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17 Awesome Batman vs. Superman Party Ideas

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No matter which superhero your boys love, these Batman vs. Superman party ideas will have you planning an awesome party with both caped crusaders!

With ideas for Batman vs. Superman cookies and cakes and superhero inspired capes and games, your boys won’t be able to wait to see how you pair the two for your party!

Batman vs superman party ideas

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Superhero Tic Tac Toe Game

1. Superhero Tic Tac Toe (free printable)

From Mom’s Messy Miracles

All you need for this Superhero Tic Tic Toe is a printer and some paper — that’s it! It’s definitely a great party idea if you’re trying to stick to a budget, but is pretty fun no matter what!

DIY Batman vs. Superman Checkers Set

2. DIY Batman vs. Superman Checkers Set

From Crafts by Amanda, as seen on AllFreeKidsCrafts

A DIY Batman vs. Superman Checkers Set would be fun for kids to make and play with, so it makes a great craft.

Batman vs. Superman Cookies

3. Batman vs. Superman Cookies

From Koalipops, as seen on YouTube

Wow. Aren’t these cookies just insanely gorgeous? Seriously, too good to eat. The tutorial is great, so don’t be intimidated and give these a try!

Batman vs. Superman Cupcake Tutorial

4. Batman vs. Superman Cupcake Tutorial


This is such a great idea: ice cupcakes with a lovely sweet swirl of buttercream in various bright colors, then decorate with Dawn of Justice cupcake rings (which kids can wear after eating the cupcakes).

Pin the Bat Symbol on Batman Game

5. Pin the Bat Symbol on Batman Game

From Karla, as seen on Kid’s Birthday Parties

This Pin the Bat Symbol on Batman Game is a hilarious take on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game, and it’s genius. Kids will love it, and it will bring hours (OK, minutes, at least) of fun!

Batman vs. Superman Cake

6. Batman vs. Superman Cake

From Cake Central

This Batman vs. Superman Cake is absolutely stunning — don’t you just love the cape draped over the top tier? Either try this challenging cake yourself, or take the idea to your local bakery. Either way, you’ll end up with a real stunner of a cake!

Batman Superman Cake

7. Batman Superman Cake

From Cakes Decor

Wow. Just wow. This Batman Superman Cake is just too gorgeous, and no kid would be unhappy with it. It’ll definitely leave your guests suitably impressed!

Batman Party Favor

8. Batman Party Favor

From My Litter

This is an absolutely unique Batman Party Favor idea. You don’t even need Batman stickers to put on the flashlights — it’s all DIY, so just print out the logo, cut out the shape and stick it to the face of the flashlight.

Superman Drinks

9. Superman Drinks

From Pravoce Festas Especiais, as seen on B. Lovely Events

These Superman Drinks are just too darn cute. They’re also easy to DIY and make way ahead, and you could even use the capes on water instead of juice if you’re trying to keep things a little less sugary.

Batman Drink Cup

10. Batman Drink Cup

From Laura’s Crafty Life

This is a clever, budget friendly way to get Batman onto your drinks table too. All you need is yellow cups and some black card, and you’re ready to go!

Batman Capes

11. Batman Capes

From The Little Giggler

These Batman Capes are a great way to get kids into the superhero spirit, and they can double up as your favors (unless you have space to keep 20+ tiny superhero capes!).

Superman favor bags

12. Superman Favor Bags

From Southern Belle’s Charm

These Superman Favor Bags are have a great simple, colorful design. You could try to make these yourself (you could make them way ahead of time) or you could just find a place to buy them. Gorgeous!

Batman Favor Bags

13. Batman Favor Bags

From Southern Belle’s Charm

For the Batman side of the party, these Batman Favor Bags are just great. The color and clarity of design just make them pop!

Batman and Superman Mason Jar Banks (Favor idea)

14. Batman and Superman Mason Jar Banks (favor idea)

From Moms and Crafters

This is another DIY favor idea. These Mason Jar Banks are simple to put together, and they’ll give kids a fun way to store and save their coins.

Cardboard Tube Batman

15. Cardboard Tube Batman

From Crafts by Amanda

Making a Cardboard Tube Batman could be a nice craft for kids to make at your Batman vs. Superman party, but it would also make an awesome DIY decoration.


16. Batman vs Superman Drinks

From Sequins in the South

Kids will feel so grown up with these Batman vs. Superman drinks, and they’re a really fun and creative way to up the ante with your theme. Parents will love them too, so why not make a grownup version for them?


17. Batman vs Superman Candy Strawberries

From Celebrating Family

These Batman vs. Superman Candy Strawberries will be the “cherry” on top of your party!

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