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Superhero Birthday Party Supplies, Games, Decorations & Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. What To Do: Superhero Party Games, Activities & Superhero Training Ideas
  2. 1. Superheroes Party
  3. 2. Superhero Candy Buffet 
  4. 3. Super Niko Birthday Party 
  5. 4. Superhero 5th Birthday 
  6. 5. Vintage Comic Book Party
  7. 6. Non-Commercial Superhero 
  8. 7. Superhero Dessert  Table
  9. 8. Superheroes 5th Birthday
  10. 9. Superhero 4th Birthday Party 
  11. 10. Super Walker 5th Party 
  12. 11. Boy & Girl Superheroes 
  13. 12. Superhero 4th Birthday 
  14. 13. Superhero Party 
  15. 14. Superhero Swim Party 
  16. 15. Comic Book-Themed Party 
  17. 16. Superhero Themes  
  18. 17. Superheroes Party For 250
  19. 18. Superhero Costume Party 
  20. 19. Superhero Brothers Party 
  21. 20. Super P Third Birthday 
  22. 21. Superhero 3rd Birthday
  23. 22. Vintage Comic Book Super Hero Birthday 
  24. 23. An Avengers-Inspired Super Hero Party
  25. 24. Comic Sweets Table 
  26. 25. Incredible Hulk Themed Superhero Birthday  
  27. 26. Superhero Themed Birthday Party 
  28. 27. An Action Packed Super Hero Birthday Party 
  29. 28. 5th Birthday Party
  30. 29. Superhero Party 
  31. 30. Superhero Policeman Party
  32. 31. Ka-Pow: A  Super Hero Themed Birthday Party 
  33. 32. Superhero Themed Dessert Table
  34. 33. Superheroes Birthday Party
  35. 34. Marvelous Superhero Party
  36. 35. Superhero 2nd Birthday Party 
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Do you know someone who would love a Superhero Party? We are featuring some of the best superhero parties and ideas. Here are some of our favorite parties as well as lots of ideas for birthday cakes, dessert tables, favors, and supplies.

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What To Do: Superhero Party Games, Activities & Superhero Training Ideas

Guests at a superhero birthday party expect to get in on some action. Superhero party games may not save the day, but they’ll certainly save your party and rescue guests from boredom. Here are some superhero party games and activity ideas to give a little “zap”, “pow”, and “wow” to your party plans:

