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Trunk Or Treat Decorating Ideas for Parents with No Extra Time

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Table of Contents
  1. What is Trunk or Treating?
  2. 1. Make Your Trunk Or Treat Decorations Portable
  3. 2. Let There Be Light
  4. 3. Make Your Trunk Or Treat Weatherproof
  5. 4. Ms. Hospitality
  6. Need More Halloween Decorating Ideas?
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Looking for trunk or treat decorating ideas or themes? If you’re finding yourself stretched for time, here’s a five-minute, easy Trunk or Treat idea for your car or truck that takes Halloween party decorations to a whole new level of ease. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, check out these easy and inexpensive Halloween games!

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What is Trunk or Treating?

Trunk or treating is a recent trend that’s an alternative to door-to-door trick or treating. Have you heard of it? Community groups, neighborhoods, and even some churches that support Halloween are offering trunk or treat as a safer way to let kids show off their costumes and collect candy.

Typically, folks decorate their car trunks and convene at a designated parking lot. Think of it as a modern-day wagon train. As kids make the rounds, parents can visit while doing a little candy quality control. Sound like something you might be interested in trying? Here are four tips to help you decorate for a trunk or treat. 

1. Make Your Trunk Or Treat Decorations Portable

It is fun to decorate your car trunk and quicker than embellishing an entire house but go for a simple design. Once you pull into the parking lot you want to be able to flip open the trunk, quickly set things up, and be ready to receive your visitors.

2. Let There Be Light

Bright-colored decorations will complement the typical dark interior of a trunk so you might want to keep that in mind as you decide how to embellish your trunk. Dark interiors can add to the creepy vibe, but it would be a shame if no one could see your decorations or worse if you couldn’t find the candy. Glow sticks add just enough spooky illumination. Depending on your decoration theme, lanterns give a nice glow, too. Stick a flashlight in the corner of your trunk, just in case!

3. Make Your Trunk Or Treat Weatherproof

October weather can be fickle. Secure decorations so gusts of wind won’t carry them to Kansas. Thwart potential rain by using waterproof décor. Bungee cords will keep the trunk partially open without allowing a shower to spoil the goods. An experienced mom will probably take an umbrella.

4. Ms. Hospitality

Consider taking a pack of water bottles and a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee to share. If the group you are joining is sizable, it might take a while for the kids to make their rounds. Unless you don’t mind standing, take a couple of folding chairs with you. Don’t forget, Take pictures!

Need More Halloween Decorating Ideas?

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