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Let’s Get Buggy—A Bug Themed 3rd Birthday Party

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Does your child love bugs? The guest of honor at this bug-themed 3rd birthday, planned by Kamille Martin and Michelle Betts of BettsMade, sure does. Crawl…or fly…with us into the wonderful world of bugs as we explore the creative details of this party that will literally make you bug-eyed. Photographer Katie Norrid captured the creative food, birthday cake, party decorations, and clever party activities and favors.

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Bug Themed Birthday Party Invitiation

Creative bug-themed invitations were sent to guests with the cutest wording: “Calling all insects, big or small…Buzz, hop, flutter, or crawl…to celebrate Gray turning 3!” Aren’t the invitations a great way to announce the “bugtastic” time to come?

Boys Bug Themed Birthday Party Centerpiece

Held at The Crossing, Kamille and Michelle added simple touches of party décor throughout the venue.

Boys Bug theme Birthday party game

Clusters of orange and green balloons were paired with handmade, Styrofoam bug centerpieces to reinforce the theme.

Boys Bug Themed Birthday Party Photo Booth

Bug Tattoos Party Game Idea

Kamille and Michelle put together 6 bug-centric stations to keep party guests buzzing with excitement. They included:

1. Bug boxes
2. Digging for bugs
3. Photo booth
4. Bug spray (silly string)
5. Ladybug bean bag toss
6. Bug tattoos

Dig for Bugs Party Game Idea

Kids would love being able to dig for plastic bugs to put in their bug boxes!

Bug Themed Lady Bug Toss Party Game

And, how cute is that ladybug bean bag toss? Such a fun theme-coordinating idea!

Boys Bug Spray Themed Party Game

The guest of honor’s favorite activity was the “bug spray” station. Who wouldn’t love going crazy spraying silly string? After bugging out over the cool activity stations, kids worked up an appetite. BettsMade styled an adorable refreshment station, signified by a printable banner spelling out “Gray’s Bug Grub”.

Bug Themed Birthday Party

I love the tables that appeared to come straight from a bug’s world. The tables were covered in brown tablecloths and faux spider webs. A large #3 was covered in moss and accented with a giant bug—a great way to tie the 3rd birthday and bug theme together.

Bug Themed Birthday Party Banner

The refreshment station was surrounded by plants and trees, really bringing in an outdoor vibe.

Bug Themed Boys Birthday Party Food Ideas

Moss and grass were used as natural table runners and provided a great spot to nestle food selections.

Boys Bug Themed Party Food

Caterer Kinsey McCutchen helped fill the table with kid-friendly items like pretzels and rolled tortilla sandwiches, made with inspired names like “stick bugs” and “snails”.

Bug Themed Party Food

Boys Bug Themed Party Food

Cheetos became “butterfly cocoons”, while Fruit Roll-Ups were “flycatchers”.

Bug Themed Party Fruit Ideas

Bug Themed Birthday Party Food

Grapes and strawberries were nicknamed “caterpillars” and “ladybugs”.

Party Food Ideas for Bug Birthday

A gooey concoction of chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms was labeled “worm dirt”.

Bug Themed Birthday Cake

Michelle’s bug cake was a perfect centerpiece. What a brilliant idea to use round chocolate candies and frosting to make edible bugs. That’s just the kind of touch kids love!

Bug Themed Party Drink Station

A beverage station was also decked out in spiderwebs and brown table coverings. Bright orange and lime green pennant flags added birthday flair.

Bug Themed Party Drinks

Fly water and beetle juice were the beverages of the day.

Bug Themed Party Donation Ideas

In lieu of gifts, school supplies were donated to give to children in need. What a thoughtful gesture. After a busy time of bugging out and celebrating, guests fluttered home with colorful bug boxes they received at the activity stations. What a fun take-home favor that will provide hours of bug exploration and collecting.

Bug Themed Party Donationa

This little one’s more cute-than-creepy bug-themed 3rd birthday party was loaded with so many creative ideas, perfect for your bug-loving little kids!

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