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23 Awesome Camping Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. S’mores Cupcakes
  2. 2. Woodland Campfire Birthday Party
  3. 3. Outdoor Adventure Hunt 
  4. 4. Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar
  5. 5. Camping-Themed Birthday Party
  6. 6. Coleman Lantern Cake
  7. 7. Camping Birthday Party Cake
  8. 8. Camping Themed Birthday Party
  9. 9. Camping Birthday Party Food
  10. 10. S'mores Pops
  11. 11. Gummy Worm Fish Bait
  12. 12. Campfire Cupcakes
  13. 13. Fishing Rod Gummy Worms
  14. 14. S’more Party Favors
  15. 15. Pinecone Garland Decoration
  16. 16. Camping Party Dessert Table
  17. 17. Sandwich Roll Sleeping Bags
  18. 18. Camping Birthday Party Decorations
  19. 19. Kid-Size Play Pup Tent
  20. 20. Felt Campfire
  21. 21. Backyard Winter Camping Party
  22. 22. Worms In Dirt
  23. 23. Camping Party Favors

A camping-themed birthday party lends itself to many fun outdoor-inspired designs, so we’ve rounded up 23 awesome camping party ideas for you to check out. Here are a ton of clever camping ideas that we want to share with you. We especially love the creative Coleman lantern cake, build-your-own trail mix bar, and the yummy S’more party favors.

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S'mores Cupcakes

1. S’mores Cupcakes

When S’mores and cupcakes combine, get ready to head straight to the dessert table. S’mores are a quintessential part of camping, much like ice cream and cake are the norm at a birthday party. Serving up s’mores cupcakes at a camping party is a genius idea. These chocolate cupcakes with a toasted marshmallow frosting are topped off with a graham cracker square and a chocolate bar. No roasting sticks are needed.

Woodland Campfire Birthday Party

2. Woodland Campfire Birthday Party

Kids will especially love the darling animals incorporated into this woodland campfire birthday party. From adorable woodland-themed cakes to cute woodland animal party hats, cupcakes, and plush toys, the details of this campfire birthday are amazing. Party guests can also camp under the starry night in animal hide blankets and charming teepees.

Outdor Adventure Hunt Camping Party Activity

3. Outdoor Adventure Hunt 

A camping party lends itself to some extra cool party activities. Camping party guests will love this outdoor adventure hunt idea, and you’ll love how easy it is to execute with a printable scavenger hunt list you can print directly on a brown paper sack in which they can also store all of their hunt items. Examples of items guests must find include a pinecone, an acorn, a flat rock, a piece of litter, and so on.

Camping Party Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar

4. Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar

Trail mix, camping, and hiking all go hand-in-hand, which makes organizing a build-your-own trail mix bar at a camping party completely genius. Little campers will love creating their own trail mix concoctions. You’ll love how easy it is to put together.

Camping Themed Boys Birthday Party

5. Camping-Themed Birthday Party

If you’re planning a camping-themed boy’s birthday party, check out the rustic, outdoorsy details of this party. From a retro camping park admittance ticket-style invitation to creative camping-inspired treats and decorations, everyone will want to come to hang out at your camping party.

Coleman Lantern Cake

6. Coleman Lantern Cake

The Coleman brand has long been a part of camping trips, but now it is playing a starring role in camping parties too. This Coleman lantern cake is so realistic you might forget that you can eat it.

Camping Birthday Party Cake

7. Camping Birthday Party Cake

No need to go to great expenses for your camping birthday party cake this year. You can DIY your own for a fraction of the cost. Decorate your campfire cake using chocolate icing. Rolled chocolate wafer sticks to serve as logs. Top off with shards of red and yellow sugar glass to represent the flames. Serve up this beauty on a rustic round wooden block.

Camping Themed Birthday Party

8. Camping Themed Birthday Party

Nothing makes a camping-themed birthday party more fun than making your own S’mores or filling up your own bag of trail mix. Everything from the printable decorations to the gingham and black place settings will make you want to head to the great outdoors.

