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25 Alien & Space Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Alien Invasion Party
  2. 2. Retro Rocket Party
  3. 3. Space Cadet Party
  4. 4. Space Themed Birthday
  5. 5. Buzz Lightyear Birthday
  6. 6. Space Alien Birthday Party
  7. 7. Astronaut Birthday Party
  8. 8. Space Rocket Birthday
  9. 9. Astronaut Birthday
  10. 10. Robot Space Invader Baby Shower
  11. 11. Space Alien Dessert Boy Bash on a Budget
  12. 12. Rockets and Robots Space Party
  13. 13. Space Odyssey Birthday Party
  14. 14. Rocket Ship Birthday Party
  15. 15. Modern Space Rocket Birthday
  16. 16. Rockets and Aliens Birthday
  17. 17. Alien Conquest Birthday
  18. 18. Rocket Blast-Off Party
  19. 19. Astronaut Cullen Turns 5
  20. 20. Wall-E Birthday Party
  21. 21. Rocket Man Party
  22. 22. Retro Rocket Birthday Party
  23. 23. Alien Invasion Party
  24. 24. Star Wars Birthday Party
  25. 25. Alien Birthday Table on a Budget
  26. Plan an out of this world alien themed birthday party with these great sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  27. Check out more great alien party ideas.
  28. Plus, don't miss A Monsters, Aliens and Robots Boy's 2nd Birthday Party...

Whether your little guy wants to blast off to explore outerspace with astronauts or save the earth from space aliens, you’re sure to find theme ideas to spark imaginations in our round-up.

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From simply styled in quiet colors to busy zaps of brights, it’s all here. Zoom around the neighborhood before taking off for your own celebration to see some of the best dessert tables and party ideas!

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1. Alien Invasion Party

From Spaceships and Laser Beams via Pizzazzerie

This is Spaceships and Laser Beams; first space alien collection party and it was before the blog even existed! I still love the spark of bright colors and friendly little aliens that ramp up the party excitement. This blogger used bright decorations and out of this world serving dishes to make healthy snacks fun. Star shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches and star shaped watermelon in fruit salad kept everything adorably on theme.

2. Retro Rocket Party

From Hello My Sweet via Spaceships and Laser Beams

With a little creativity and crafting magic, this mom devised an amazing outer space themed birthday party with a unique twist. Incorporated into the magnificent dessert table were fun props that party guests could wear to fly around the room. Any kid would have a blast playing with homemade jetpacks and space helmets. The dessert table itself was filled with tasty goodies, including rocket fuel test tube sodas, dark matter cake pops, and Milky Way cupcakes!

3. Space Cadet Party

From I Will Invitations via Kara’s Party Ideas

Calling all space cadets! This space cadet themed birthday party is filled with fun ideas and activities that would be great for any space themed party. Some of my highlights of this outer space bash include the adorable piped rocket ship sugar cookies, adorable alien cake pops, rocket ship gumball machines, and fantastic rocket ship fondant cake. My son’s friends would also go crazy for the alien disguises activity.

4. Space Themed Birthday

From Fete a Fete via Celebrations at Home

There are so many special DIY projects and fun elements in this pace themed birthday party that really bring it to life. The dessert table is set against a black fabric background, outfitted with a splash of silver stars and paper lanterns decorated to look like different planets from our solar system! The homemade treats are also amazing. The spread featured homemade rocket popsicles, meteorite rock candies, and rocket ship sugar cookies.

5. Buzz Lightyear Birthday

From Top It Off Designs via Pretty My Party

To infinity, and beyond! You didn’t think we would have an outer space round-up without Buzz coming to the rescue, did you? This dessert table is sure to have Buzz Lightyear fans in total awe. Decked out in bold green blue, and purple decorations, this dessert table features so many fun and on-theme treats. Dark chocolate filled rockets, chocolate dipped star Oreos, alien cake pops, and bright blue macarons are among the wonderful snacks ready for guests.

6. Space Alien Birthday Party

From Moms and Munchkins via Spaceships and Laser Beams

For an out of this world theme that captures the imaginations of little boys everywhere, be sure to check out the wonderful decorations ideas in this post. Some of my favorite details from this party include the glow in the dark alien backdrop behind the food table, the space themed table settings, the sky high cloud cupcakes, and the glow in the dark party favors!

