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Christmas Eve Box

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I’m proud to partner with Android to bring you this original story as part of the Forward Influence Network.

Let me tell you, my typical Christmas Eve routine goes something like this: run around in total chaos a majority of the day, trying to throw last-minute gifts together, bake cookies with Sam while feeling utterly exhausted, send him to bed, and stay up until around 3am wrapping all.the.presents. 

This year, I am saying absolutely no more. 

I’ve decided that whatever isn’t done ahead of time, just isn’t getting done. I refuse to sacrifice my sanity, energy and precious family time anymore. 

This year, for Christmas Eve, we are doing family time and making ALL the memories. 

It hasn’t been a split moment decision: I realized while utilizing the Android Digital Wellbeing tools where some of my time has been going. (Read: a lot of my time). 

Font and Android

Like many of us, I don’t feel like I have much free time. Recently, I was made aware by using their activity dashboard that I actually have a lot more free time than I think and I fritter it away on my phone doing things that contribute absolute zero percent to my well-being and my family. 

What feels like a minute or two here or there, quickly adds up to half an hour wasted on devices. 

Over the past weeks, once I realized this, I decided my electronics weren’t going to steal any more time from me. That time can be better spent preparing ahead of time for the holidays and then enjoying quality moments with my family. 

Android has introduced Digital Wellbeing and Family Link tools on your smartphones to help you and your whole family find a balance with technology and be more intentional with how you use your phones.

Digital Wellbeing is designed for your personal use and gives you a view of your daily digital habits, so you can set an example for your family. It helps you understand the time you spend using apps, how often do you check your phone, and much more.

I’m pleased to say, I’ve focused on getting my gifts ready which means my time is freed up for Sam’s class party, lots of decorating and baking. 

A man and a woman sitting at a table

We’re also getting ready for Christmas Eve, which I am so excited for. We’ll be doing a low-key Christmas Eve together as a family this year — no last-minute rushes, no late night, no electronic distractions. Just plenty of magical memories. 

Are you getting a phone for your kiddo this Christmas? I encourage you to check out the Android Family Link tools to help you manage content and apps, set limits, and the special bonus time feature. Visit for more helpful tools for parents to create healthier digital habits for their whole family.

A stack of flyers on a table

I created this Christmas Eve Box for Sam. Inside, it’s packed with everything we need for the perfect Christmas Eve together. For our box, I included: 

  • socks
  • hot chocolate mix
  • candy
  • Christmas movie
  • cookies
  • candy canes
  • Christmas book
  • reindeer food
  • Santa’s Magic Key
  • letter from Santa Claus

A person sitting in front of a building

We created this free printables kit that has everything you need to create this box for your family as well. 

This is the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve! Not only does it make for a magical evening, but it also makes Christmas morning so much better as well, feeling well-rested and all warm and fuzzy. 

Font and Family

How would you use the Android Digital Wellbeing tools to make your Christmas season more magical? What tools will you use to carry this into the new year?

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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  1. Jeanell says

    Thanks for sharing this. I really love the idea of taking a break from gadgets and social media and focus on things that really matter.


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