 

Flour-filled, orange balloons make super toss-its to throw at a Halloween ghost. It’s easy to assemble this fun DIY idea thanks to a sheet, permanent marker, flour, and orange balloons. Kids will aim and throw for hours of fun as part of your Halloween celebration.

Halloween Party Photo Booth Props

16. Halloween-Themed Photo Booth 

Who’s the fairest of them all? Everyone gets in on the fun of posing with free photo props. A little paper and a Cricut machine are all you need after grabbing the free printable templates. They’re the perfect addition to any Halloween shindig.

Bobbing for Apples on a Sting

17. Bobbing For Apples 

Bobbing for apples is a classic Halloween party activity. This version offers all the excitement of bobbing without any water mess. Using black yarn, you can drill a hole in the apples and pull the yarn through it before tying them up from a tree. Partygoers are then able to “bob” for the swinging apples!


Halloween and Spider

18. Halloween-themed “Would You Rather?”  

Play this Halloween-themed “Would You Rather?” game at a family gathering or a classroom celebration. Download the free Would You Rather? printable, cut out each question, and place it inside a bowl for guests to select a slip of paper. Our personal favorite is “would you rather kiss a warty toad or a warty witch”.

A colorful toy on a table

19. Halloween Bingo 

Themed BINGO for your printing pleasure. We’ve played this several times at  Halloween parties. After downloading and printing the free printable, kids are given candy corn and then squares are called out. When kids get BINGO, they win a prize!

A close up of a sign

20. Halloween Scavenger Hunt 

This printable Halloween hunt has 12 riddles that will lead kids around the house looking for clues. It incorporates fun activities, healthier Halloween treats as well as a few sweet treats at the end. Just download and print the printable to get started, then kids can get busy figuring out the riddles and grabbing rewards.

A group of orange on a table

21. Fun HALLOWEEN Tic-Tac-Toe

This classic game gets a seasonal update for Halloween. This is a simple, fun idea that would be easy to do in your child’s classroom as part of their Halloween celebrations. M&M candies are perfect for marking spots. Kids can break into pairs and get started. Each tic-tac-toe card can be used over and over again.

Halloween Party Games For Adults

22. Murder Mystery Game

Your guests become characters in a story, and it’s up to them to find out which character is the murderer. You can find free murder mystery game scripts online, which provide instructions about the characters and gameplay.

23. Halloween Feel Box

Fill boxes full of items that are cold, slimy, or otherwise unpleasant to touch, such as cooked spaghetti or peeled grapes. Have your guests stick their hands in the boxes and try to guess what the items are.

24. Pass-It-On Ghost Story

Take turns crafting a spooky Halloween ghost story. Have one person begin, and each subsequent person in the circle can add a sentence to the tale.

25. Halloween Charades

This is just like a regular game of charades, but it adds a spooky twist by using Halloween phrases. You also can use Halloween movie titles for your guests to act out, which can be extra eerie if they’re in scary costumes.

26. Monster Mash Dance Contest

Create a Halloween playlist of spooky songs. Pick two judges, and then your guests can do solo or partner dances to the songs on your playlist. The judges get to vote on the best dancers.

More great Halloween Party ideas:

Plus, don’t miss these 10 Spooky DIY Halloween Projects & Crafts

Halloween Craft Ideas

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