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Easy DIY Dinosaur Craft

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  1. Supplies for This Easy DIY Dinosaur Project:
  2. What color will you make your DIY dinosaur?

Does your boy like dinosaurs? Mine does! He’s been talking about them since…well, almost as soon as he could talk. Maybe because they look so huge and fierce and boys pretend to roar for them…so they fascinate?

Anyway, we like doing dinosaur stuff at our house plus I have an upcoming birthday party to get ready for so we thought it would be a good idea for him to help me do a simple craft for the birthday boy: Dino-Letter. It’s an easy way to personalize a corner of a dessert table and add a pop of color at the same time.

Best of all, after the party it can move to the birthday boy’s bedroom as a decoration. I love it when party supplies can be used after the event, too. (Visit our resource page for even more dinosaur birthday party ideas.)

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We used a letter for the birthday boy’s initial, but you could substitute a wooden number to represent the birthday age, too.

Supplies for This Easy DIY Dinosaur Project:

Since we can’t be outside for spray painting this time of year at our house, we used a cardboard box as a miniature paint booth. We gave our dinosaur a couple of coats all around. While he was drying, we painted the wood letter. Be sure to protect your surface with newspaper—lots of newspaper, especially if you have a small-sized “helper”!

When they were both completely dry (check your paint can/bottle for particulars) we glued the letter behind the dinosaur’s hands so he appears to be holding the letter. Caiden also found the dinosaur could sit on the letter or hold the letter with one hand and he would look like he was chewing the letter.

This is an easy project that adds a good dose of color to the dessert table, it can serve as room décor later AND it’s good for some mom/son laughter on a winter-cold afternoon.

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What color will you make your DIY dinosaur?

About the Author: Suzie Boluarte

Suzie Boluarte is a mom to a very active boy name Caiden, who keeps her on her toes all day long. She shares DIYs, Parties and Everything else in between on her blog, Project: Party Perfect. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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