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Pizzeria-Themed Birthday Party

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This striking take on the classic pizzeria-themed birthday party is another over-the-top celebration idea by Maureen and Adria, of Anders Ruff. Their parties are always on-theme and full of don’t-miss details and exciting decorations. A vintage red and white color scheme, DIY projects galore, and gobs of gorgeous goodies made this party for Pierson’s 5th birthday an event to remember. Don your apron and chef’s hat, and cook up some party inspiration!

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Chandeliers (wooden utensils, embroidery hoops, and monofilament), hanging chef hats (construction paper and tissue), and a simple fabric scrap garland on twine dress up “Pierson’s Pizzeria”. Red gingham curtains and chair covers paired with white table linens emphasize the pizzeria atmosphere. Look for everyday kitchen items, like pot holders and salt shakers, used in the décor.

Pierson welcomed partygoers with place settings of pizza-preparing paraphernalia. Little chefs tied on cute aprons and topped their outfits off with chef’s hats, over personalized shirts. Pizza kits in kraft market trays, rolling pins, and baking sheets were everything guests needed to make their own pizzas. After polishing off every last pepperoni, partygoers enjoyed a pizzeria-themed dessert bar. A wooden cart and chalkboard-style sign evoke an Italian bistro.

Got What It Cakes mirrored party elements on the cake; Pop-A-Razzi’s chef hat cake pops, Sweeties by Kim’s gingham chocolate-covered Oreos, and adorable chocolate mustache lollipops are delicious iconic complements. Ingenious pizza cookies by Firefly Confections and “Candy Caprese” (marshmallows and red chocolate-covered Oreos) look like real Italian food. The cheese shaker of “parmesan” is actually tiny apple candy from Candy Warehouse, green M&Ms take over for olives, white gumballs stand in for mozzarella, and white chocolate popcorn masquerades as mushrooms!

Nearby, more themed treats were ready to be packed up as favors in custom pizza boxes and personalized bags. Mom thoughtfully provided Sassy Cherry Sours in tubes from Smashcake Studio in lieu of “After Pizza Mints”, since many kids are sensitive to the cool sting of peppermint.

Fun, themed activities like “Pizza Hole” beanbag toss, “Pin the Mustache on the Chef”, a “Little Italy” coloring scene, and “Hot Pizza” (like Hot Potato, played with those darling felt pizzas on pedestals at the party tables) entertained while pizzas baked. Anders Ruff parties don’t miss a chance to make the ordinary extraordinary, where every on-theme detail is designed to make guests feel special. Maureen and Adria put together a phenomenal pizzeria-themed birthday party that would thrill any child.

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