7. Astronaut Birthday Party

From Sara West Photography via Design Dazzle

This amazing astronaut themed fourth birthday party incorporates so many simple astronaut party activities that are great for kids and beautiful decorative touches. The design of the invitations are super clever, with writing on the side of the moon that says, “Turning four is one small step for man, but one giant party for mankind.” I don’t know about you, but I think that is hilarious! What a great way to make your little boy feel special in such a creative way.

8. Space Rocket Birthday

From Lee Laa Loo via YouTube

Outer space is filled with rich and bold colors, which make the perfect color palette for an epic space rocket themed birthday party. This party is filled with fun pops of royal blue, bright red, lime green, and deep yellow. The personalized birthday banners and graphic cut-outs are fun and graphic. I also love the rocket ship centerpiece filled with red, green, and yellow candies. It is such a do-able DIY project.

9. Astronaut Birthday

From My Garden Party via Spaceships and Laser Beams

I love the gorgeous simplicity of this space themed birthday party that is filled with a subtle mix of rocket ships, stars, and earth balls. A mostly white and silver color scheme really makes the bright blue accents pop! On the table itself, guests received a time travel coloring book, bouncy earth balls, handmade rocket ship place cards, and a hidden bag of candies and sweets.

10. Robot Space Invader Baby Shower

From JL Designs

Shades of cheery yellow, bright orange, and soft grey are paired with the cutest space invaders for a delightful baby shower that is both pretty and boy-friendly. Beautiful floral arrangements decked out with floral antennas were scattered throughout the party, along with thoughtful details to make the theme shine through. Microchip chips in tin cans, chocolate dipped donut hole asteroids, and rocket fuel drinks were among the tasty snacks served!

11. Space Alien Dessert Boy Bash on a Budget

From Little Wheelz via Spaceships and Laser Beams 

Alien parties are so much fun because there is so much room for creativity. I mean, who knows what aliens really look like anyways? There are so many great alien-themed elements in this alien invasion space themed birthday bash on a budget. Alien slime sugar cookies, spaceship whoopee pies, and a hairy alien cake are among the delicious treats served.

12. Rockets and Robots Space Party

From Louise Sanders via Kara’s Party Ideas

Rockets and robots ruled the décor at this amazing boy’s second birthday party! This fantastic mom sent her little boy shooting into the stars with vintage inspired decorations and a lovely blue and orange color scheme. The party décor consisted of honeycomb paper ball planets, homemade rockets, spaceship and robot masks, rocket favors, and of course the space rocket cake.

13. Space Odyssey Birthday Party

From Martha Stewart

Send a manned party to the backyard to explore space-themed contests and treats. Guests at this party engaged in a wildly fun training camp, played a bunch of party games, and devoured a cosmic birthday cake. Space suits were also made with disposable coveralls and adorable details such as shoulder stripes and kid’s names with stickers and colored electrical tape. Any astronaut in the making would love going to this party.

14. Rocket Ship Birthday Party

From Where the Green Grass Grows via Spaceships and Laser Beams

When you think of a boy’s rocket ship themed party, are you blasted with a sense of nostalgia and childlike wonder? The magic and excitement of watching a rocket launch is every boy’s dream and this party brings those dreams to life. This brilliant blogger designed a special celebration, transforming a beautiful rustic setting into an amazing launch pad with bounce houses, a rocket fuel station, and treats all boy astronauts will love.

15. Modern Space Rocket Birthday

From A Styled Fete via Anders Ruff 

This third birthday party just goes to show that a few dramatic elements such as fabrics and printables, you can pull together an impressive and coordinated party. This incredible mom hosted a “Love you to the moon and back” themed party that perfectly incorporated stars and rockets – everything little boys love and even sweeter! I am in love with the chalkboard background with hand drawn stars and a fun geometric hanging garland.