  • Superhero Matching Game: Print out duplicate copies of several superhero photos and adhere them to colored cardstock. Turn the photos over, mix them up, and add a number (i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4…) to the back of each piece of cardstock. When it is a player’s turn he/she flips one card over at a time, trying to form a match. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.
  • Dress Like A Superhero: Provide guests with inexpensive superhero costumes to wear during the party and take home as party favors. (Superhero capes can be made from dollar store plastic tablecloths. Hero cuffs can be made from toilet paper and paper towel tubes cut down the middle, and spray-painted. Masks can be printed from online templates or created from foam or felt.
  • Villain Knock-Down Game: Create targets for little superheroes to knock down by attaching photos of villains to 2-Liter pop bottles. Use a ball or bean bag and invite superheroes to knock down the foes.
  • Find Your Nemesis Ice Breaker Game: As party guests arrive, pin the name of a superhero or villain to each guest’s back. Party guests must go around and ask yes or no questions to first determine their own persona. (Do I shoot webs? Does kryptonite weaken me?) After they determine their own character, they have to find the person at the party wearing the name of their nemesis.
  • Superhero Crossword Puzzle: Use an online puzzle maker to create a crossword puzzle featuring popular superhero characters and/or their nemeses.
  • Superhero Training: Set up several stations to test speed, agility, flexibility, strength, and skill. These could include obstacle courses, relay races, throwing skills, target practice, etc…
  • Superhero Coloring Pages: Set out a variety of superhero coloring pages, markers, and crayons for guests to color.
  • Pass the Kryptonite Game: Played like the classic “Hot Potato” game, music is played and the Kryptonite (paint a rock green, or use green rock candy) is passed around until the music stops. Whoever is holding the Kryptonite when the music stops is “out”.
  • Superhero Cape and Mask Decorating: Provide a variety of craft materials such as felt, jewels, ribbon, fabric paint, markers, etc.… for guests to decorate their own superhero cape or mask.
  • Spidey Sense Game: Fill paper lunch bags with a variety of objects, one item in each box. Put a blindfold on each guest, and encourage them to use their other senses to touch/feel, listen, and smell the items in each sack and try to determine what they are.
  • Phone Booth Dress-Up Relay: In Superman we see Clark Kent change in a phone booth from the clothing he wears at The Daily Planet (his daytime job) into his alter ego Superman costume. Turn this into a party game. Time teams as they hurry to dress in Clark Kent attire (glasses, suit jacket, and oversized shoes) and race to change into Superman attire in the phone booth (cape, mask, and boots).
  • Spiderman’s Webs- Challenge: Party guests to climb through Spiderman’s webs! Create this obstacle by stringing/tying webs at various heights. Guests must climb through the web maze without getting caught in the web.
  • Superhero Freeze Tag: This game starts with one villain who must tag the other party guests. When tagged, guests must shout out the name of the superhero (can’t already have been said), or they remain frozen. Once all of the guests are frozen, a new villain is chosen, and the game begins again.
  • Save the Stolen Treasure: Calling all superheroes, the party loot has been stolen by a dastardly villain. Follow the clues to find the stolen party treasure! Feel free to bring along your favorite superheroes—Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and so on to help save the birthday party!
  • Piñata Hulk Smash: Fill a piñata with superhero-themed toys and trinkets and/or candy. Invite guests to wear a Hulk mask or Hulk hand gloves. Guests can use the Hulk gloves to swing at the piñata or use a stick.
  • Toilet Paper Villain Tie-Up: Form two equal teams from available party guests. Have two adults each sit in their own chair facing their respective team. Give each team two rolls of toilet paper. The teams must compete to “tie up” their villain. The first team to completely empty two rolls of toilet paper, successfully tying up their villain, wins.
  • Superhero Identity Badge: Create a fill-in-the-blank superhero identity badge for each guest. Let them create their own superhero name and list their superhero power.
  • Web Blast: Arm party guests with their own spider webs, just like Spiderman! Let them go crazy with cans of silly string. If you want to create some competition, divide guests into two teams, each with their own color of silly string.
  • Superhero Face Painting: Hire face painting artists to help transform party guests into their favorite superheroes. Be sure face painting options include superhero favorites like Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Superman, and Wonder Woman.
  • Play Pin the Shield on Batman: Similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, create a superhero version where guests are blindfolded and try to pin Batman’s shield on him.

1. Superheroes Party

If you are struggling to find party activities for your super-heroes party, this party is full of creative ideas! Guests can leap tall buildings in a single bound (trampoline), take flight lessons (swings), conquer the lava pit (a wood beam on top of a red plastic tablecloth), and vaporize the villains (helium balloons with villain pictures attached) with silly string.

Superhero Candy Buffet Table 2

2. Superhero Candy Buffet 

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a superhero candy buffet focused around a red, white, and black color palette. Cupcakes, dipped marshmallow pops, a gumball machine filled with candy, beverages, and a cake with superhero toppers combined with amazing pop art-inspired printables for one impressive display.

Super Niko Super Hero Birthday Party

3. Super Niko Birthday Party 

Make your child the leading superhero in his own party. This Super Niko birthday party is loaded with inspiration for capturing your child’s love of superheroes and making them the hero everyone is celebrating. Incorporating his (or her) initial into a superhero logo and his likeness on the cake or printed games (like the pink the mask on Super Niko game) can help accomplish this.

4. Superhero 5th Birthday 

If you love clever invitations, this superhero 5th birthday party features one not to miss. These custom invitations feature the guest of honor in his favorite superhero garb and a call to his superhero friends to join him for cake and ice cream to celebrate his 5th birthday. Don’t you love the comic-style speech bubbles helping to share the important details of the party?

Super Hero Comic Book Birthday Party

5. Vintage Comic Book Party

Put together a vintage comic book party like this one with creative vintage-inspired details, starting with a cool, custom invitation and a banner made from comic book pages. Don’t miss the refreshment table which features a city skyline backdrop (a shower curtain), cute drinks, and treats embellished with comic book-style words like “pow”, “zap”, and “wow”. Plus, how fun is the vintage superhero cupcake toppers and liners?

