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Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

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Take a journey back in time with a dinosaur-themed birthday party. Justine, from Sensationally Sweet Events,  threw an awesome prehistoric-themed party for her son’s fifth birthday. Wow, she knows how to throw a party! On a dessert table with everything from Dino Water to Dino Cake Pops, the party food and Dino decorations are sure to make party guests roar.

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Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

The color scheme evokes a natural outdoor Dino environment, drawing on earth tones of tan, brown, and green. Notice how all the food and drinks are decorated with labels made with dinosaur-inspired fonts, framed with burlap fabric—a terrific detail.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Cake Ideas

When it comes to birthday cake, the fun is in the decorations. The green icing is dotted with candy Dino eggs and the plate is rimmed with candy rocks (fossilized?!). Festive Dino paw print banner flags top it off. Even the cake stand looks prehistoric!

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Candy Snack Treat Ideas

Justine had a lot of fun with the desserts. There are Dino cookies, a variety of candies, burlap sacks filled with crunchy caramel popcorn, and cheese rings.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Candy Bone Ideas

Imaginative Dino Bone white chocolate treats, chocolate bars, and Dino Pops are ready to be devoured.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Cake Pop Ideas

Dinosaur nests are filled with candied dinosaur eggs.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Candy Bar Ideas

We love how Justine arranged dinosaur figurines and dinosaur photos throughout the room. Hiding amongst the food, framed images of Dino eyes and Dino paws are fun surprises.

Boys Dinosaur Birthday Party Picture Frame Idea

Did you see the Jurassic Park-inspired movie poster with the birthday boy’s name displayed in the twig frame? That adds a great, personalized touch.

Boys Dinosaur Birthday Party Themed Veggie Snack Ideas

Justine didn’t forget about herbivores at the party. Individual cups filled with veggies and dip, and a bowl full of strawberries, are great for munching.

Boys Dinosaur Themed Party Favori ideas

Guests went home with jars filled with colorful markers; Justine glued dinosaur figures on the lids and spray-painted them purple and blue. What a great way to end a “dino-tastic” party for a special birthday girl or boy!

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