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17 Cool Camping Products That Will Rock the Campsite

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Traveling with kids can be stressful, especially when heading to the great outdoors where there isn’t a comfy bed or kitchen in sight.

17 cool camping products that will rock your campsite, and keep the kids happy, from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

S0, we’ve gathered some great ideas to help make your adventure a little easier. Kid-sized bunk beds, an inflatable lounger, a radio cooler, and even a portable play yard are just a few items on this list of 17 Cool Camping Products That Will Rock the Campsite. Make your vacation memorable—for all the right reasons!

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1.Portable Youth Bunk Bed with Organizers
A great idea whenever you need an extra bed whether you’re camping, packing the whole family in a hotel room or visiting grandma. Pros: Built-in storage pockets keep flashlights within arm’s reach. No tools are needed for assembly and everything is stored in convenient, zippered polyester bags. Cons: Pricier than blow up mattresses. >> See it here.

2. Hanging Seat Hammock With Hook
It’s a cocoon for reading, dreaming, or just a little solitude in the great outdoors. Pros: This cozy “nest” for works for kids and adults up to 176 pounds.  Cons: Try out that inflatable cushion before you take off—you might want to sub your own pillow. >> See it here.

3. Portable Baby Activity Station
Keep baby comfortably contained in this lightweight, portable play station while you attend to nearby camp duties (or just relax!). Pros: The built-in floor mat keeps baby’s feet from touching the dirty ground—a real plus. Velcro tabs keep favorite toys within reach. Cons: The fabric is lightweight so — depending on how much it is used — you might not be able to pass this item from kid to kid. >>  See it here.

4. Portable Cot
Would you sleep better without sharing your bed with the kids? Pros: This cot has easy set-up, it’s readily portable, and economical. Cons: Be aware of the weight limit if you have older kids. >> See it here.

5. Rolling Cooler with Outdoor Table & Two Chairs

When is a cooler not a cooler? When it morphs into a picnic table with stools. Pros: This rolling cooler is a great design. Cons: The stools and table height are not practical for adults. Small kids would love it. >> See it here.

6. Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

Capture air and get ready to lounge—it’s kind of like a hammock but no swinging.  Pros: Super comfy. You can sleep on it for hours. And there’s no air pump needed. Cons: The greatest customer debate is over whether or not it is easy to fill with air. >>  See it here.

7. Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

Have your own little drive-in movie at the campgrounds! Pros: A great size (92”) portable, diagonal screen for super-clear movie viewing. Cons: If you don’t have strong hands, take-down might make you want to take down the manufacturer. >>  See it here.

8. Deluxe Cooler
An outdoor Bluetooth speaker (hours of music!), an ice-crushing blender, and a built-in USB charger give you a clue why this cooler is named the Coolest. Pros: Add 55 quart capacity and insulation for up to five days of ice retention, a built-in LED light, a telescoping handle and wheels to roll and this is a well-thought out design. Cons: You pay a premium price for all the features. >> See it here.

9. Attachment Tent

If you’re always wishing for just a little bit more room in your truck’s tent, an attachment tent might be the way to go. Pros: You’ll finally have room for an interior dining set-up, lounging, or extra storage. Cons: The attachment is on the ground, but hey, call it a split-level. > > See it here.

10. KidCo PeaPod Travel Bed
Designed for one to five-year-olds, this sleeping pod pops up and folds down easily, making it great for time away from home. Pros: I especially like the lightweight mesh that lets air circulate but keeps bugs out. Cons: Depending on the size/age of your child, you might want to buy the The PeaPod Plus Size. >> See it here.

11. Portable Sprayer

When you camp, you get dirty. Pros: The portable sprayer lets you rinse off dirty dishes, sandy feet, or take a quick shower. Cons: It’s best for short bursts and might not hold as much water as you’d like. > > See it here.

12. Tunes2Go Outdoor Radio Cooler
Here’s another cooler option that caught my attention. Pros: Among its features: a telescoping handle and wheels for easy transport. It also plays your tunes (with VOLUME), charges devices, inflates an air mattress, opens bottles, and keeps ice frozen for three days. Cons: You pay for the bells and whistles. >> See it here.

13. Pop n Play Portable Play Yard
If you’re looking for a portable play yard, this is a great light-weight version. Pros: Comes fully assembled and unfolds in seconds. A convenient travel bag is included. There’s also a removable sun canopy availableCons: Cautious moms might want to add padding (pool noodles?) over the metal support poles. >> See it here.

14. Tent Cot

How about a tent that can also be used as a lounger? Pros: This personal-sized, light-weight cot keeps you 11 inches above ground (and snakes) and mesh keeps bugs out. Cons: The roof is low. Consider buying the oversized model if that’s an issue for you. > > See it here.

15. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
This personal water filter is an economical tool to give you piece of mind while camping and traveling. It filters a minimum of 264 gallons and removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of protozoa, including Salmonella, E-coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. Pros: It works without batteries or moving parts. It’s lightweight and hardly takes up any space.  Cons: It does not filter chemicals.  >> See it here.

16. Ultralight Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stove
Burns clean, compatible with many butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters, and easily adjusts from simmer to maximum heat, all while being very fuel efficient. No matches? No problem: there’s a convenient built-in igniter. Even the price is light-weight—can’t go wrong! >> See it here.

17. Coleman Portable Deckchair with Side Table
The side table on this folding chair is a definite plus—no more balancing a collapsing plate of food on your lap. Sturdy, with chair arms for resting or pushing yourself up, this chair can easily handle 225 pounds. Carry handles make moving it easier, although I wouldn’t want to have to carry it too far. >> See it here.

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