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Star Wars Gift Ideas

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Would you be shocked if I told you I’m giving Sam a wine box for Christmas? I am.

My husband, Mike, is an official sci-fi geek. Over the 14 years he’s known me, he’s been on a mission to turn me into one as well. Musings on time travel, space travel and galaxies far, far away? Check. Longing for tricorders, replicators, landspeeders, personal droids and holodecks? Count him in. Guess it should be no surprise that our Sam loves everything space adventure and even creates his own universes in imaginative play!

Star Wars Gift Ideas

While he’s still too young to enjoy many of the Star Wars movies, Sam is familiar with the popular movie characters because he and Mike have watched the very first Star Wars movie. Mike saw it with his dad (now deceased) in the movie theatre at age six, and he wanted to have the same experience with Sam. It was very special for both of them. So when Hallmark and Mom It Forward Blogger Network asked me to be part of their campaign, I jumped at the chance. I think Sam will like finding the Hallmark Star Wars itty bittys in his Christmas stash this year—more fodder for imaginative play.

DIY Star Wars Gift Wrapping

DIY Star Wars Gift Bag Idea

R2D2 Gift Box Idea

Star Wars Gift Ideas

Star Wars Party Favor Idea

That’s where the wine box comes in. A bit of crafting morphs it into a cute R2-D2 gift box, perfect for hiding plush itty bittys and delighting imaginative kids. All you need to do is cut out a few strips of blue and silver and a red circle and stick ‘em on. Keep it simple or go elaborate, just refer to R2-D2 himself for inspiration. I used:


  • 1 circular wine box
  • 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 photo paper
  • Foam glitter paper (sticky back) in silver, blue and red
  • 4 Star Wars Itty Bittys from Hallmark

Star Wars Itty Bitty

Have you seen the Hallmark itty bittys? I know Sam will like the Star Wars guys but it was hard to choose because Hallmark features lots of characters. New characters this season include DC Comics, Inside Out, Rainbow Brite, Barbie, plus many more. There is even an itty bitty nativity set with an angel, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and a stable. They’re only about four inches tall and they’re made of soft plush fabric—just right for small hands.

Hallmark Itty Bittys

If you’re like me, all special holiday offers are most welcome during this gift-giving season. Hallmark has some sweet cyber sale offers coming up. During Cyber Weekend (11/25-11/30) stretch your gifting budget by getting 20% off purchases (excluding Keepsakes).

Star Wars Themed Gift Ideas

Get $5 off itty bittys on from 11/30-12/page/20. Go look—they’re adorable!

R2D2 Itty Bitty Hallmark

You can also get $5 off Personalized Books on from 11/30-12/13. You can choose the name, gender, hair color, style, skin tone and more so the book character looks like the kiddo recipient. There are several story lines to choose from too. Fun!

And here’s one more season sweetener: Hallmark is giving away a free Personalized Book for one of our lucky readers. Just use the Rafflecoper form below to enter.


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