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21 Dinosaur Crafts Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Easy to Make Paper Dinosaur
  2. 2. DIY Dinosaur Hat
  3. 3. Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft for Kids with Free Templates
  4. 4. Dinosaurs Begin with D
  5. 5. Dinosaur Bones Fossil Craft
  6. 6. Easy Dinosaur Craft
  7. 7. Dinosaur Track Flip Flops
  8. 8. Dinosaur Frozen Fossils Game
  9. 9. Fossil Dough
  10. 10. DIY Dinosaur Plate Craft
  11. 11. How to Make Dinosaur Fossils
  12. 12. Make Your Own Lava Lamp
  13. 13. Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages
  14. 14. DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat
  15. 15. How to Make Dinosaur Feet
  16. 16. Free Printable Dinosaur Puppets
  17. 17. Paper Plate Stegosaurus Dinosaur Craft
  18. 18. Make a Giant Dinosaur out of Toilet Paper Rolls
  19. 19. Box Dinosaur Hat
  20. 20. Clothespin Dinosaur Craft
  21. 21. Hand Print Volcano Card
  22. Make the ultimate dinosaur crafts with these supplies:
  23. Check out more great dinosaur party inspiration...
  24. Plus, check out Dinosaur Hunter Birthday Party...

Whether you’re planning a dinosaur themed boy birthday party or just have little guys who like dinosaurs, you’re going to like these great ideas for dinosaur crafts: Easy to Make Paper Dinosaur, DIY Dinosaur Hat, Paper Plate Dinosaur, Dinosaur Bones Fossil, and Dinosaur Track Flip Flops.

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Plenty of these crafts can do double duty as party decorations or party favors that the boys can make and take home, such as the Dinosaur Frozen Fossils Game, Fossil Dough, Make Your Own Lava Lamp, and Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages.

The DIY Dinosaur Plate Craft, Free Printable Dinosaur Puppets, and Hand Print Volcano Card are great for younger boys, while How to Make Dinosaur Fossils, How to Make Dinosaur Feet, Make a Giant Dinosaur out of Toilet Paper Rolls, and the Clothespin Dinosaur Crafts are ideal for older boys.

All boys will have fun making the Box Dinosaur Hat, Paper Plate Stegosaurus Dinosaur, DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat, and the Cardboard Dinosaur. Phew! That’s a lot of dinosaurs.

See Also

1. Easy to Make Paper Dinosaur

From Krokotak

Children of all ages will enjoy creating these easy-to-make paper dinosaurs. Save those empty toilet paper rolls.

These paper dinosaurs are extra cute standing on toilet paper roll legs. What a fun dinosaur party craft idea. Have guests add their names for a really cute place setting marker.

2. DIY Dinosaur Hat

From Lalymom

Kids will love sporting one of these adorable DIY dinosaur hats that are easy enough for them to help make!

This craft is a perfect dinosaur party craft and makes an awesome send home party favor.

You’ll need green hats, white and black felt, scissors, a fabric marker and glue gun.

Depending on the ages of your party guests, more or less adult supervision will be needed with the cutting and gluing.

3. Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft for Kids with Free Templates

From Learn With Play at Home

All dinosaur-loving kids will go crazy for this paper plate dinosaur craft that includes a free template. What a fun addition to a dinosaur party!

Guests can DIY their own paper plate-a-saurus using paper plates, colored cardstock, paint, sponge stamps, scissors, and googley eyes. There are 5 free dinosaur templates to choose from.

4. Dinosaurs Begin with D

From Little Page Turners

Not only is this dinosaur project a great arts and crafts activity, it is a fun way to introduce the letter “D” and the shapes triangle and rectangle.

Notice that the dinosaur’s body is a letter “D”, and the scales and legs are triangles and rectangles.

Add this dinosaur craft to your party plans for a fun party activity.

5. Dinosaur Bones Fossil Craft

From Preschool Crafts for Kids, sourced from Activity Village

Save your cardboard for this cool dinosaur bones fossil craft. You’ll start by cutting out a skull shape and dinosaur bones from the cardstock.

Using PVA glue mixed with equal parts water, you’ll glue scrunched of pieces of toilet paper to cover the cardboard silhouettes.

Once dried, these dinosaur bones fossils can be hidden around your dinosaur party space as a fun game.

6. Easy Dinosaur Craft

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Cardboard, pasta, and glue are the only materials required for this easy dinosaur party craft. It makes a great welcome activity as guests arrive and are waiting for the party to officially start.

Using penne pasta, party friends can create their own dinosaur skeleton. Once they have their skeleton design laid out to their liking, a little dab of glue on each pasta piece will seal their design to their cardboard.

Display the finished pieces in a makeshift party dinosaur museum for all guests to admire. The artwork can act as party decorations during the party.

7. Dinosaur Track Flip Flops

From Wine and Glue

These dinosaur track flip flops definitely win the prize for creativity. And while your birthday boy and his guests may not be wearing these flip flops to the beach anytime soon, they will be excited about making their own sets of dinosaur tracks.

Ribbon, hot glue, and wood are the secret materials for creating dinosaur track magic.

8. Dinosaur Frozen Fossils Game

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

You’ll need some fun games and party activities to keep excited guests entertained at a dinosaur party. With a little preparation, you can give them their own excavation experience by putting together this easy dinosaur frozen fossils game.

Prep involves freezing small toy dinosaurs in water in one half of a plastic Easter egg. When it’s game time, arm your dino excavators with a cup each of warm water and salt, and a digging tool (chopsticks work well).

Have them compete to dig out their dinosaurs! This activity can get messy, so giving each child a cookie sheet to house excavation materials and the resulting mess is advised.

What a fun dinosaur party game!

