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21 Super Mario Brothers Party Ideas and Supplies

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Get your party game on with these Super Mario birthday party ideas, supplies, decorations, food and cake ideas

Super Mario Brothers has long been a classic video game that also makes a great birthday party theme. If you’re inviting the brothers to your party, here are 21 Super Mario Brothers birthday party ideas you’ll love.

From a Yoshi egg smash party game, to toadstool appetizers, to fire flower cookies, and Super Mario Brothers cake pops, there are so many fun party supplies inspired by the game.

21 Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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These Mario Mushroom cupcakes are cute and fun. Perfect for a Mario Bros party.

1. DIY Mario Bros. Cake

From Red Ted Art

If you want to make your own Super Mario Brothers mushroom cake, check out this tutorial! This small cake is made from a half sphere-shaped cake and a portion of another cake round, plus buttercream and fondant.

Fun party foods decorate this Mario Brothers table. Delicious party food doesn't have to be unhealthy.

2. Super Mario Brothers Party Food

From Dolled Up Design, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

You’ll be ready to take your Super Mario Brothers party food to the next level after viewing this awesome party. A mushroom cake, meringue cloud cookies, flower power veggie and dip platter, piranha plant inspired fruit skewers, and even Mario hats made from Babybel cheese are just a few of the creative ideas.

These Mario Brothers cake pops are wonderfully cute as well as tasty and theme-appropriate.

3. Super Mario Brothers Cake Pops

From Mud Pie Parties, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Cake pops are always a dessert table favorite at birthday parties. Mario, Luigi and all sorts of characters from the Super Mario Brothers game can join your party in cake pop form.

These fun Super Mario Bros plates are easy to make and perfect for the theme.

4. Super Mario Brothers Question Mark Plates

From GrubHub

Add a little Super Mario Brothers nostalgia to your place settings by creating these easy question mark plates inspired from the video game. You’ll need square shaped yellow paper plates, slightly smaller clear square plates and question marks cut from white cardstock, sized to fit. Adhere the cardstock question marks to the yellow paper plates and cover with the clear plates.

How fantastic are these Mario Brothers gold star balloons?

5. Starman Balloons

From Cynthia L, as seen on Catch My Party

Add a little Starman power to your Super Mario Brothers party. You’ll need star balloons and black electrical tape for creating the eyes.

These toadstool appetizers are perfect for a Mario Bros party.

6. Toadstool Appetizers

From Mosca Gallery

Have a little fun with your Super Mario Brothers themed party food by bringing in some of the game elements. You can create these toadstool appetizers using tomatoes, mozzarella and feta cheese.

This backdrop is delightful and perfect for a Super Mario dessert table.

7. Super Mario Brothers Dessert Table Backdrop

From Sweet Song Bird

Trying to come up with a fun idea for your Super Mario Brothers dessert table backdrop? You can create a scene straight out of the video game using a variety of butcher paper, cardstock and craft supplies.

These Super Mario Bros Star Power Sandwiches are delightful and perfect for Mario and Luigi's party.

8. Star Power Sandwiches

From Sweethaute

These star power sandwiches are sure to be a hit at a Super Mario Brothers party. These Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches were assembled and then cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter. The eyes are mini chocolate chips.

These Piranha Plant Cake Pop could not be more appropriate as treats at a Mario Brothers party.

9. Piranha Plant Cake Pops

From Cake Crumbs

You may avoid the piranha plants in the Mario game, but guests won’t be trying to escape the jaws of these piranha plant cake pops at your Super Mario party. With bases made from brownie truffles and tops made from leftover cake, these piranha plant cake pops sound pretty amazing.

These Super Mario cupcake toppers are delightful and perfect for a Super Mario Brothers party.

10. Super Mario Brothers Cupcakes

From Corrie Cakes

If you’re looking for a fun idea for Super Mario Brothers cupcakes, try your hand at creating characters from fondant. Mario, Luigi, mushroom, flower power, and so on, would all make awesome fondant toppers.

