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A Boy’s Plants vs. Zombies Birthday Party

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  1. Check out these Plants vs. Zombies birthday party supplies:
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A Plants vs. Zombies birthday party theme is perfect for the boys in your life who are in love with playing this video game.

As children get older, party supplies, party decorations and dessert tables sometimes take a back stage to the activities.

Margarita Elafropoulos, of Party Inspirations, enjoyed honoring her son’s love of the game Plants vs. Zombies by putting together a simplified, but still hugely impactful dessert table.

Fantastic ideas for a Plants vs Zombies birthday party theme.

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As a “mature” 11 year old, Theodore was less interested in all of the traditional birthday hype, and more interested in playing video games and eating pizza with his friends.

Check out how Margarita was able to create a fun nod to her son’s favorite game while still respecting his wishes for a simple spread.

Beautiful images, captured by Little Rag Dolls, show all of the mostly cute and slightly creepy details!

Zombies are coming... And your guests will be thrilled to be joining them, after receiving these Plants versus Zombies-themed invitations!

Guests were invited to protect their brains from the zombies coming to Theodore’s party via creative invitations by Pinwheels & PomPoms.

I’m sure the invitations alone got guests thrilled about the party.

Low-key Plants vs Zombies-themed dessert table ideas.

Because Margarita’s intentions were to downsize from a traditional full-sized dessert table, her use of a dresser was a great choice for serving up a few choice treats.

A backyard landscape provided the perfect backdrop. Margarita made use of nearby trees to hang colored tissue fans in the party colors.

Figurines and themed treats incorporated Plants vs Zombies into this dessert table.

Small wooden cubes and shelves were decorated in faux grass and became useful displays for themed treats and décor.

I spy with my little eye an apothecary jar full of eyeballs! Creepy, right?

Cupcakes are the perfect pots for the plants to sit in. Plants vs Zombies.

A couple of other jars had coordinating candy selections for guests to choose from.

Little Plants vs. Zombies labels helped reinforce the theme, as did amazing characters that were strategically placed around the dessert table.

Dessert cake pops; decorated with "dirt" and "ice", they linked the theme to the tasty treats.

Margarita baked up cake pops in party colors and a cake covered in edible dirt topped off with 3D fondant toppers.

Incredible details on the icing of these cupcakes really made the Plants vs Zombies theme resonate.

Her favorite dessert table element, and mine too, was the fondant topped cupcakes.

Brains... Your guests will be thrilled to see Plants vs Zombies characters brought to life on the dessert table!

Check out the detailed characters inspired by the game. I bet guests thought those were so cool.

Fondant icing on the cupcakes included amazing Plants vs Zombies details.

Guests enjoyed playing the game on a PC and DS. Can you imagine their delight?

Zombie attack party packs are the perfect favors for gifts at this Plants vs Zombies birthday party.

Favor bags with custom tags from Pinwheels and PomPoms were filled with candy. Sounds like a perfectly sweet ending to a slightly creepy and fun party.

Check out these Plants vs. Zombies birthday party supplies:

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  • Plants Vs Zombies Balloons
  • Plants vs Zombies Figurines
  • Plants vs Zombies Peashooter Game
  • Plants vs Zombies Cake Toppers
  • Plants vs Zombies Invitations
  • Zombie Mask
  • Plants Vs Zombies 16-Piece Button Set
  • Blood Spattered Table Cover
  • Themed Soda Labels
  • Zombie-themed Paper Plates
  • Zombie Scene Setter
  • Bleeding Zombie Candy Bowl
  • Blood Spattered Paper Napkins
  • Zombie Hand Cupcake Decorations
  • Zombie-themed Paper Cups
  • Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold
  • Zombie-themed Tote Bags
  • Zombie-themed Party Pack
  • Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes
  • Zombie-wound Temporary Tattoos
  • Zombie Bash Paper Plates
  • Zombie Party Picks

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