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Mad Science Birthday Party Ideas

Table of Contents
  1. How awesome is this mad science party?
  2. Love this mad science party? Get the look with these party supplies:
  3. Check out more great science party ideas:
  4. Plus, don't miss out on 18 Mad Sciene Birthday Party Ideas...

How awesome is this mad science party?

A boy’s birthday party theme choice can set a mom to day dreaming.

Childhood interests give us clues about their future…but all that growing up comes so soon. In the meantime, before the letting go—kiss the nose, tickle the toes and then—let’s party. Alexis, of Sugar Sweet Buffets, built a terrific party to celebrate her son and his interest in science.

Who knew lab room supplies could afford such a great idea for decorations?!

Add an awesome cake + clever favors + cute kids + our very own Spaceships and Laser Beam mad science printables = a party exploding with charm.

Cool Mad Science Birthday Party Ideas

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As the guests arrive, they each receive official looking identification tags and lab glasses to wear.

Can’t you imagine their excitement when they see the beakers full of swirling green goo? I love the schoolhouse chalkboard used as a backdrop plus the microscope and test tubes make things look mysteriously interesting.

The dark background contrasts nicely with bright green food treats, too.

Mad Science Birthday Party Food Ideas

There is a chocolate mud cake under the birthday sentiment that appears to have been extracted from the periodic table of elements.

Other treats include Periodic Table Composite (cookies), Test Tube Jelly Beans, Gumball Compound, Macaron Concoction, Romayne’s 7th Birthday Experiment Chocolate Bar, and petri dishes filled with worms and The Jelly Synthesis.

Black pedestals elevate the food on the silvery grey lab table.

There is Nuclear Waste (lime cordial) and Mad Doctor Formula (H2O) to drink.

Mad Science Birthday Party Supplies

After watching a fun science demonstration, the party kids decorated and launched their own rockets.

The future scientists headed home with cute polka dotted favor bags filled with test tube jelly beans, a magnifying glass, a syringe full of candy, a giant capsule pen and slime.

Ahh, who knows? Maybe one of these little scientists will grow up to invent a time machine so we moms can travel back to remember when.

Mad Science Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Love this mad science party? Get the look with these party supplies:

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Check out more great science party ideas:

Plus, don’t miss out on 18 Mad Sciene Birthday Party Ideas

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