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Christmas Eve Box

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Let me tell you, my typical Christmas Eve routine goes something like this: run around in total chaos a majority of the day, trying to throw last-minute gifts together, bake cookies with Sam while feeling utterly exhausted, send him to bed, and stay up until around 3am wrapping all.the.presents. 

This year, I am saying absolutely no more. 

I’ve decided that whatever isn’t done ahead of time, just isn’t getting done. I refuse to sacrifice my sanity, energy and precious family time anymore. 

This year, for Christmas Eve, we are doing family time and making ALL the memories. 

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I created this Christmas Eve Box for Sam. Inside, it’s packed with everything we need for the perfect Christmas Eve together. For our box, I included:

  • socks
  • hot chocolate mix
  • candy
  • Christmas movie
  • cookies
  • candy canes
  • Christmas book
  • reindeer food
  • Santa’s Magic Key
  • letter from Santa Claus

We created this free printables kit that has everything you need to create this box for your family as well. 

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This is the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve! Not only does it make for a magical evening, but it also makes Christmas morning so much better as well, feeling well-rested and all warm and fuzzy. 

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  1. Jeanell says

    Thanks for sharing this. I really love the idea of taking a break from gadgets and social media and focus on things that really matter.