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12 Unique Ways to Hand Out Halloween Treats

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Mummy Decorated Leftover Sticker Rolls
  2. 2. Spooky Halloween Hand Treat Bags
  3. 3. Toilet Paper Treat Boxes
  4. 4. Spider Pops
  5. 5. Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bags
  6. 6. DIY Candy Dispensers
  7. 7. Pumpkin Favor Pouches for Halloween
  8. 8. Ghost Popcorn Bags
  9. 9.Halloween Owl Favor Treat Box
  10. 10. Pumpkin Halloween Treat Bags
  11. 11. Black Cat Treat Pouch
  12. 12. Ghostly Goodie Bag
  13. Plan your own haunted Halloween party with these great ideas:
  14. Celebrate Halloween with these fun and kid friendly Halloween Party Ideas and Inspirations.
  15. Plus, don't miss out on 11 Halloween Decorations You Can Make in Minutes...

Sure, the kids will be glad to get the candy no matter what, but wouldn’t it be more fun if it came in a cool package?

This year, make awesome treat packs as favors for your boy’s Halloween party and use them as dessert table decoration ideas, wow the trick-or-treaters with something memorable or excite kids at a school party.

Some of these suggestions are totally DIY, some start with purchased gift bags or other small containers.

There are instructions for bats, cats, owls, mummies, Frankenstein, spiders, ghosts, Jack-o-lanterns, skulls, witches boots, a giant candy corn and more!

Party and Candy

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Mummy Decorated Sticker Rolls

1. Mummy Decorated Leftover Sticker Rolls

From Work In Progress Kits

These crafty candy holders are easy to create by using some leftover toilet paper rolls, gauze, and some googly eyes. By wrapping the gauze around the cardboard roll and sticking some eyes on, you’ve got a spooky Halloween decoration in minutes. Easy and inexpensive, these would be a great addition to a kid’s Halloween treat bag this Fall.

Spooky Glove Hand Bag

2. Spooky Halloween Hand Treat Bags

From My Paper Crane

These treat bags are so easy to create, you won’t need an extra set of hands for help! To give these treat bags an extra touch, you can always add Halloween-themed accessories such as spider or pumpkin rings. These treat bags could be a hit for any classroom party this Halloween!

Toilet Paper Roll Boxes

3. Toilet Paper Treat Boxes

From Clean and Scentsible

Though they might look hard to make, these toilet paper roll treat boxes won’t be the end of you this Halloween. These are as simple as folding the ends of a toilet paper roll in to close the boxes, and adding some spooky decorations. The treat boxes can be filled with your favorite candies or creepy party favors.

Spider Pops

4. Spider Pops

From House of Baby Piranha

A cute and creepy way to make a simple treat all the more festive! Attach some black pipe cleaners, pop on some tiny eyes, and this lollipop is ready to go for the holiday. These spider pops are cute, quick, and easy. If you’re in need of a fast Halloween party favor, these are for you!

Duct Tape Treat Bags

5. Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bags

From Dollar Store Crafts

Duct tape can be used for everything—even to make party favors! Using some duct tape and small paper bags, you can create an eye-catching treat bag. Duct tape also comes in so many designs and colors now, that you can find a creepy design or colors to match your party, which makes these customizable for you!

DIY Candy Dispensers

6. DIY Candy Dispensers

From So You Think You’re Crafty

These cute crafts might take just a little more time to make, but are worth it as you can see. This can also be a great Halloween craft to get kids involved as well, as they can decorate these however they want after you get them assembled. The treats go right in the bottom. These would also be a great decoration for a party table!

7. Pumpkin Favor Pouches for Halloween

From Martha Stewart

What’s Halloween without pumpkins, right? These pumpkin favor pouches take care of that, and they’re easy too! These are simple as taking a few sheets of orange paper, putting the treats inside, and securing it with green tape. An easy Halloween party favor in no time at all.

Ghost Popcorn Bags

8. Ghost Popcorn Bags

From Better Homes and Gardens

These ghostly popcorn bags would be a great and easy party favor to give guests! Simply take a white gift bag, attach the eyes and decorations, and fill with popcorn. While these ghosts are cute, you could also draw on scary faces to make them a little bit scarier.


9.Halloween Owl Favor Treat Box

From Paper Crave

With a little bit of time, these owl favor treat boxes will be a hoot at your Halloween party! Although these treat boxes may look complicated, the included template will help you out a lot. The template also includes different components for different owls, that way every single treat box doesn’t look the same. Putting the time into these will definitely pay off, as they will definitely get any party guests talking.

Pumpkin Halloween Treat Bags

10. Pumpkin Halloween Treat Bags

For a quick and easy treat bag option, but still festive for Halloween, these pumpkin Halloween treat bags will do the trick! The faces for the bags can either be stamped or drawn on (this might be a fun way to get kids involved!). Fill it with your favorite treats, a green pipe cleaner closes up the bag, and that’s it for these treat bags! Not only great for party favors, but these could also be a fun classroom Halloween treat.

Black Cat Treat Pouch

11. Black Cat Treat Pouch

From Parents

These black cats are easy to put together, and you may even already have all of the items needed! Two paper plates, paint, and some paper cut-outs are all you need to create these treat pouches. Kids can get involved with this by getting to create the faces for each of the cats, making for a fun Halloween craft!

Ghostly Goodie Bag

12. Ghostly Goodie Bag

From Parents

This ghostly goodie bag will haunt your party guests this year with how cute it is! This fun goodie bag is also really easy to create, as all you’re doing is putting a white bag over a black bag. Just make sure to cut out the ghostly features first, fill up the black bag with treats, and pop the white bag over it. That’s it, and you’ll have an eye-catching party favor in no time.

Plan your own haunted Halloween party with these great ideas:

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  • Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler
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  • Miniature Candy Kettles
  • Halloween Bottle Labels
  • Inflatable Spider Ring Toss Game
  • Jack-O’-Lantern Luminary Bags

Celebrate Halloween with these fun and kid friendly Halloween Party Ideas and Inspirations.

Plus, don’t miss out on 11 Halloween Decorations You Can Make in Minutes

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