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9 Paper Plate Halloween Crafts For Kids

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Paper Plate Witch Craft For Kids
  2. 2. Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern
  3. 3. Paper Plate Ghost Craft 
  4. 4. Natural Halloween Wreath 
  5. 5. Scarecrows For Kindergarten & Preschool-Age Children
  6. 6. Paper Plate Scarecrow
  7. 7. Paper Plate Black Cat
  8. 8. Halloween Paper Plate Crafts
  9. 9. Paper Plate Spiderwebs
  10. Get more Halloween crafting inspiration with these great ideas!
  11. Plus, don't miss out on 10 Easy Halloween Party Crafts for Kids

When it comes to stocking up on party supplies, it doesn’t get much easier than always having paper plates on hand. Here are some great ideas for paper plate Halloween crafts that you and your kids can do to create party decorations, like the paper plate ghost or bean wreath Halloween craft. These Halloween paper plate crafts could even be used on the dessert table to serve up a slice of cake or a cupcake after the party gets started. Keep reading to see all these great paper plate craft ideas.

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1. Paper Plate Witch Craft For Kids

Kids will love creating this paper plate witch. From painting, designing the face, and cutting out the rest, kids won’t get bored with this one. This could be a fun craft for school or just at home too!

easy halloween craft

2. Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern

It’s not Halloween without pumpkins. These jack-o-lanterns are a little easier than cutting out a regular pumpkin. See how many different faces your kids can create when they make their jack-o-lanterns.


3. Paper Plate Ghost Craft 

This paper plate ghost would be a great decoration for a party! Kids will also have fun putting this one together. Have your kids create a few different ghosts to hang around and give your guests a fright!

halloween craft

4. Natural Halloween Wreath 

If you’re in need of decoration for your front door, this could be a fun addition. Kids will have a great time creating their wreaths with a mixture of different foods. Use beans, rice, lentils, or whatever you may have on hand to get a festive and fun decoration.

Scarecrow Projects in Early Education via RainbowsWithinReach

5. Scarecrows For Kindergarten & Preschool-Age Children

Perfect for younger children, these scarecrows would be a fun class activity or a family activity at home! You’ll be able to see how every kid will create their own scarecrow in their very own way. A fun way to work on drawing or cutting.

6. Paper Plate Scarecrow

This scarecrow uses a variety of things from around the house. With everything having a different shape and texture, kids are sure to enjoy this fun craft. Give them the pre-cut materials and let them create their very own Halloween decoration!

paper plate black cat on white background

7. Paper Plate Black Cat

This black cat is too cute to bring any bad luck this Halloween. Create this cat to be used on a party table. This could also be a fun Halloween party invitation too!

8. Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

Use colored paper plates to create a variety of fun creatures. These could also be a fun way to serve treats at your Halloween party. You could also just hang them up for a fun and simple decoration that your kids can help create.

9. Paper Plate Spiderwebs

This is a unique paper plate craft that is perfect for Halloween with the creepy crawly right in the middle. The paper plate makes a perfect ring to create a spider web inside. Hang these in a window or on a porch for fun decoration!

Get more Halloween crafting inspiration with these great ideas!

Plus, don’t miss out on 10 Easy Halloween Party Crafts for Kids

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