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22 Mouth Watering S’mores Recipes

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I am completely obsessed with unique s’mores recipes. And I don’’t need a campfire to eat them. I want to turn anything — cakes, cookies, muffins and even pies, into s’mores.

It may stem from the fact that I never had a s’more until I turned 30. Talk about a deprived childhood! All those years of missing out on the amazing desserts that can be made with just chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers as their basis. I’’m now making up for lost time.

I’’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite s’mores recipes. They include replacing the graham wafer with other cookies for Oreo cookie s’mores, peanut butter s’mores, rice crispy s’mores and chocolate chip cookie s’mores.

There a’re also the most amazing s’mores nachos on the list as well as s’mores pinwheels, popcorn s’mores, s’mores stuffed cookies, s’more griddle pizza, s’mores crepes plus s’mores hot chocolate. And, of course, I couldn’’t do a post like this without including a traditional s’mores recipe that you make in the oven.

You couldn’’t want anything s’more (sorry, I couldn’’t resist)!


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