Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Over the years, we’ve featured some amazing dinosaur birthday party ideas on this blog. It’s such a classic theme for a kid’s birthday party. From dinosaur egg hunts to dinosaur hunters to cute prehistoric parties, we don’t think there is a color palette, cake or unique idea that hasn’t been explored. There have also been a ton of great posts on favors, cupcakes and even whole dinosaur themed dessert tables.

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Dino Egg Hunt

You’ve heard of the Easter Bunny? His cousin works off-season to hide dino eggs. Whether you do a dino egg hunt for your girl or boy’s birthday party or opt to have a discovery dig, kids love it!

30 Dino Birthday Ideas

Dinosaur tracks first make their appearance across the invitations and they show up on the birthday cake, too. Dinoculars encourage an adventure; custom dino color books are perfect take-home favors.

DIY Dino Party Ideas

Be inspired by the giant cardboard dinosaur decorations at this birthday party. You could create your own Jurassic Park!

Dino 2nd Birthday

Here’s one rendition that uses our own printable decorations to pull all the boy birthday party aspects together. Also notice the DIY, purple, dinosaur birthday cake—an awesome dessert table centerpiece.

Easy Dinosaur Dessert Idea

: A brownie dino dig for the dessert table will keep little birthday girls and boys and their guests happy in more ways than one!

Dino Party on a Budget: This boy birthday party how-to on a budget shares specific ideas for decorations and creating a stylish, boy-friendly celebration.

How-to Make Dino FeetWith craft foam and this free template you’ll have happy, stompin’ dino feet at your boy’s birthday party. Use it as a party activity and a take-home favor.

How to Make Dino FossilsFor your next boy birthday party make “fossils” with coffee grounds for decorations or use cookie dough for edible prints on the dessert table.

Dino 5th BirthdayIt always helps to see a great example; this dessert table will help you plan your own for your next birthday party.

Easy Dino Favors: What little guy wouldn’t want his own jar of dinosaurs as a take home favor? This post shows you how to make them. During the party they serve as decorations.

Dino Sugar Cookies: Here’s an easy and quick suggestion for personalizing cookie treats for the birthday party dessert table.

Dino Birthday Cakes: Here are a dozen delightful dino birthday cake styles ranging from DIY to professional renderings. Be inspired!

Dinosaur Hunter Party: Help the birthday boy and his guests feel like they’re on a real adventure by following the stylish lead in this celebration.

10 Dino Party Must-Haves: Planning a boy’s birthday dino party? Look this over to get your party supplies list started.

Dino Dessert Table: Here is our own collection illustrating some of the ways you can use our instant download printables for easy dessert table decorations and party decor at your boy’s birthday party.

Roaring Good Dino Party Ideas: No detail is left out of this dino-minte boy birthday party! Especially notice the theme perfect guest table and take home favor package.

13 Great Dinosaur Supplies: We’ve gone on our own hunt and sourced great party supplies to help you pull your boy birthday party together.

Paleontology Cupcakes: These cupcakes will be a hit at a classic dinosaur themed birthday party or for a dinosaur hunt. There is also a tutorial.

21 Awesome Dinosaur Toys: If you’re stumped on what gift to buy for that boy birthday party, this list of dino ideas is sure to please.

Modern Dino Party: Blue and green decorate the dinosaur den. Even the birthday cake wears a joyful expression at this well thought-out boy’s party.

12 Best Dino Books: If your little guy just can’t get enough of dinosaurs, he’ll love these dinosaur books; topics range from pure fun to full of facts.

Modern 1st Birthday: What a great color palette for a dinosaur themed first birthday! Polka dots and stripes add a big dose of fun to the decorations.

Dino 2nd on a Budget: The birthday banner and dino prints that cover the wall are way more economical than a full-sized poster…and they’re darling, themed decorations! Cute hats and masks add to the party but don’t overload the budget.

1st Birthday Dino Party Ideas: A photo timeline is an awesome decoration at a first birthday party; the patterned paper frames look great. A wood slab is perfect on a dessert table for the birthday cake and cupcakes. Cardboard dinosaurs, to embellish with colors and stickers, are a fun idea to keep little hands busy.

Outdoor Dino Party: A fresh air venue brings the roar out of birthday boy dinosaurs! Dino scale party hats and dinoculars are great party supplies and fun themed food choices ramp up the party, too.

30 Dinosaur Parties You Will Love: If you want to compare color and decoration style choices of this popular boy birthday party theme, you’ll want to check out this dinosaur party round-up. It’s filled with super ideas!

Dinosaur 6th Birthday: Yellow, green, orange and brown decorations look prehistorically terrific at this super-sized, backyard birthday celebration. Notice the cool favor box ideas.

Dinosaur Hunter Birthday PartyThis dessert table plays is quick and easy to set up and plays on a more lighter tone that is perfect for little dino lovers.

A “T-Riffic Boy’s Dinosaur Birthday Party: This T-Rex party will excite dinosaur fans for sure!

A Dino-mite Dinosaur Boy’s 2nd Birthday Party: The adorable details in this dino-mite dinosaur boy’s 2nd birthday party will take you back to prehistoric times.

21 Dinosaur Party Craft Ideas: Whether you’re planning a dinosaur themed boy birthday party or just have little guys who like dinosaurs, you’re going to like these great ideas for dinosaur crafts.

Kid’s Party Craft: Dinosaur Plate Craft: Whether you want to make a meal time special or if you’re getting ready for a boy’s dinosaur themed birthday party, knowing how to make a paper plate dinosaur is not only a cool kid’s party craft, it’s an important life skill for moms to learn.

Kid’s Party Food: Unique Dinosaur Party Cake Pops: If you’re looking for a terrific kid’s party food for your next boy birthday party, check these out!

Dinosaur Party Game: Frozen Fossils: Cake and ice cream aren’t the only “musts” for a boy’s birthday party; you’ve got to have some games and activity ideas to keep those energetic little guys happy!

Easy Dinosaur Craft: Here’s a simple dinosaur craft that’s fun for the kids and easy to set up.

Kid’s Party Food: Dinosaur Bones: Kids’ party food doesn’t get much easier than this bag of dinosaur bones that would be perfect for a dinosaur themed boy birthday party.

Easy DIY Dinosaur Craft: It’s an easy way to personalize a corner of a dessert table and add a pop of color at the same time.

Dinosaur Themed 2nd Birthday Party: This boy’s dinosaur birthday party is outstanding and perfect for any little boy.

DIY Dinosaur Party Tray: This dinosaur party tray is perfect for your next dinosaur party.