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Pirate Themed 5th Birthday Party

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This birthday pirate party will have ye liftin’ your goblet high to propose a toast to the lass who set this pirate ship a-sailing! Renee, at Lottie and Me, built a clever dessert table inside a ship to suggest a pirate-themed birthday! This decoration idea was executed with such charm; We really like what she did with this popular birthday theme. The invitation, cake — all of the sweets — and the party favors are so well-coordinated.

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Party invitations surely excited the guests-to-be because they looked like treasure maps. Once the kids arrived at the party destination, they were invited to dress like a “matey”; a costume area enticed with an oversized trunk, bright red sashes, and pirate hats.

Once in costume, guests were invited to a treasure hunt dig. Candelabras, seashells, and sand topped the guest table, but I’m convinced the over-flowing treasure chest is what would captivate attention. Bars of gold, golden coins, and jewels were spilled over the center of the table. Each place setting had a pirate goblet and a treasure favor bag full of coins. Water bottles even wore pirate wraps.

The dessert table was fronted with a ship’s silhouette. Black fabric flags were tied to the masts and stabilized on the tabletop. Burlap-wrapped containers hold cannon ball chocolates, shotgun bullet candies, and pirate’s gold chocolates. X marks the sweet spot on the taste-treat treasure cake by Samantha’s Cakes. The friendly little pirate cookies and sailing cupcakes are by Samantha, too. Pirate and cannonball cake pops were created by Cakes and Biscuits by Lisa.

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Plus, check out these 41 Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

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