Superhero Birthday Party

6. Non-Commercial Superhero 

Keeping a superhero birthday party generic may seem impossible, but these non-commercial party ideas will help get you started. Keep party colors primary and avoid using any particular commercial character. Instead, consider creating some classic décor like oversized comic-style speech bubbles such as “kaboom”. Dress up rectangular glass storage jars to look like city skyline buildings using black paper or vinyl to create windows.

Superhero Birthday Party

7. Superhero Dessert  Table

Create a unique look for a superhero dessert table by leaving out any particular superheroes and going non-traditional with the colors. You’ll love all of the “zap” details incorporated into this yellow, white, and black spin on a superhero birthday party.

Superhero Birthday Party Dessert Table

8. Superheroes 5th Birthday

Welcome guests to a superhero training camp, complete with DIY capes, original graphic designs, colorful decorations, and fun activities! This party even features a handmade telephone booth!

9. Superhero 4th Birthday Party 

This superhero’s 4th birthday party is full of some fun homemade details. Check out the cardboard boxes that were transformed into a 3-D cityscape using paper and paint! What a fun entranceway to the party!

Superhero Birthday Party Dessert Table

10. Super Walker 5th Party 

This superhero 5th birthday party features some pretty popular superheroes including Spiderman, Captain America, and Superman! The personalized superhero cups are an awesome party favor idea and just one awesome detail!

11. Boy & Girl Superheroes 

Superhero parties aren’t just for boys! This celebration is a combined boy and girl party that features printables and treats that keep both genders in mind.

Superhero Birthday Party Cake

12. Superhero 4th Birthday 

You don’t need those commercial superheroes to steal the spotlight at your superhero birthday party. This party features the guest of honor as the party’s superhero by featuring his likeness in the printables and even the desserts. Those sugar cookies are too cute!

13. Superhero Party 

This superhero party includes a plan for everything from 3D invitations to a DIY comic book banner to superfood ideas and a superhero cake. Plus, you can even get tons of ideas for superhero party games to keep guests entertained.

Superhero Swim party

14. Superhero Swim Party 

For a fun twist, turn your superhero birthday party into a swimming party! Instead of ordinary capes, gift superhero capes made out of towels that the kids can use after swimming! You’ll love the activity ideas, superhero treats (mostly store-bought), and awesome superhero party decorations.

Super Hero Birthday Party

15. Comic Book-Themed Party 

This comic book-themed party is the bomb! Check out the cool black and white comic book backdrop, bomb cake, bomb drinks, hero masks, and capes!

Superhero Cookies

16. Superhero Themes  

Sweet, non-commercial details abound in this superhero-themed birthday party. Geared for a younger crowd, this party features tootsie pop superheroes and red and blue Jell-O jigglers. Plus, what little superhero wouldn’t love eating star-shaped hero sandwiches and kryptonite-colored rock candy?

Superhero Birthday Party

17. Superheroes Party For 250

Planning a superhero birthday party for a crowd? You’ll definitely need to summon the party planning superpowers executed in this party for 250. An amazing backdrop made entirely of balloons gives way to an exciting tabletop display of city skyline boxes and superhero-themed treats beyond your wildest imagination.

Super Hero Costume Party

18. Superhero Costume Party 

Imagine a superhero party where guests are in costume and get to play and climb on a giant city made from moving boxes. Sounds amazing, right? Add a menu of six-foot hero sandwiches and a super dessert buffet with treats named “Kyrptonite”, “Bank Heist Chocolate Coins”, “Cherry Bombs” and “Super Stretch Taffy”, and it just gets better and better. This superhero costume party is one for the books!

Superhero Brothers Birthday

19. Superhero Brothers Party 

This superhero party for two brothers invites guests to grab a superhero mask and join the party! We are confident that with an amazing display of cupcakes, push pops, cake pops, cookies, cakes, party favors, and colorful decorations, guests were happy to do just that!

Superhero Birthday Party

20. Super P Third Birthday 

A superhero party inspired by Roy Lichtenstein pop art? Yes, please! This superhero party takes the commercial characters out of the mix and instead features the birthday boy and amazing hero desserts.

Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Tower

21. Superhero 3rd Birthday

From the superhero gear bags with custom capes, rings, glow sticks, and beads to the fun superhero-inspired games (“Joker, Joker, Batman”) to an amazing Spiderman bounce house to hero sandwiches and a super dessert table, this 3rd birthday party had it all! Incredible superhero-themed printables coordinate the look from start to finish.