These Super Mario cookies are amazingly detailed.

11. Super Mario Brothers Cookies

From Oh Sugar Events

Make up a batch of your favorite shaped sugar cookie dough. These Super Mario Brothers cookies are sure to give you plenty of practice making royal icing and perfecting your outlining and flooding techniques.

This party favor label is delightful and perfect for Super Mario fans.

12. Super Mario Brothers Party Favor Idea

From Amy’s Party Ideas

Send guests home with the coolest Super Mario Brothers party favor! Make white chocolate Wii remotes using a candy mold. Package them up and attach a printable tag that reads: “ Game over. Wii thank you for coming…”

This Super Mario Brothers Memory Game and Free Printable is perfect for a party.

13. Super Mario Brothers Memory Game + Free Printable

From HaleGrafx

Print this fun and free Super Mario Brothers memory game to use at your party. To prepare the game, simply print and cut the 20 different Super Mario Brothers themed cards featuring Luigi and Mario and recognizable characters and objects from the game.

This cute classic Super Mario Brothers Cake will delight guests and inspire nostalgia.

14. Super Mario Brothers Cake

From Sweetlake Cakes

Bring some game to your Super Mario Brothers dessert table with an awesome cake. This cake features 3 unique layers all instantly recognizable from the video game—a brick, a question mark, and a mushroom.

This delightful Super Mario dessert table incorporates many classic characters and patterns.

15. Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party

From Banner Events

Take cues from this Super Mario Brothers birthday party to help guests feel like they are in the game. Pass out all-access gamer passes. Serve up a Mario Brothers inspired energy boost station where guests can power up on Super Mario themed treats, and entertain them with a video game arcade on wheels.

Bring Super Mario Brothers to life with these amazing brick & question mark box decorations

16. Super Mario Brothers Brick & Question Mark Box Decorations

From Pam-a-Rama Ding Dong

Can you believe that moving boxes, paint and permanent markers are all that you need to make these amazing Super Mario Brothers brick and question mark box decorations? Stack them up and use them as an entrance arch for your Super Mario Brothers party or as an activity fort for playing.

This incredible sky jello with fluffy clouds is perfect as a perfect Mario Brothers dessert.

17. Sky JellO with Fluffy Clouds

From One Little Project

If you’ve ever played the Super Mario Brothers video game, you are familiar with the blue sky featuring distinct white clouds. Now you can serve up party guests blue sky Jell-O with fluffy whip cream clouds. This may be the easiest party recipe ever.

Looking for a fun Super Marios party activity? Try this stomp the Goombas game!

18. Stomp the Goombas Game

From Nestling Designs, as seen on Kandy Kreations

Add a little action to your Super Mario Brothers party with this DIY stomp the Goombas game. The Goombas are made from balloons, paper plates and printable paper faces.

The ultimate Super Mario Brothers game is the Yoshi Egg Smash Game

19. Yoshi Egg Smash Game

From Party Mommy

This Yoshi egg smash game made from egg shells is genius. You’ll just need real eggs, a green permanent marker, confetti, gold stars to fit inside the egg, white school glue and white tissue paper circles.

Pin the Mustache on Mario is a fun twist on a classic party game

20. Pin the Mustache on Mario

From No Reimer Reason

Mario’s mustache is almost as famous as he is. This pin the mustache on Mario makes for a fun twist on a classic party game. You can hand draw your Mario and cut mustaches out of cardstock, or enlarge a readymade photo of Mario to use for the game.

Adorable Fire Flower Cookies are delightful Super Mario treats or Mario Brothers party favors.

21. Fire Flower Cookies

From GrubHub

Whip up your own fire power for your next Super Mario Brothers party. These fire flower cookies are made using a cookie cutter and dyed cookie dough.

Throw a Mario-inspired birthday party with these party supplies:

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Super Mario-themed Birthday Party ideas from Spaceships and Laser Beams

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