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Boy’s Birthday Party Magic Show

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Table of Contents
  1. Plan your own magic show birthday party using these party supplies:
  2. More magical boy birthday party ideas:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on A Boy's Vintage Magic Birthday Party...

Boys, young and old, will love a classic magic show birthday party. This one explodes with many ideas a little magician would hope to see in a real magic act: rabbits popping out of hats; trick cards; magic potions; and a real, live magician.

Michelle, at Little Wish Parties, worked her magic on this amazing theme by capitalizing on supplies she already had on hand, but you don’t have to be a mind reader to find out how she did it. Just read on for innovative party decorations, an amazing birthday cake, and awesome party games. Enjoy the beautiful images by Little Rag Doll Photography.

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Magically-versatile custom playing cards serve as labels, bunting, décor, and even thank you notes.

Michelle delved into her Easter and Christmas props for lots of rabbits and stars.

In honor of Liam the Great’s 6th birthday, six is the magic number. See how many times you can spot it!

At the main dessert table, no illusions disguise magic number “6” on the giant die serving as a cake stand, on cute cookie cards and on dice topping “magic potion” in the theme color.

Cakes by Sharon’s magical cake steals the show as centerpiece, and I’m totally hypnotized by the miniature versions on the cupcakes.

The “Houdini Jelly” is surely just beautifully blue Jello (with edible glitter!), without any mystical properties, right?

Rabbits and more rabbits are doing a little Hocus Pocus, surrounding snacks like popcorn, licorice, and gumballs! Unique apothecary jars add to the classic look.

What’s a magician without his trusty wand and mustache? While the wands are not edible, the cookie mustaches are.

At guest tables set with oversized playing cards and authentic-looking plastic top hats for every guest, a spray-painted vase with added silver fringe is the perfect receptacle for magic feathers.

Photo booth props and paint-your-own magic rabbits enthralled party-goers before the magic show.

Little magicians waved a magic wand (a chocolate-dipped pretzel rod), and “Presto Chango” a light lunch appeared.

Michelle used cookie cutters to shape bread slices, and covered match boxes to hold “spellbound sprinkles” (star-shaped sprinkles and edible glitter).

After a spectacular magic act; in which no one was sawed in half; guests departed with favor bags filled with candy (what’s more magical than Pop Rocks?), magic tricks, and a mini deck of cards.

Using a traditional take on a classic boy birthday party theme, Michelle held a fantastic celebration for her son.

Her creative, simply-executed ideas should inspire anyone looking to hold their own spellbinding bash. 

Plan your own magic show birthday party using these party supplies:

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  • Red Dice Sets
  • Clear Pedestal Glasses
  • Silver Stars Edible Glitter
  • Marvin’s Magic Rabbit and Top Hat Trick
  • Magic Party Photo Booth Props
  • Black Tops Hats
  • Jumbo Playing Cards
  • Strawberry Pop Rocks
  • Magic Wands

More magical boy birthday party ideas:

Plus, don’t miss out on A Boy’s Vintage Magic Birthday Party

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