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A Woodland Buddies Themed Baby Shower Sip and See

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There are few things cuter than baby animals. Is it any wonder they make a darling party theme? We were delighted to style woodland buddies-themed baby “sip and see” honoring a friend Jolene and her new little buddy. Read on to get ideas that can be used for a sweet birthday party or to honor your favorite mother-to-be and her precious little one.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

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The eye-catching color palette and darling owl and raccoon characters featured in the printables provided a fun foundation for decorating. To create a softer look to some of the woodland elements and add a homemade feel, we did two simple DIY ideas for the table. First, for the backdrop, use various color-coordinating, patterned papers, and cut out leaves in several shapes. These can be mounted on card stock and hung as a focal point behind the desserts.

The second DIY is a colorful woodland tree. Cover a tree branch with nubby yarn and glue on small paper leaves for a whimsical woodland prop. There is so much deliciousness on the dessert menu from Goodness Bakeshop. A chocolate maple cake topped with a darling owl cut out was one of two lovely cakes. The second, a rustic spiced apple cake, was topped with our sweet “celebrate” sign and encircled with a ring of hazelnuts. We love how the raccoon seems to be peeking over the top!

Because cupcakes are always a hit, orange basil cupcakes, and chocolate cupcakes were served in the sweetest cupcake wrappers with theme coordinating printable toppers. We especially like the way the green lollipops and gumdrop leaves look with our tree-themed wrappers. Glass dessert cloches displayed yummy chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate cookies. We repeated the yarn wrap on the display stems. Themed party decals add to the festivities.

Chocolate owl nests with yogurt-covered peanuts were such an adorably fitting addition as well. Offer Ontario pears ( or local apples or fruit) as a delicious in-season fruit option. To add a pop of color, each pear was tagged with a cute circle label simply hanging from the stem. For a sweet take-home, we bought wrapped hot chocolate-on-a-stick favors and customized them with the collection’s favor tags. Is there anything better than munching and mingling and “oohing and ahhing” over a sweet, new little baby? 

Be sure to check out more woodland-themed party ideas:

Plus, don’t miss out on Woodland-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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