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10 Fun Drinks to Serve at Children's Parties {Non-alcohol Drink Ideas}

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Looking for fun non-alcohol drinks to serve at your next party?

We searched high and low to find some fun party drink ideas - without alcohol - that would get you inspired for your next celebration. From glow in the dark drinks (yes, I said glow in the dark!) to magical color changing drinks, all the way down to frozen hot chocolate - they're all crowd pleasers. We even found some fun lemonades, punches, and creature themed drinks to add in the mix as well. As someone who doesn't drink, I narrowed things down to beverages that would appeal to me (or my boy).

Part of what makes a birthday party unique is the special details. Last year, I served water to the kids at Sam's fireman party in fire hydrant cups. The parents were just as tickled as the kids to see them. So I have seen firsthand the power of a fun beverage.

This list of 10 great drinks are perfect to serve to kids and adults. Drink in the inspiration and enjoy!

  1. Refreshing Watermelon Lemonade / Babble
  2. Magical Color Changing Drinks / Petit Chef
  3. Banana-Berry Smoothie with Meringue Eyes / Better Homes and Gardens
  4. Swamp Juice / Spoonful
  5. Glow in the Dark Drinks / Our Best Bites
  6. Arctic Shark Glacier Punch / Hostess with the Mostess
  7. Candy Apple Punch / Chef Mom
  8. Frosty Orange Smoothie / Taste of Home
  9. Frozen Hot Chocolate / Girl Cooks World
  10. Hawaiian Punch Summer Drink / She Saved

And you can't have a fun drink without a fun ingredients or, even, straws. Here are my favorite products I've seen:

Ingredients for Drinks:

  1. Ferrara Candy Blue Sharks
  2. Trolli Gummy Squiggles Gummi Worms
  3. Hansen's Tonic Water
  4. 12-Color Food Coloring KitBlack Light

Fun Straws:

  1. Red & White Striped Paper Straws
  2. Red Polka Dot Paper Straws
  3. Silly Straws: Eyeglass Tubing
  4. Krazy Straws
  5. Strawz Construct Your Own Drinking Straw Kit
  6. Universal Spill Proof Lid & Straw
  7. Jumbo Straws

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