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10 LEGO Storage Ideas You Wish You’d Thought Of

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Retro Parquet Table Transformed Into A Rockin' LEGO Table
  2. 2. Create Organized LEGO Storage
  3. 3. DIY LEGO Storage
  4. 4. The Ultimate LEGO Table
  5. 5. LEGO Train Table 
  6. 6. Plastic Drawer LEGO Table
  7. 7. LEGO Wall
  8. 8. Build A LEGO Table
  9. 9. DIY LEGO Table
  10. 10. Cleaning Tips for LEGOs
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You never think you need LEGO storage until you step on one of those little bricks when you’re barefoot. We’ve found some amazing DIY LEGO storage ideas you’ll wish you had thought of (sooner!) that are sure to keep the LEGOs organized by color and shape.

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Lego table1. Retro Parquet Table Transformed Into A Rockin’ LEGO Table

Transform an old coffee table into a great place to store your LEGOs. This old ’80s table was updated to a new modern table perfect for building and storing your LEGO brick building masterpieces. Glass inserts were replaced with a piece of wood and topped with a brick base. Bins were placed underneath and the entire table was updated with a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to check out yard sales, thrift stores, or even family members and pick up an old table that you can transform into the perfect LEGO table.

2. Create Organized LEGO Storage

If you own LEGOs chances are you are in need of a bit of organizing. This LEGO storage organizes LEGOs by color and helps keep them off the floor. This can also help little builders learn their colors and how to sort. Just grab some storage bins like these used by IKEA and add colors on each bin, like blue, red, white, green, etc. Don’t forget a place for the baseboards and mini figures.

DIY LEGO Wall Storage + 12 MORE Toy Storage Ideas at

3. DIY LEGO Storage

Create a LEGO wall storage system by using curtain rods and buckets! Pick up a few curtain rods at the store. They don’t have to be fancy, we recommend the round ones as they work best. Using some S hooks from the hardware store, just hang the buckets off the rods. Personalize each bucket with a paint marker and create space for your bricks and blocks, parts, and people.

4. The Ultimate LEGO Table

Create the ultimate LEGO table at home by transforming a simple square table into a LEGO workshop kids will love. Grab a few LEGO base plates and glue them to the top of the table to create a workspace for the building. Add a magnetic strip to one edge of the table to hold round containers filled with color-coordinated bricks. On the other side, a metal rod was attached to hang mini buckets to place loose LEGOs and extra pieces.

Convert Your Train Table into a DIY LEGO table

5. LEGO Train Table 

If you have a train table laying around, repurpose it into a great LEGO storage table. Pick up a piece of wood, cut to size, to fit on the top of the table. Paint the wood and let dry and using adhesive, attach LEGO base plates to the wood. This way the LEGO top is removable and can still be used as a train table if needed. Plus, the storage drawers are perfect for holding all the loose LEGOs and pieces.

6. Plastic Drawer LEGO Table

Create a great building center using plastic bins and a piece of wood from the hardwood store. This building center is completely versatile and has many functions. The plastic bins hold LEGOs by color, size, and shape and have a place for everything. The center bin can be removed and wheeled to another area or even moved to create space underneath for stools. The top is made from a piece of wood with base plates that are completely removable. That way you can build on the floor or even flip it over for a great blank slate.

DIY lego wall

7. LEGO Wall

Take your LEGO building to new heights with this LEGO wall. Creating this wall is very simple and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to discover it. All you have to do is attach LEGO base plates to the wall. That’s it. Depending on how long you want it to last will determine what type of adhesive to use. Use liquid nails or E6000 to last a lifetime or maybe some hot glue to last a few months.

8. Build A LEGO Table

Build your own LEGO table with mix-and-match pieces to create a one-of-a-kind workstation. Create a table using an IKEA table with custom legs and a top. Yet feel free to find alternate options to fit your needs, budget, and style. Using base plates to create the landscape tabletop, green can be used for the grass and be cut and glued along the edges of the table. Roadway plates can be added in the center for the streets and blue plates can be included for the water for boats and other water buildings.

9. DIY LEGO Table

Customize a dining table into a perfect storage area for your LEGOs. Using a plain wood table, two holes were cut out using a jigsaw to hold plastic bins to hold loose LEGO pieces. The whole table was painted with a coat of white spray paint. Finally, gray LEGO base plates were added to create a building station.

10. Cleaning Tips for LEGOs

Do you wash your LEGOs? It may not be something that you think about doing often, but is something that probably should be done often. Just think of all the little hands building and grabbing and touching all day long. A great way to wash all those LEGOs is to place them in a mesh laundry bag and toss them in the washer. This is a simple and quick way to clean your LEGOs so your kids can keep on playing.


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