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18 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

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Table of Contents
  1. These awesome science experiments for kids are sure to inspire
  2. Whatever kid's Fun Science Experiment you choose first, you're sure to have a fabulous time!
  3. 1. How to Make Invisible Ink
  4. 2. Science for Kids: Rainbow Jar
  5. 3. Fizzy Ice
  6. 4. Hopping Corn Science
  7. 5. Slushy Science
  8. 6. Kids' Science: Magic Fizzing Popsicle Paint
  9. 7. Jello & Vinegar Sensory Experiment
  10. 8. Homemade Bottle Rocket
  11. 9. Glowing Magic Milk Experiment
  12. 10. Color Changing Squirty Chalk
  13. 11. How to Make Fizzy Sherbet
  14. 12. Magic Balloons
  15. 13. How to Make Giant Bubbles
  16. 14. Color Changing Paper Towel Experiment
  17. 15. Homemade Aqua Sand
  18. 16. Apple Eruptions
  19. 17. Mentos & Diet Cola Explosion
  20. 18. Cloud Jars
  21. Plus, check out more science themed fun:

These awesome science experiments for kids are sure to inspire

Are you looking for ideas to spark your child’s imagination and encourage exploration?

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Science experiments such as creating invisible ink, rainbow jars, fizzy ice and checking out the science of a slushy will ensure your kids have a blast. Next up: make a homemade bottle rocket, glowing magic milk, color changing chalk, magic balloons and fizzy sherbert. Get outside to enjoy homemade giant bubbles, Mentos & Diet Coke explosions and apple eruptions.

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Whatever kid’s Fun Science Experiment you choose first, you’re sure to have a fabulous time!

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1. How to Make Invisible Ink

Your kids will love writing, sending, receiving, and decoding secret messages using this easy-to-make invisible ink. It’s made from lemons. Just squeeze a lemon (or two) into a container, and allow your children to write invisible messages on paper using a cotton swab. To reveal the secret message, they will need adult help holding the message up to a heat source such as a lightbulb or candle. From Minie Co.

2. Science for Kids: Rainbow Jar

Just a few common household ingredients are needed for this rainbow jar science experiment for kids that can include a great lesson on the concept of density.

Gather dish soap, honey, light corn syrup, olive oil, rubbing alcohol, water, food coloring, a see-through container (clean Mason jar) and a dropper. Have fun exploring how the density of different liquids differs. From Playdough to Plato

3. Fizzy Ice

A fun vinegar and baking soda activity, this fizzy ice science experiment is sure to become a favorite in your house.

You’ll need vinegar, baking soda, food coloring, crushed or cubed ice in a bowl or bucket, a medicine dropper and test tubes (optional). Follow the easy steps and watch the excitement as the reaction occurs. From Toddler Approved

4. Hopping Corn Science

From One Time Through

You probably already have the ingredients in your pantry for this entertaining hopping corn science experiment.

Simply follow the instructions in this tutorial to turn your popping corn into hopping corn.

You can teach your children about gases, liquids and solids during the process, and also work on listening, measurement, and observation skills.

5. Slushy Science

Kids will love learning all about the relationship between salt and the freezing point of water while having fun with this slushy science experiment.

I wonder which part of the experiment the kids will like most—the experimenting or eating the evidence of it at the end? From Reading Confetti

6. Kids’ Science: Magic Fizzing Popsicle Paint

Magic fizzing Popsicle paint? Sounds like a science experiment that all kids would love, right?

The gist of this genius experiment involves first creating popsicles out of colored vinegar, frozen in Popsicle molds. Then, a mixture of baking soda and water is painted on the surface of watercolor paper and allowed to dry.

Kids go crazy as they begin to paint on the water color paper with their Popsicle paint and it begins to fizz. From Playdough to Plato

7. Jello & Vinegar Sensory Experiment

From Fun a Day

This multi-sensory experiment is a fun twist on the typical vinegar and baking soda experiments most kids will experience several times throughout their life.

