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27 Halloween Door Decoration Ideas That Are Hauntingly Awesome

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Table of Contents
  4. Halloween Door Ideas That Are Super Easy
  5. Door Decorations That Aren't Scary
  6. Even more Halloween ideas:
  7. Plus, don't miss 23 Spooktacular DIY Halloween Projects

Scare the boo crew that lands on your front steps with doors decorated like monsters, Frankenstein, or mummies. Get creative with a witch’s wreath or spooky cobwebs. This list of fiendish ideas might make you wish you had more doors. Halloween party? Entertain guests with some fun Halloween games.

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Mummy Halloween Door Decorations

1. Mummy Halloween Door 

With kids helping to cut the crepe paper, this mummy-inspired Halloween door decorating idea would be a wrap in no time. While a variety of materials would work for this decorating idea (paper, fabric, felt, etc.), you will want to choose appropriate materials for the location of your door (inside vs. outside, exposed to the elements or not). Create eyes and a shadowed face, and simply crisscross white strips to mimic mummy bandages.

Monster Halloween Door Decorations

2. Monster Halloween Door

Poster paper and tape. That’s nothing to be scared of. This monster Halloween door may be constructed from simple, non-threatening materials that are easily transformed into an awesome Halloween door decoration, but the door itself may be scary enough to keep some trick-or-treaters from knocking at your door.

Witch Halloween Door Decorations

3. Witch Door

Which door should guests use? This one, of course! Halloween visitors will love seeing the resident witch flying on her broom with her cape trailing behind. What a fun Halloween door-decorating idea! Vinyl and Styrofoam make it happen.

Felt Bats Halloween Door Decorations

4Felt Bats Halloween Door

Make the exterior of your house look extra spooky by adding felt bats. They are easy to make using the provided free bat template. Just download the file, print the template, trace the shape on felt, and cut it out multiple times. Once you feel like you’ve gone batty, you’ll know you have enough to decorate your front porch and doorway.

Keep Out Halloween Door Decorations

5. Keep Out Halloween Door

Halloween visitors might second guess their trek to your front door once they see these troubling “Keep Out” decorations. Nothing like a warm welcome for guests. Now you can create your own version of this haunting door decoration.

Jack O Lantern Halloween Door Decorations

6. Jack-o-lantern Halloween Door

Add the quintessential look of a toothy jack-o-lantern to your front door and bring a smile to all your fall and Halloween visitors. This jack-o-lantern is one that you don’t have to carve, but you do have to cut wrapping paper. The look is easy to put together using orange gift wrap, gold glitter gift wrap, and double-sided masking tape. Include assorted pumpkins and collections of fall leaf branches to bring a beautiful autumn look to your porch.

Halloween Witch Wreath Halloween Door Decorations

7. Halloween Witch Wreath Door

You won’t need to concoct a special magic potion to help with this DIY Halloween door decoration. This Halloween witch wreath is easy to put together and makes a perfect front door decoration. The hardest part will be sourcing the materials, many of which can be found online. Here are the items you will need:  broomstick, witch legs, witch hat, ribbon, floral wire, burlap-colored wreath, and a roll of poly burlap mesh. Work your magic with these materials, and you’ll have a great witch to welcome guests to your home.

Spiderweb Halloween Door Decorations

8. Spiderweb Halloween Door

Arachnophobia? Your skin may crawl when you see this Halloween door-decorating idea. Don’t get caught unawares; this spider is no itsy-bitsy thing, and neither is her web. Use the white rope to make your own version of this spider web-guarded Halloween door. Don’t forget to add a jumbo spider and her family of babies.

A building with a green door

9. Spooky Eyes Halloween Door

Want to costume your door for Halloween in a truly monstrous way? We’ve got our eyes on this awesome Halloween door-decorating idea. Using the provided eye template—which you can download for free—enlarge to various sizes, print, and cut. The eerie eyes really pop when they’re arranged on black faux fur.

Poison Apple Halloween Door Decorations

10. Poison Apple Halloween Door

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but for some reason, this poison apple Halloween door is pretty spooky. If suspended body parts give you the creeps, here’s your poison. Trick-or-treaters will have to reach past all of these hands, overcome fears, and knock on the door to earn their Halloween treat. Could you do it?