16. Rockets and Aliens Birthday

From Southern Belle’s Charm via Hostess With the Mostess

Cotton candy rockets with pop rock aliens, adorable DIY monster aliens with giant googly eyes, and Rice Krispie treats shaped like rockets sound like a blast, right?! There are so many clever and creative details in this Rockets and Aliens birthday party dreamed up by a fantastic mom. A palette of lime green and bright blue created a super fun environment, filled with hanging spirals, handmade rockets, paper lanterns, and balloons!

17. Alien Conquest Birthday

From Blue Cupcake via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Aliens are taking over the planet in this creative birthday bash filled with wonderful details and super fun desserts! Alien space crafts hover over a homemade city made of bright blue and green cardboard skyscrapers. This brilliant blogger made the most amazing candy trees and a three-tiered jelly bean cake that stands front and center.

18. Rocket Blast-Off Party

From Sweet Rose Studio via Pizzazzerie

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blast off! It’s time for a birthday space adventure with this rocket themed party put together for an adorable little aspiring astronaut. Not only is it a fun and original theme, but the party is also chock full of creative DIYs that make for fun decorations and activities. Little guests had a great time taking pictures in the rocket photo booth, fashioned out of an old TV box. A little paint goes a long way!

19. Astronaut Cullen Turns 5

From Stacey N. via Catch My Party

This little guy’s love for anything space related inspired an out of this world birthday party fit for a future astronaut. The dessert table was decorated with a simple table cloth and blue background with fun string art balloons, then loaded up with all kinds of amazing treats. Keep your eyes peeled for chocolate covered Oreo cookies, the super easy DIY rocket ship cake, and adorably decorated sugar cookies.

20. Wall-E Birthday Party

From Craft That Party via Hostess With the Mostess

Incorporate sustainability and eco-friendliness into your party by inviting a family favorite character, WALL-E! Ridiculously cute and clever desserts, fun decorations inspired by the movie, and a host of activities brought this amazing WALL-E Birthday Party to life. WALL-E and Eve themed treats were everywhere and included decorated sugar cookies, lollipops, and cake push pops complete with a little green sprout.

21. Rocket Man Party

From Crackers Art via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Blue, red, and white patterns fill this Rocket Man themed birthday party with vibrant color and an amazing color scheme. The consistent use of color pulls the theme together, and a few fun patterns add a whole other dimension to the decorations! The dessert table is most impressive, donning red, white, and blue, striped table cloths topped with a tizzy of treats. Star shaped cookies, popcorn, and an amazing rocket ship cake are among the desserts!

22. Retro Rocket Birthday Party

From GreyGrey Designs

Enter this retro rocket second birthday party and you will be greeted by a rocket blasting right up the stairs to lead you to the party space. Blue, red, and yellow make a brilliantly vibrant color scheme, and these three colors can be found everywhere! From brightly decorated cupcakes to chocolate dipped marshmallow pops, this party has it all.

23. Alien Invasion Party

From Enticing Icing via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This marvelous mom found fun and creative ways to serve up an impressive spread of healthy snacks and treats at her son’s space themed birthday party. With some adorable printable graphics and brightly colored party décor, she created a brilliant party that kids were sure to have a blast at. I love the Jell-O cups, funfetti sprinkled sandwiches, and chocolate granola cups!

24. Star Wars Birthday Party

From Tradewind Tiaras via Kara’s Party Ideas

Do you have any little Star Wars fans in your life? If you answered yes then you have to check out this amazing Star Wars themed birthday party that looks straight out of Pottery Barn. Rock candy meteorites, lightsaber pretzel rods, and chocolate peanut butter planet pops were among the delicious treats served. The dessert table was also set in front of an amazing light-up backdrop that looks just like outer space!

25. Alien Birthday Table on a Budget

From Project: Party Perfect via Spaceships and Laser Beams

A brunch-time alien invasion is the perfect way to celebrate a little one’s special day. This breakfast party menu included kid-friendly favorites like muffins, pancakes, yogurt parfaits, and more. The food tables are perfectly decorated with star print fabric tablecloths and bright blue spaceships made from dollar store plastic bowls. I also love the green alien cups complete with pipe cleaner antennae.

Plan an out of this world alien themed birthday party with these great sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Check out more great alien party ideas.

Plus, don’t miss A Monsters, Aliens and Robots Boy’s 2nd Birthday Party

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