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New Year’s Eve Food Ideas Adults Will Love

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Champagne Jell-O Shots
  2. 2. Cherries Dipped In White Chocolate 
  3. 3. Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Dip 
  4. 4. Lasagna Dip 
  5. 5. Salted Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Orange Slices 
  6. 6. Bacon & Rosemary Wrapped Chicken 
  7. 7. Mini Pepper Nachos with Corn, Black Beans & Avocado 
  8. 8. Baked Potato Bites 
  9. 9. Buffalo Chicken Dip 
  10. 10. No Fuss Bacon Tomato & Cheese Cups 
  11. 11. Mini Cheese Ball Bites 
  12. 12. Mini Pizzas
  13. 13. New Year's Eve Shrimp Dip 
  14. 14. Garlic Cheese Bombs 
  15. Ring in the new year with these great New Year's Eve party ideas:
  16. Plus, don't miss 29 Appetizers Perfect for New Year's Eve
  17. More Easy Recipes

New Year’s Eve parties are always such a fun celebration with friends and fabulous food. Make your party even more special with these New Year’s Eve foods adults will love. You could easily host a party and serve only a buffet of appetizers with these terrific ideas include No Fuss Bacon Tomato and Cheese Cups, Lasagna Dip, Mini Pepper Nachos with Corn, Shrimp Dip, and Garlic Cheese Bombs.

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Be sure to stock the dessert table with tasty treats like the Champagne Jell-O Shots, Cherries Dipped in White Chocolate, and Salted Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Orange Slices. You’ll have a whole lotta happy going on!

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These Champagne Jello Shots are made with champagne, ginger ale, lemon juice, sugar, and gelatin and are so easy to whip up for your New Year's Eve and other celebrations!

1. Champagne Jell-O Shots

Champagne is the pinnacle of any celebration, which makes it the perfect choice for the New Year. These Jello shots are made out of your favorite bottle of sparkling adult beverage and are surprisingly easy to make. They can even be made in advance to save you some time before your festivities begin. When you make them, make sure you don’t dip them in the sugar until right before you serve them or the sugar might melt before they are given to guests.

2. Cherries Dipped In White Chocolate 

Cherries are a staple for the Christmas season, so chances are you’re going to see them in supermarkets everywhere. These elegant chocolate-dipped cherries are a perfect food to serve at a New Year’s Eve party or even for a romantic new year’s for two. They’re delicious.

A pizza sitting on top of a plate of food, with Cheese and Bacon

3. Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Dip 

This cream cheese-based dip is always a crowd-pleaser! It is beyond delicious and is even called the “crack dip” in some families. It comes together really easily and heats up to the perfect consistency. Serve with crackers or a baguette.

Lasagna Dip

4. Lasagna Dip 

Let’s be real, you really can’t go wrong with a hot melted cheese dip that is packed with all of the great flavors of homemade lasagna. This recipe uses turkey rather than ground beef to stick to the healthier and lighter side. We love serving this up with some tortilla chips or even bread sliced into 1” cubes.

5. Salted Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Orange Slices 

Mandarin Oranges are in season and an extremely popular choice to make around this time of year! Chocolate and orange are two flavors that pair perfectly together. These are lightly salted which really helps bring all of the flavors together and create these awesome bite-sized dessert pieces.

overhead shot of a serving tray of Bacon-Wrapped Chicken garnished with parsley

6. Bacon & Rosemary Wrapped Chicken 

Bacon makes everything better! Wrapping these bite-sized chicken pieces in bacon really helps to seal in all of the juices, resulting in a perfectly savory dish to serve this New Year’s Eve. The cooked rosemary is super fragrant and adds the finishing touch to these awesome appetizers.

7. Mini Pepper Nachos with Corn, Black Beans & Avocado 

These mini peppers are so cute! We love the Mexican flair on this appetizer. They are healthy and easy to put together for your party. They are filled with corn, black beans, pico de gallo, and avocado, then smothered in cheese and baked to happy perfection!

These Baked Potato Bites are a healthier take on the classic appetizer. Made to be bite sized, and with asparagus on top, they look as good as they taste!

8. Baked Potato Bites 

These adorable potato bites take a surprisingly little amount of effort to execute. They taste just like loaded baked potatoes. The added asparagus gives them a colorful touch and makes them even healthier. They are best served at room temperature so you don’t melt the sour cream before they are served!


9. Buffalo Chicken Dip 

The crockpot is always a lifesaver when it comes to making food with minimal effort, especially during the holiday season. This dip comes out as a delicious, chicken-filled spicy, and cheesy addition to your New Year’s Party appetizers. We love to make this and serve it with either tortilla chips or even fresh vegetables for the health-conscious people out there.

This No Fuss Bacon Tomato and Cheese Cups is such a crazy simple recipes, let me tell you a brief story before we get to it!

10. No Fuss Bacon Tomato & Cheese Cups 

These tomato and cheese cups are downright simple and delicious to make. Just one cup of everything! They work perfectly as party food or an appetizer, even to bring with you if you aren’t entertaining for New Year’s this year. They’re perfect for kids, lunches, parties, and even for a weeknight dinner.

11. Mini Cheese Ball Bites 

Cheese Balls are always a favorite when it comes to appetizers, but by the end of them, they sort of turn into a big pile as everyone gets their serving. These mini cheese ball bites make sure that each guest can enjoy their own perfect little Cheeseball! They’re rolled with crunchy pecans, and some dried cranberries to give them a little bit of sweetness.

12. Mini Pizzas

Mini pizzas are always a crowd-pleaser! These ones are made using puff pastry as the crust. Just use a pastry cutter or a glass to cut out the pizza shapes, and bake them in a muffin tin. Then, add your favorite toppings and bake a little more! One idea we love doing is pre-making the pizza crusts and putting out various toppings for my guests. Then everyone gets exactly what they want, and we can have a fun little pizza party! This one is great for adults and kids.

bowl of cold shrimp dip

13. New Year’s Eve Shrimp Dip 

This dip is absolutely delicious, and the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to make, so you don’t have to worry about wasting all of your time during the holidays! This recipe is perfect for about 12 people, but you can easily double it if you are serving any more. We love serving it with tortilla chips or crackers, but it goes really well with bread chunks and even veggies too!

Garlic Cheddar Biscuits on a white plate with one of them oozing cheese

14. Garlic Cheese Bombs 

These make the perfect side dish for just about anything you are serving. Cheese and garlic just seem to pair perfectly with everything! They have a buttery, garlicky, and flaky crust and are filled with ooey gooey cheese filling to create the ultimate appetizer. They are surprisingly easy to make too, we like to use store-bought biscuit dough when making them. You can easily use homemade if you have the tie for it though!

Ring in the new year with these great New Year’s Eve party ideas:

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