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8 Halloween Egg Carton Crafts For Kids

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Secret Message Pumpkins
  2. 2. Flying Black Bat
  3. 3. Monster Treat Holders
  4. 4. Halloween Treat Boxes
  5. 5. Egg Carton Ghost
  6. 6. Eyeball Photo Prop
  7. 7. Black Cat
  8. 8. Egg Carton Spider
  9. These great crafts are perfect to keep kids busy this Halloween:
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Doing crafts with my family is one of our favorite things to do, and it’s even better during the holidays because who can resist a good theme, right? We stumbled across these super fun Halloween Egg Carton Crafts and thought they would be a great way to reuse items we already had in our home. These craft ideas would be perfect for a Halloween display, party decorations, or even as craft party supplies. 

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1. Secret Message Pumpkins

Add some Halloween-themed fun to family story time with this storybook and craft combo! Read Twelve Haunted Rooms of Halloween, a cute story told in the style of The Twelve Days of Christmas, and then make some secret message pumpkins of your own. Paint some halved egg carton shells orange like a pumpkin, add a green pipe cleaner stem, and place spooky notes or small treats inside.

2. Flying Black Bat

Your kids will love helping you make these adorable flying bats decorate the house for Halloween. They even get to practice their spray paint skills. Paint sections of three egg carton shells black and then transform them into bats with just a few googly eyes. Add some fishing lines and simple fishing weights to create the perfect hanging decoration that won’t tangle up in the wind.

Egg carton monster recycling craft idea for kids #eggcartons #kidscrafts #thecrafttrain #halloween #monsters

3. Monster Treat Holders

Let your kid’s creativity shine while creating these super cute egg carton monsters from The Craft Train. They are decorated with cardboard fangs and horns, creepy fabric tongues, and all sorts of googly eyes. This blogger made a few little monsters with her kids and then hid a small treat inside each one for a fun monster treasure hunt in the backyard!

4. Halloween Treat Boxes

These little Halloween egg carton crafts are just adorable. Two sections of egg cartons make the cutest little Halloween character and they are super easy to make, even with younger children. Your kids will have a blast painting the egg cartons and adding sweet faces to each of the characters. You can even nestle some sweet treats in between the egg carton sections for a Halloween surprise.

halloween egg carton crafts

5. Egg Carton Ghost

Achoo ghosts are too cute to scare anyone, but they make adorable decorations for your home around Halloween. You only need a few simple materials to create these egg carton ghosts yourself. With recycled egg cartons, white paint, white tissue paper, and googly eyes, you and your kids can get crafting. They are fun and whimsical Halloween crafts that your kids will love making.

Eyeball Photo Props

6. Eyeball Photo Prop

If you are looking for the ultimate last-minute Halloween craft, look no further! These eyeball photo props are made from materials you probably already have on hand, and are such a fun addition to any Halloween party or spooky family celebration. Brightly colored eyeballs and spooky red veins turn boring old egg cartons into the creepiest eyeballs.

7. Black Cat

Black cats are a classic Halloween character, but they are super adorable too. Following this tutorial, you can make your own cool black cats decorate the house for Halloween using a few sections of egg cartons and some simple craft supplies. The best part of this art project is that your kids can do most of it totally on their own!

Preschool Arts & crafts Activities: Egg Carton Spiders

8. Egg Carton Spider

Skeletons, witches, ghosts… it’s that spooky time of year again! Get into the Halloween spirit by creating some creepy but cute spiders using paper egg cartons, a dab of paint, and a few pipe cleaners. Cutting, painting, and decorating encourage growing creativity and help kids develop those all-important fine motor skills. The spiders make adorable wall and table decorations or a fun craft activity for parties or classrooms.


These great crafts are perfect to keep kids busy this Halloween:


Plus, check out 14 Halloween Kid’s Crafts Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

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