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Family Science Fun: a Homemade Bottle Rocket

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Table of Contents
  1. Materials For A Homemade Bottle Rocket
  2. How to Make a Homemade Bottle Rocket
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This easy homemade bottle rocket will become a family favorite DIY project. We love all things space and always love sharing ideas. We decided to do a little DIY bottle rocket that you can easily do together with the family. We had a great time doing this simple, homemade bottle rocket experiment together. Maybe someday we will be able to launch into space on a real rocket and explore!

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Materials For A Homemade Bottle Rocket

We only used a handful of supplies for the pop bottle rocket. You’ll need electrical tape, four pencils (or Popsicle sticks), vinegar, baking soda, a paper towel, and a cork. This homemade water bottle rocket turned out awesome and the whole family can have fun making it together.

How to Make a Homemade Bottle Rocket

Here’s how we created this fun rocket ship project that our whole family loved:

  1. Using electrical tape, we wrapped 4 pencils (could also use popsicle sticks) to act as stabilizers.
  2. Fill a bottle ⅓ full with vinegar.
  3. Put approximately 2 tablespoons of baking soda into the middle of a paper towel, roll it tightly, and twist the ends.
  4. Drop in the paper towel, then put a cork in the bottom.
  5. Shake gently, then step back and wait for it to take flight!

Note: this bottle rocket flies about 20 feet in the air — so please do this in an area where it won’t hit anyone or anything. This was a fun project and a great way to get kids excited about science. We look forward to enjoying more space-themed projects soon and hope your family enjoys this homemade bottle rocket as much as we did.

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Don’t miss out on Alien and Space-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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