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Cool Skateboard Boy’s Birthday Party

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A skateboard themed boy’s birthday party is the perfect party idea to celebrate a double-digit milestone AND impress friends. Because after all, “Turning 10 is a pretty big deal when you’re 9”, says Nicole, of Pretty and Print.

Nicole’s oldest son asked for a skate park trip with friends for his 10th birthday, for a “cool” party.

Tween boys only grudgingly give the “cool” endorsement to anything chosen or favored by most adults, but Nicole painstakingly designed a totally sick skateboard-themed celebration to make sure that Ashton’s birthday party was cool — and she succeeded.

Graffiti graphics printables, industrial style party decorations and a theme-colored snack bar dessert table meant every skater was down with this party, which Nicole captured in pictures with gorgeous detail.

Grab your board and get stoked to check out this bad bash.

Skateboard Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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boy's skateboard birthday party dessert table

Simple party props, décor, and menu items are essential to maintain the level of coolness for 10 year old skater dudes.

The party table is a desk top on two kitchen stools, and a plain white pegboard serves as a backdrop and holds Ashton’s much-coveted birthday gift — a sweet custom skate deck!

skateboard birthday party cake for boys

Do I have to say again how much I adore multipurpose party items?! With bricks under the wheels for height, one of Ashton’s (cleaned!) skateboards is a totally awesome alternative to a cake pedestal for a grunge-tastic cake, by Blissfully Sweet.

boy's skateboard birthday party cake

Careful texturing and airbrushing, plus a sugar replica of the birthday boy’s new board, are impeccable details on this one-of-a-kind cake.

Lining candles up on a cake board (using tiny candle stands and/or frosting) avoids the problem of “drilling” through fondant to insert them into cake.

skateboard birthday party for boys dessert table ideas

Metal pails and a newsprint-wrapped tabletop complement the industrial look, as do brown paper favor bags and mini aluminum pans (holding nachos to-go).

boy's skateboard birthday party macarons

Nicole creatively used miniature skateboard favors to display theme-colored macarons.

The printables pull everything together: chocolate bar and chewing gum wrappers, thank you tags on favor bags, labels personalizing cool theme-colored drink mugs, and even lids for nachos.

boy's skateboard birthday party favor ideas

Under the table, another skateboard holds paper goods and utensils for birthday cake. This table is totally cool, and definitely looks right at home at a skate park.

boy's skateboard birthday party serving decorations

Ashton and all his bros had a rad time at this boys’ skateboard birthday party, and Nicole deserves mad props for designing an event that 10-year-old boys declare “cool!”

I hope her creative ideas have inspired you to plan your own skateboard-themed party for your little skater dude, whether he’s a toddler obsessed with everything on wheels or a massively cool tween.

Plan your own skateboard-themed birthday party using these party supplies:

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