Frankenstein Halloween Door Decorations

11. Frankenstein Halloween Door 

More cute than creepy, this felt and paper version of Frank is most comfortable hanging around under a covered porch. If you have a green door, this Halloween decoration is perfect for the outside of your home. If you don’t have a green door, you could always cover your door in a green plastic tablecloth, fabric, or paper. This project is easy enough to accomplish that your children can help.

Jack Skellington Halloween Door Decorations

12. Jack Skellington Halloween Door

This Jack Skellington Halloween door is easy to make using a free printable template. And the supplies to recreate the look are simple too: paper and tape. So simple. So effective. Adults and children can participate in creating this fun Halloween décor.

Monsters Inc Halloween Door Decorations

13. Monsters Inc. Halloween Door

Mike Wazowski would definitely approve of this Monsters Inc.-inspired Halloween door. We’re pretty sure Sully and Boo would too. A green door makes the perfect Halloween backdrop for this decorating idea. Poster paper and markers are used to add the Monster’s facial features, which happen to be all hand-drawn in this example. To create a look that will last, laminate the pieces to withstand the weather.

The Dark Knight Halloween Door Decorations

14. The Dark Knight Halloween Door

Are you a movie buff? Why not decorate your door for Halloween based on a favorite movie theme? This The Dark Night Halloween door is easy and inexpensive, but big on impact. Would you believe the door is covered in an inexpensive tablecloth, and the details are created from poster board and acrylic paint?


Creepy Clown Halloween Door Decorations

15. Creepy Clown Halloween Door

Clowns are supposed to bring laughs and smiles, right? Not this clown. Something that should be for laughs doesn’t look so funny when it has spiked teeth—creepy. This creepy clown Halloween door isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is impressive. Check out the paint job. Plus, gotta admit, rolling out that “red carpet” tongue definitely gets your attention.

Monster Teeth Halloween Door Decorations

16. Monster Teeth Halloween Door

Make your house come alive this Halloween with a DIY monster teeth Halloween door. This monstrous mouth is brought to you by plywood, a little paint, and a crafty mama. To replicate this Halloween door decoration idea will require using a saw, so be sure to proceed with caution.

Coffin Halloween Door Decorations

17. Coffin Entrance Halloween Door

Would you dare to knowingly step foot into a coffin? How about if Halloween candy was at stake? This coffin entrance, made from wood, takes unsuspecting Halloween party guests into the spooky unknown, all for the promise of a few treats.

Halloween Arch Halloween Door Decorations

18. Halloween Arch Door

Some definite skills were used to create this awesome Halloween arch door entrance. Made from a combination of routed Styrofoam and 2×4” backing, plus a list of other materials, this door decorating idea is not for those easily spooked, but definitely results in one massively cool Halloween decoration. Styrofoam never looked so impressive.

Hanging Webs Halloween Door Decorations

19. Hanging Cobwebs Halloween Door

Add some spook to your front porch by creating ghostly cobweb draperies to hang from the rafters. You’ll need several yards of cheesecloth, strips of poplar, and some construction tool basics (staple gun and staples, scissors/utility knife, tape measure, miter box, and saw), plus hot water, a bucket, and bags of tea.

Halloween Door Ideas That Are Super Easy

20. Ghost Front Door:

Grab some white paper and wrap your front door and then add some large black eyes and a ghost-howling mouth cut out of black paper and taped onto the front door.

21. One-Eyed Monster Door

One-Eyed Monster Door: Use your front door to create a cyclops monster by using just one big eyeball decal and some colored butcher paper covering your door.

22. Mummy Front Door

Wrap your door in white crepe paper streamers and add two giant googly eyes to mummify your front door.

23. Candy Corn Front Door

Add a combination of orange, white, and yellow craft paper, plus giant googly eyes, and you have a candy corn door.

24. Caution Tape Door

Wrap your door in simple yellow caution tape to make it look like a forbidden entry.

Door Decorations That Aren’t Scary

25. A festive wreath with a friendly Halloween character will dress up your front door in a fun and not-so-scary way.

26. Add a pair of giant googly eyes and a construction paper smile for a fun and simple way to dress up your front door.

27. While not specifically a front door decoration, check out the dollar store or Walmart and pick up a fun porch mat with pumpkins or a fun Halloween phrase to welcome your guests.

Even more Halloween ideas:

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