Boys Superhero Birthday Party

22. Vintage Comic Book Super Hero Birthday 

If saving money while pulling off an awesome superhero birthday party is your secret superpower, check out these money-saving tips. Which idea do you like best? The dollar store cd crates turned city skyline? The store-bought cake with printable superhero skyline and emblem toppers? The Kryptonite cupcakes made from grocery store cupcakes with crushed green rock candy?

A Superhero Birthday Party

23. An Avengers-Inspired Super Hero Party

City skyline backdrops are a pretty popular superhero birthday dessert table staple. But, this Avengers party features a 3-D city skyline made out of wood that also acts as the actual display for her beautiful superhero desserts! The pop art style desserts look amazing showcased in such a creative way.

Comic Book Vintage Superhero Birthday Party

24. Comic Sweets Table 

Guests were called to help save this party from a sweets explosion! This pop art style superhero party features a comic sweets table with superhero water and drinks and some creatively themed treats like POPcorn and candy bars with custom wrappers. Bet guests were thrilled to help eat the sweets before it “was too late”!

Superhero Party Ideas

25. Incredible Hulk Themed Superhero Birthday  

If you want your Incredible Hulk-themed superhero birthday party to be a smashing success, check out this party for some amazing ideas! The cake, decorations, printable elements, party favor boxes, piñata, and cookies all coordinate!

Boys Super Hero Birthday Party Candy Buffet

26. Superhero Themed Birthday Party 

This joint superhero-themed birthday party for 4-year-old boys has some great superhero-inspired activities. Some of our favorites include a design-your-own superhero craft using paper and party games like “Pin the Spider on Spiderman”, and a silly string massacre that develops superpowers.

Superhero Birthday Party

27. An Action Packed Super Hero Birthday Party 

This joint birthday party has great ideas for energizing party activities, awesome treats (see that 3 tiered cake), and cool party decorations that all tie into the superhero theme. There are two entirely different dessert tables at this party!

Superhero Birthday Cake

28. 5th Birthday Party

Kapow! Comic book pages play a big role in this superhero party. They make for an awesome dessert table backdrop for a tower of cupcakes topped with spiders and the Batman logo. Plus, comic book wrapping paper is used on boxes to display treats like kryptonite Jell-O.

Superhero birthday party

29. Superhero Party 

Want the secret to putting the “super” into a superhero party? Gift guests their own superhero capes, masks, and wristbands. Let them choose their own superhero “identity” (by wearing a superhero nametag). DIY your own telephone booth, perfect for helping guests transform into their favorite heroes!

30. Superhero Policeman Party

A superhero policeman party—how’s that for a unique take on two popular themes for boy’s parties? You’ll love how these themes are creatively woven together! A police badge with a monogram makes for a pretty awesome superhero cape logo! That is just one of the creative ways these two themes come together in one awesome party.

Boys Superhero birthday party

31. Ka-Pow: A  Super Hero Themed Birthday Party 

Power-up cookies, super macs, invisibility cups, and ka-pow cupcakes are just a few of the super desserts featured at this superhero-themed birthday party! You can also get details on superhero decorations, party favors, activities, and crafts, heroes in the making are sure to love!

32. Superhero Themed Dessert Table

Add a little zip to your superhero-themed dessert table with an oversized starburst backdrop featuring the silhouette of a superhero! Create themed desserts inspired by favorite superhero characters and comic books. Speech bubbles with words like “pop” added to boxes of popcorn are one clever idea.

No photo description available.

33. Superheroes Birthday Party

The most adorable Batman and Wonder Woman cake is the centerpiece for this fabulous superhero’s birthday party. Plus other favorite superhero characters are featured on superhero capes given to guests as party favors! You’ll love the red telephone booth superhero changing station too!

34. Marvelous Superhero Party

This superhero party showcases a great way for using everyone’s favorite group of superheroes in a super fun party. Invitations, party decorations, table centerpieces, desserts—including a superhero cake—and even party favor ideas will provide endless superhero party inspiration.

No photo description available.

35Superhero 2nd Birthday Party 

A city skyline backdrop, Superman and Wonder Woman capes and favor bags, plus a dessert-style table full of themed favors and no candy! You’ll love the creativity used to fill candy jars with things like “Clark Kent glasses” and superhero flyers, replacing traditional sweets for this superhero’s 2nd birthday party.

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