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11 Halloween Decorations You Can Make in Minutes

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Tree Eyeballs
  2. 2. Lawn Ghosts
  3. 3. Trash Bag Spiderwebs
  4. 4. Tomato Cage Ghosts
  5. 5. Halloween Cup Decorations
  6. 6. Spirit Jugs
  7. 7. Bloody Hand Windows
  8. 8. Skeleton Key Or Foot Doormat
  9. 9. Spooky Bat Chandelier
  10. 10. Zombie Planters
  11. 11. DIY Glowing Eyes
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Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or just decorating the house for Halloween, here are easy ideas for Halloween decorations you can make in minutes. The best part is, that you probably have a bunch of these party supplies already set around your house. Just about all of these party decorations can be used inside or outside or even on top of a dessert table. Get ready to make your house the scariest on the block!

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1. Tree Eyeballs

An easy way to give the trees in your front yard a Halloween touch. By using a Sharpie or two and some beach balls, you’ll have an eye-popping Halloween decoration in no time at all. It will have your neighbors doing a double-take with their very own eyes.

2. Lawn Ghosts

These creative lawn ghosts will make your yard the spookiest on the block. By using some old sheets and some other inexpensive and easy-to-find items, these ghosts will come alive right in your front yard. You can do as few or as many ghosts as you want, depending on how spooky you want them to be.

3. Trash Bag Spiderwebs

These simple Halloween decorations can easily be made with a few things you most likely already have lying around the house. These decorations are also inexpensive since they don’t require much. With some black trash bags and scissors, you can create these spiderwebs in just a few minutes. These quick decorations could make the inside or the outside of your house a little bit spookier for this holiday.

4. Tomato Cage Ghosts

By taking a few old white sheets, drawing some faces on them, and draping them over inexpensive tomato cages, you’ll have an inexpensive Halloween decoration in no time. You can also hang some lights from inside the tomato cage. This can make them look as if they’re floating through your yard at night – spooky!

5. Halloween Cup Decorations

If you need to add a little something to your dessert table at your Halloween party, these might be just what you’re looking for. Some cheap orange cups, a Sharpie, and some battery-operated lights come together to create a cute Jack-O-Lantern decoration for your party. They’re also much cheaper and mess-free than actual pumpkins.

6. Spirit Jugs

To create an accessible outdoor Halloween decoration, start by gathering together some clean milk jugs. Kids can draw some spooky faces on each of the jugs, then they get placed outside with some lights inside them. This is a cute way to greet those trick-or-treaters on your sidewalk on Halloween!

7. Bloody Hand Windows

Everyone in the family can participate in this one. It’s as simple as finding some washable red paint (if you already have some, even better!), and putting handprints all over the windows. This gives your house a creepy touch for the month of October.

8. Skeleton Key Or Foot Doormat

Welcome your Halloween party guests with this bone-chilling doormat when they enter your home. Finding a cheap doormat and some black paint will make an inexpensive decoration for your home this Halloween. Inexpensive, easy, and spooky!

9. Spooky Bat Chandelier

This one may take a little more time than the rest, but the end result is definitely worth it. Everything is still inexpensive and easy to find at any craft store. This spooky bat chandelier would be a great addition to any Halloween party you’re throwing this year.

10. Zombie Planters

These creepy planters will be sure to catch anyone’s eye. By attaching fake hands to gardening tools, it looks as if there are zombies rising right up from your plants. You could even skip the planters and place these right into your front garden to give a scare to trick-or-treaters coming to your door.

11. DIY Glowing Eyes

These Halloween decorations couldn’t be any easier to create! Cut some eyes into toilet paper rolls, pop a glow stick in, and that’s it. You can place these throughout your house to give your family a fright at the night or place them outside.

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