Camping Birthday Party Food

9. Camping Birthday Party Food

Trying to come up with inspiration for camping birthday party food? You’ve come to the right place! Stretch your imagination and a little creativity and food labels transform a tin bucket of cheese puffs into “campfire flames” and find creative uses for berries, and more!

S'mores Pops

10. S’mores Pops

You can skip the hassle of making a fire altogether by making these S’mores pops ahead of time for a camping-themed birthday. Simply dip a marshmallow in melted chocolate before topping it with crushed graham crackers. Serve on a sucker stick.

Gummy Worm Fish Bait

11. Gummy Worm Fish Bait

You can recreate the look of this awesome camping party treat idea by sourcing an old fishing tackle box and loading it up with all sorts of gummy worms. Party guests will be hooked for sure!

Campfire Cupcakes

12. Campfire Cupcakes

Now you can enjoy the beauty of a campfire with no chance of getting burned. Perfect for a camping party, these campfire cupcakes are topped with candy logs and a fire ring with orange and red frosting flames and you can even add pretzels and marshmallows if you want to take it to the next level.

Fishing Rod Gummy Worms

13. Fishing Rod Gummy Worms

What do you get when you combine thin wooden dowels, string, and gummy worms? You get some awesome camping party treats, that’s what. These fishing rod gummy worms are sure to be a hit.

S’more Party Favors

14. S’more Party Favors

Your guests will thank you for making their S’mores so fun and easy. Use cellophane bags and a printable bag topper to put together easy-to-assemble s’more party favors. Include a few graham crackers, a marshmallow or two, and some chocolate squares.

Pinecone Garland Decoration

15. Pinecone Garland Decoration

Nature is your best friend when it comes time to plan decorations for your camping party. Round up a bunch of pinecones and sprigs of greenery and tie them to twine or jute to create a pinecone garland decoration.

Camping Birthday Party Dessert Table

16. Camping Party Dessert Table

Lanterns filled with candy. Mini fishing poles using bamboo poles, vending capsules, and edible bait and tackle. A campfire cake made from chocolate candy logs, rock candy embers, and a sugar cookie flame. What do all of these have in common? They make for one awesome camping birthday party dessert table!

Sandwich Roll Sleeping Bags

17. Sandwich Roll Sleeping Bags

Get creative with your camping party food labels. A sleeping bag is a much cooler name for a sandwich roll served at a camping birthday party.

Camping Birthday Party Decorations

18. Camping Birthday Party Decorations

Don’t spend a small fortune on camping birthday party decorations. Start by raiding your own camping supplies. This camping party is decked out in items like a checkered tablecloth, pie tins, bandanas, and a lantern that was already on hand.

Kid Size Play Pup Tent

19. Kid-Size Play Pup Tent

Set the stage for an amazing camping party by DIYing these kid-size play-pup tents. Quick and inexpensive, it’s simple enough to create several tents for a whole campsite.

Felt Campfire

20. Felt Campfire

A camping party without a campfire? That would be tragic. Create a cozy campfire from felt and enjoy a campfire anytime, rain or shine. Felt and polyester fiberfill are the main materials used to create this felt campfire set. Hand and machine stitching are needed to complete the project.

Backyard Winter Camping Party

21. Backyard Winter Camping Party

If you’re planning a backyard winter camping party, get ready to see how flannel, pinecones, and wood textures are used in this party to create a wintry look. Plus, check out the adorable bear cake pops, fondant tent-topped cake, and amazing sugar cookies!

Worms in Dirt

22. Worms In Dirt

Kids might turn their noses up at an invitation to taste test worms in the dirt. Once they know it’s really swirled chocolate and vanilla pudding layered in plastic cups topped with chocolate cookie crumb dirt and gummy worms, we’re pretty sure they’ll change their minds. Isn’t this perfect for a camping party?

23. Camping Party Favors

Get the kids involved with making fun camp-themed party favors. We love the DIY Tin Lanterns and the “oh-so cute” Tent Pinatas. Also, be sure to discover how fun it is to make the cut-out Paper Pennants and easy-to-make camp signs.

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