The use of Jell-O meant a more pleasant odor was emitted upon reaction, and the observable color explosion was more exciting, too.

8. Homemade Bottle Rocket

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

If you want to pique your children’s interest in science, make these homemade bottle rockets!

You’ll need an empty water bottle, 4 Popsicle sticks or pencils (to act as stabilizers), a paper towel, vinegar, baking soda and a cork stopper. Blast off into science experiment fun.

9. Glowing Magic Milk Experiment

From Learn Play Imagine

Dancing milk that glows? Could a science experiment be any cooler? This glowing magic milk experiment is great for all ages!

You’ll need milk, fluorescent paint or watercolors, squeeze bottles, dish soap, black light and cotton swabs, toothpicks or craft sticks for mixing colors.

Get ready to be amazed at the results.

10. Color Changing Squirty Chalk

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

Prepare to wow your kids with this magic color changing squirty chalk while also exploring science, reviewing color theory and creating art.

The supplies you will need include squirt bottles (6 bottles for 6 colors), corn starch, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring or washable watercolors. Once you’ve followed the instructions for creating the colors, the fun really begins.

Use the liquid chalk to squirt out designs, and mix colors to magically create new ones!

11. How to Make Fizzy Sherbet

Two ingredients are all you need for this easy fizzy sherbet science experiment that provides a sensory taste sensation and plenty of fun. Isn’t edible science the best kind of science? From Laughing Kids Learn

12. Magic Balloons

From Playdough to Plato

Do your kids love balloons? These 4 magic balloons science experiments will definitely be cause for delight as they focus on 4 different ways to blow up balloons without the aid of your mouth!

The first experiment utilizes warm water, sugar and yeast. The second science experiment features the reaction between vinegar and baking soda.

The 3rd balloon experiment involves Diet Coke and Pop Rocks. The final experiment features Diet Coke and Mentos.

Prepare yourself for an explosion of excitement.

13. How to Make Giant Bubbles

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Kids will go crazy over these giant bubbles made from glycerin and Dawn Dishwashing Soap.

This is an especially fun science experiment to do in the summer, on a hot day!

There are all sorts of scientific principles, practices and phenomenon to discuss when making big bubbles the business of the day.

14. Color Changing Paper Towel Experiment

From Learn Create Love

This color changing paper towel experiment is a crowd pleaser and easy to put together! It explores the scientific process known as Capillary Action.

You may be amazed to see colored water from two glasses, moving up the paper towels and mixing into the middle glass until all 3 glasses are equal in liquid amounts.

15. Homemade Aqua Sand

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

This science project explores the properties of craft sand when sprayed with fabric protector such as Scotch Guard.

Kids will love seeing the resulting homemade aqua sand that is completely waterproof and reacts to liquid in such a unique way.

You can add it to water, and when you remove it, it is still dry! Seems like magic!

16. Apple Eruptions

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

You’ll need to hollow out some apples for this apple volcano eruptions science experiment.

This thrilling experiment utilizes vinegar and baking soda, plus food coloring (or substitute water colors).

Add a bit of apple pie spice for a delicious smelling eruption.

17. Mentos & Diet Cola Explosion

From Keeping It Simple

Kids will love this science experiment involving Mentos and Diet Coke. Watch out for the explosion! It’s a fun one.

Take time to hypothesize about what the kids think will happen and make conclusions on what caused this type of reaction for a more detailed experience.

18. Cloud Jars

From Learn with Play at Home

Teach eager children the concept of how clouds hold water and the resulting rain when they become too heavy through this exciting cloud jars science experiment.

To get started, you’ll need colored water, a clear jar with water, shaving foam and an eye dropper.

Then watch as droppers full of colored water are added to the foam clouds.

Conduct your own science experiments with these supplies:

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  • Flask Set
  • Test Tube Rack
  • Beginner Biological Microscope Kit
  • Scientific Explorer Slime Science Mini Lab Kit
  • Science Lab Cut Outs
  • Safety Glasses

Plus, check out more science themed fun:


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