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Space Party: Rocket Ship Birthday

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When you think of a rocket ship-themed party, are you blasted with a sense of nostalgia? The magic and excitement of watching and experiencing a rocket launch is an idea that many kids dream about. Andrea, of Where the Green Grass Grows, designed a special rocket-themed birthday party for her astronaut-in-training. Hop on, strap yourself in, and brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime at this rocket-themed party to boyhood dreams.

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Adrea breathed life into a beautiful rustic setting, transforming it into a launch pad with bounce houses, a rocket fuel station, and treats any boy astronaut could love. Andrea selected an array of party favors and designed rocket invitations, a custom cake, and a finale every boy dreamer would be excited about: a real rocket launch.

Every little girl or boy dreaming of being an astronaut needs this set of tools for blasting off into space. The boy of the hour enjoyed Rocket Repair Putty…most commonly known as Juicy Fruit gum…and Fifi LaRue’s custom-made (chocolate) shooting stars.

Space blaster water pistols and asteroids that light up were part of the arsenal. One of our personal favorites is the “Rocket Fuel Station”, with the cute, custom sign by Bubblewrapped, all astronauts could easily see where to refuel. After the space cadets completed their mission at the launch pad, it was time to eat (read that as the kids spent LOTS of energy jumping in the bounce house–it was a huge hit!).

The savory table menu choices included rocket dots, space burgers and Earth produce. Food was wrapped in adorable retro foil wrappers from Pink Lemonade Party; the silvery foil added to the futuristic, space vibe. The kids thought red licorice rocket flames were a great first-course choice, too!

On the dessert table, galvanized buckets were blast-off ready with a 3-2-1 countdown. Cupcakes and a “to the moon” birthday cake were surrounded by red goodie bags waiting to be filled with treats for the take-home journey; retro rocket popcorn bags held kettle corn to re-fuel the astronauts. ” Mission control” and “blast off” signs (also by BubbleWrapped) add fun and color to the birthday theme.

Andrea designed the rocket thank-you tags that were tied with aqua and white baker’s twin. The metal locker bins used for the treat display were transported to the boys’ bedroom to be used for storage after the party. Before blast off, during the grand finale, Captain Rocket Boy led all of his cadets into space…and beyond…in a real, live rocket launch right from the farm’s mint fields. Yeah, the kids were all over that idea. It was a terrific launch and the birthday boy had a great time.

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