9. Fossil Dough

From Nuttin’ But Preschool

When homemade playdough gets a prehistoric makeover, it becomes fossil dough, making it a perfect dinosaur party activity!

Made from simple ingredients including cold coffee and coffee grounds, this no cook fossil dough will last for at least a month if stored properly in an airtight container.

Kids will love using toy dinosaurs to make imprints!

10. DIY Dinosaur Plate Craft

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

A dinosaur party craft doesn’t get much easier than this one! Grab an extra set or two of green party plates.

These dinosaurs incorporate one plate for the body and cut up portions of 2 more plates for the head and tail. Little ones will have fun gluing on purple triangles to create the dinosaur’s scales.

11. How to Make Dinosaur Fossils

From Spaceships and Laser Beams, Idea from I Can Teach My Child

Are you looking for a dinosaur party activity that guests will roar about? Follow the easy recipe for coffee ground playdough (“fossil dough”).

Then let party guests create their own prehistoric fossils by stamping dino tracks using dinosaur toys.

The recipe is no bake, and the fossil dough will keep for a month. You can leave the fossils out to dry.

12. Make Your Own Lava Lamp

From I Can Teach My Child

Guests at your dinosaur party will love creating their own imitation lava lamp. While this isn’t an electric version, it does look awfully like it.

You’ll need to collect empty 16. oz. water bottles for each party guest, vegetable oil (8 oz., per party guest), a funnel, water, food coloring, and Alka-Seltzer tablets (adult handling/supervision required).

Party guests will love watching the magic that happens as the various components are added to the water bottle.

13. Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages

From Itsy Bitsy Fun

Set up a coloring table at your dinosaur party! You can download and print these free dinosaur coloring pages.

Kids will have fun decorating their own dinosaurs and imagining what it would’ve been like to live in prehistoric times.

14. DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

From Cutting Tiny Bites

Encourage loads of pretend play at your dinosaur themed birthday party.

Party guests can DIY their own paper dinosaur hats using green construction paper (3 sheets per person), glue sticks, tape, and scissors.

Once the hats are finished, encourage the children to wear their hats and practice their best dinosaur roars.

15. How to Make Dinosaur Feet

From Spaceships and Laser Beams, Idea from Make and Takes

You’ll definitely want to download the free printable template and make these foam dinosaur feet.

Wouldn’t they make a fun dinosaur party favor and craft activity? Or, use them in a fun game, like a dinosaur cake walk!

16. Free Printable Dinosaur Puppets

From Paging Supermom!

Paper bag puppets are so fun! You can create these dinosaur puppets using brown paper lunch sacks and the free printable dinosaur templates.

Kids will love using their imaginations to color their perfect dinosaur. Scissors and glue will be needed for cutting the dinosaur template and adhering the completed pieces to the brown paper sacks.

Include this activity as part of a dinosaur party, and let party guests put on their very own puppet show.

17. Paper Plate Stegosaurus Dinosaur Craft

From Preschool Crafts for Kids

Paper plate crafts make great party crafts because they are budget-friendly and so versatile.

A great dinosaur party activity, these paper plate stegosauruses only require a few materials: paper plates, paint & brushes, construction paper, glue, scissors, and a sticker eye.

They are easy enough to make that very little adult help is needed.

18. Make a Giant Dinosaur out of Toilet Paper Rolls

From Your Modern Family

Don’t you just love party activities that don’t require a lot of supervision? This dinosaur party game does require you to save paper towel and toilet paper rolls ahead of time.

But come party day, you can provide party guests with an image of a dinosaur skeleton, dump the cardboard rolls on the floor, and let the kids have at it creating their own giant dinosaur. They can try a few different dinosaur designs simply by moving around the cardboard tubes.

Once the kids have settled on their basic dino skeleton design, let them add a paper skull. Provide some cardstock and scissors for creating a skull, or have some precut skulls available if you want to avoid the use of scissors during party time.


19. Box Dinosaur Hat

From Groundwork UK via YouTube

A dinosaur birthday party calls for some creative party hats! You can craft up these adorable dinosaur hats from recycled boxes, cardstock, and paint.

If your party guests are young, you can have these party hats made up ahead of time. If guests are older, consider setting out materials for a fun hat making station.

Either way, guests can sport cool dinosaur hats during the party, and take them home as a party favor when the roaring party comes to an end.

20. Clothespin Dinosaur Craft

From Crafts by Amanda

Clothespins aren’t just useful for hanging clothes. They also make perfect chomping jaws for a fun dinosaur party craft.

Set up this dinosaur birthday party activity station with a pile of wooden clothespins, a set of free printable dinosaur patterns, paint (black and white), felt (green, brown, gold, and gray), and some basic craft tools (paintbrush, black marker, hot glue gun, and toothpick).

Younger children will need a little more adult supervision and help.

21. Hand Print Volcano Card

From All Done Monkey

Dinosaurs and volcanoes go hand-in-hand making it perfectly logical to include a volcano craft as part of your dinosaur party craft ideas!

This handprint volcano craft is a simple project, and the finished art makes for a pretty cool backdrop for toy dinosaur play.

You’ll need cardstock, brown, yellow, and orange paint, and a paintbrush.

Make the ultimate dinosaur crafts with these supplies:

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  • Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set
  • Dinosaur Foot Print Floor Decal
  • Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers
  • Plastic Dinosaurs
  • Wooden Basket Crate
  • Collectible Boxes
  • Burlap Fabric
  • Burlap Bags with Drawstring
  • Prehistoric Egg Candies
  • Dinosaur Cookie Cake
  • Larger Rocks Candy
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Dinosaur Adventure Kit
  • Dino Blast Centerpiece Party Decoration
  • Hatchin’ Grow Dino
  • Decorative Wheatgrass

Check out more great dinosaur party inspiration…

Plus, check out Dinosaur Hunter Birthday Party

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