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A Boy’s Pirate Birthday Party Dessert Table

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  1. Planning a pirate birthday party? Check out these treasured party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.
  2. Be sure to check out more pirate party inspiration here:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on this Yo Ho! Ho! Boy's Pirate Party...

A treasure map won’t lead you to a cuter boy’s pirate themed birthday party dessert table than this one by Peace of Cake! Photographed by Brigida Brito Fotografia, the clean lines and well-chosen details made a beautiful display and event, one I am most certain provided a treasured experience for those fortunate enough to attend. Check out the swashbuckling fun decorations, cupcakes, and a delightful birthday cake or risk walking the plank!

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Dessert tables don’t have to be overloaded to be impressive. I love the simple, striking backdrop made from wood panels and a vinyl treasure map. It’s an awesome idea, but not intimidating and totally doable! Bright red and white balloons flanked the table with a pop of color and anchored the striped tablecloth and backdrop.

The showpiece of the dessert table was certainly the beautiful 2-tiered cake with ocean wave detailing, an iconic red “x” and adorable pirate topper with a #3, the guest of honor’s celebratory age. Using a wooden crate as a cake stand was a brilliant choice. The black, red and white flag bunting made an attractive and festive addition to the crate.

Delicious looking mousse cups were an appetizing choice. Wooden utensils with a hand stamped “ahoy” dressed up each cup. I love the addition of the red tape; a single piece would have been utilitarian but using two pieces to create another iconic “x” marking the dessert spot was fun innovation.

Wood trays were used to feature several other enticing, theme perfect treats. The simplicity of the display pieces really helped the desserts shine! Each was beautifully decorated. Treasure map cookies, with hand drawn detailing? Yes!

Cupcakes with the cutest pirate toppers and other scallywag details? You better believe it! (Seriously, how cute are those cupcakes? Yeah, I thought so too!)

And how about those cake pops made to look like little ships with Jolly Roger sails? By the way, does that metal cake stand remind anyone else of a ship’s crow’s nest? Totally cool!

Traditional Brazilian brigadeiros rounded out the dessert display and looked so yummy in red petite cups.

Even scurvy pirates need something refreshing to drink, and Peace of Cake had beverages covered! Glass bottles were filled with red drinks and embellished with pirate printables, red striped straws and twine. A glass beverage dispenser was on hand for refills.

I love how the curated props were used to play up the theme without disrupting the clean details of the table. A pirate hook and pail of gold coins were just enough to complement the desserts and theme.

From sea to shining sea, this dessert table definitely marked the spot to be for a fun celebration!

Planning a pirate birthday party? Check out these treasured party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.

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Be sure to check out more pirate party inspiration here:

Plus, don’t miss out on this Yo Ho! Ho! Boy’s Pirate Party

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