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Halloween DIY Bubbles

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Table of Contents
  1. Easy DIY Halloween Bubbles
  2. How To Make Halloween DIY Bubbles
  3. More Fun Halloween Ideas to Try:
  4. Plus, don't miss out on 9 Creepy Halloween Party Treats

These super cute and fun Halloween DIY Bubbles are a great alternative to Halloween candy. A simple, homemade DIY idea, you could use them as favors at a Halloween party, take them to your kid’s classroom party instead of candies or even hand them out to Trick or Treaters.

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These little bubbles only take a few minutes to make and are a great idea your kids will enjoy. You could make lots of jars to take to parties at school or to hand out to the neighborhood kids while trick or treating. They would also be a great option if you want to have a candy alternative to offer to kids who might not be able to eat candy or have allergies. Plus, if your kids are bubbles obsessed, be sure to check out how to make these DIY giant bubbles.

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Easy DIY Halloween Bubbles

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These bubbles have extra staying power thanks to our special ingredients, so kids are sure to be delighted with big, bouncy bubbles while playing. We’ve found this homemade solution to be much better than the bottled kind you would buy at the store. We think the little ghost and pumpkin faces are so cute and fun addition to this simple DIY idea.

You’ll only need a few items to make these little DIY Halloween bubbles and the result is fun and simple. This homemade Halloween wreath is always popular. If you’re having a bash, be sure to check out these Halloween party food ideas. When the bubbles are gone, you can keep kids entertained with these fun Halloween paper cup crafts or these Mason jar crafts for Halloween.

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Supplies You Will Need For Halloween DIY Bubbles

To Make This Bubble Solution You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 tablespoons of dish soap
  • 2 tablespoons of corn syrup
  • orange food coloring

To Make The Bubble Container You’ll Need:

  • empty spice bottles that have been cleaned
  • small water bottles, cut in half
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • felt pipe cleaners to use as the wands

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How To Make Halloween DIY Bubbles

Mix all three ingredients until well combined. This will make a clear solution, which we used for the “ghost” containers. If you would also like to make “pumpkin” bubbles, you can add a few drops of orange food coloring to part of the solution. You can mix red and yellow food coloring if you don’t have orange on hand.

Once the solution was mixed, it’s time to pour it into your containers. We like to use old spice jars because they have lids. This would be the best option if you plan to take this to your kid’s school or hand it out on Halloween night. Cut some small water bottles in half as well and they worked great for the larger circles we made with our pipe cleaners. This would be a great option if you’re just playing at home with these DIY bubbles.

You could also use leftover wands from the bubbles you buy at the store. It seems like we always have those lying around. For the pumpkin and ghost faces, use a pair of scissors to cut shapes out of black construction paper and then a glue stick to quickly adhere them to the containers. We usually do this the night before we made the solution and were playing with them so that they had plenty of time to dry. You could probably also use a black self-stick contact paper to cut shapes out of it and stick them to the jars without having to use glue.

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After mixing the solution, and twisting the pipe cleaners into circles, I let the kids have at it. You could also get creative and bend the pipe cleaners into different shapes: you could make squares, triangles, or diamonds as well as the traditional circles. Kids enjoy trying out different shapes and seeing how their bubbles would work. We did make several sets of wands with the pipe cleaners because, after a while, we found they got a little soggy and droopy so they didn’t make the best bubbles anymore. After you finish playing, hose down the sidewalk and patio. Because there is corn syrup in our solution, you don’t want any unwanted pests coming to check it out.

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Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

This recipe was developed, tested, cooked and photographed by the Spaceships Kitchen. From our dinner table to yours, we hope you think it's out of this world!

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