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Alien Invasion Space Themed Birthday [Boy Bash]

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I cannot believe we’re almost to the end of our first run of Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge features. Next week is the last one! I’ll be starting it up in a few months with slightly tweaked rules, but, right now, this mama needs a bit of a break. Today’s submission is an alien themed space birthday party dessert table from Sarah of Little Wheelz. There are so many great elements to this table but I think my favorite are the alien slime sugar cookies and the spaceship whoopie pies. You can read all about Sarah’s table — she used all natural ingredients, which I love — at the end of the post.

As such, my first stop after having a look at the Alien line from Spaceships and Laser Beams, was the local party shop where I picked up some barber striped straws and some goodie bags. $15.00 down, the next thing to concentrate on was the menu. I decided to get tricky. So the cupcakes, cake pops and whoopie pies are all from the same batch. I made the cupcakes first, then I separated the remaining batter into two. With one batch I added extra
flour to thicken it, and with the second batch I added cocoa powder and some buttermilk. I then made whoopie pies from the thicker batch and extra chocolate cupcakes with the chocolate batch, which I crumbed and turned into the pops. I spent $25.00 on ingredients all up. The cake in the middle was caramel mud cake, but only a half batch of cake mix. This left me with half a bar of white chocolate I was able to use in the mousse.

My biggest challenge was making sure there was nothing artificial used. My eldest suffers from allergies and artificial everything seems to make his allergies worse. This meant the colours used in the food were not as vibrant as I would have liked, but at least I had the satisfaction that there were no nasties. As such I used the last $10 on natural food colour green and orange. I was hoping to use the money to buy some crafty things to put around the house but as it turns out the product did a good job of dressing up the table.

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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