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Disney’s UP First Birthday Party

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  1. Planning a Disney Up birthday party? Check out these party supplies:
  2. Plus, be sure to check out more boy birthday party ideas here:
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If you are looking for a fresh, absolutely darling boy birthday party theme, you must consider this precious Disney Up inspired party styled by Christie Skerski at Flaired Affairs.

Christie worked with a team of talented vendors to produce an awesome first birthday celebration based on the Disney movie, Up.

Dyal Photography captured the charming table linens, fabulous cake plus cake pops and cookies, dessert table décor and dual favors for each guest that surely ramped up party excitement. It all added “up” to one delightful birthday party.

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Boyish burlap was used for the dessert table foundation and it was topped with a custom runner embellished with an image of Carl and Ellie’s house.

Don’t you love the way that perfectly ties the table and backdrop together? Just darling! These types of details really pull a party theme together.

If you’ve seen “Up” you will recognize many witty references to that entertainment, but even if you missed the film this celebration pleases on many levels by alluding to a life filled with color and adventure.

Bird’s Party printable collection captured the house and balloon image on the invitation and that image was effectively repeated throughout the venue.

The main table backdrop is a representation of Carl and Ellie’s home in their oft-wished-for destination of Paradise Falls. Christie’s use of sky blue and cloud white, teamed with the many balloon hues, really makes this party zing.

I like how Christie extended the cloud décor on the walls to heighten the illusion of being up in the sky.

The dessert table is filled with artistic taste temptations! The double tiered cake by Kima’s Konfection features Carl and Ellie’s colorful house, right down to the rainbow of balloons that carried it away.

I love how that dumpling of a wilderness explorer, Russell, was captured with his sash of many badges!

Evie and Mallow always wows me with her marvelous cake pops; Samantha is responsible for the wonderfully detailed dogs’ airplanes and the dirigible pops (a giant blimp chased Carl and Russell in the film).

Don’t Roni’s Sugar Creations balloon cake pops and the chocolate covered Oreo cookies look enticing?

Remember in the movie the argument about the mailbox was the final straw that led to Carl taking off on his Paradise Falls adventure? Christie made a brilliant choice to include the take-home mailboxes too–what small fry doesn’t like playing with mailboxes?

The colorful balloon French macarons by Indayani Baked Goods must have disappeared immediately. They would at my house.

The Flourish Sweet Shoppe sugar cookies perfectly captured several images from the movie including my favorite, the chocolate eating bird, Kevin. Additional colorful candies, cupcakes and personalized water bottles filled out the display.

How do you get kids to sit at a party? I think a cute arrangement like this one might help! With chairs wearing paper rosettes, and the fun polka dotted table ware, the entire setting is festive.

I love the grape soda Ellie badges at each place setting’ I want one to remind me to look for adventures.

Sweet hand glittered muslin bags by The Purple Pug were filled with treats to take home.

This “Let’s Fly Away” party is a darling, fresh take on the popular hot air balloon theme. It is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. What mom and dad wouldn’t wish for thrilling adventures for their birthday boy and his guests?

Planning a Disney Up birthday party? Check out these party supplies:

Plus, be sure to check out more boy birthday party ideas here:

Plus, don’t miss out on this Disney Planes Themed 5th Birthday Party:

A large air plane on an orange background

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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