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34 Monster Birthday Party Ideas

Table of Contents
  1. 34 Monster Birthday Party Ideas
  2. 1. Monster Circus
  3. 2. Loch Ness Monster Birthday Party
  4. 3. Little Monster Birthday
  5. 4. Monster Mash Budget Bash
  6. 5. Where the Wild Things Are
  7. 6. Little Monster Birthday Party
  8. 7. Daniel's Monster Party
  9. 8. Monsters
  10. 9. A Colorful Monster Party
  11. 10. Little Monster
  12. 11. Silly Monster 1st Birthday
  13. 12. Monster Party
  14. 13. A Monster 2nd Birthday Party
  15. 14. Monsters University Birthday
  16. 15. Ben's Birthday Party
  17. 16. Not So Scary Monster Birthday
  18. 17. Colorful Monster Party
  19. 18. The Birthday Monster
  20. 19. Monster Boy Bash on a Budget
  21. 20. Colorful Monster Party
  22. 21. Monster Themed Birthday Party
  23. 22. Colorful Monster 1st Birthday
  24. 23. Monster Themed Boy's Birthday
  25. 24. 3rd Birthday Monster Party
  26. 25. Monster Bash
  27. 26. Tickle Monster 2nd Birthday Party
  28. 27. Monstrous 2nd Birthday
  29. 29. Monster 1st Birthday
  30. 30. Monster Dessert Table
  31. 31. Monster Mash Party
  32. 32. Aren's 1st Birthday
  33. 33. Where the Wild Things Are 1st Birthday Party
  34. 34. Monster Party
  35. If you're getting ready for a monster-themed boy's birthday party, check out these ideas as well...
  36. Plus, don't miss Purple Monster Snacks for Kids...

Whether you’re looking for a boy birthday party idea or hoping for a summer time fun party theme, a colorful Monster Bash will leave ’em screaming for more! Silly monsters only exist in the imagination so dessert table and party decorations can roll off in any direction you want.

Use spare parts for supplies, bake a goofy cake with eyes, get those invitations out and you’re ready for a monstrously good time.

Be sure to check out some of our favorite party haunts around the neighborhood for suggestions to thrill everyone with silly fun.

34 Monster Birthday Party Ideas from Spaceships and Laser Beams

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34 Monster Birthday Party Ideas

Monster circus is an adorable theme for a boy's birthday party.

1. Monster Circus

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Every color of the rainbow was at our circus! Monster stilt walkers, trapeze artists and the clown troupe all show up on our dessert table full of fun ideas that started with our Monster Fest Collection.

This Loch Ness Monster first birthday party is adorable. This theme incorporates boyish colors and cute monsters.

2. Loch Ness Monster Birthday Party

From GreyGrey Designs

Brittany always amazes me with creative concepts and superb execution of ideas. You’ll love the winsome monster, food and serving ideas! The Loch Ness Monster cupcake holder is especially clever.

This little monster birthday party incorporates a fur table cloth and lots of textured monsters in this delightful dessert table.

3. Little Monster Birthday

From One Stone Events via Bird’s Party

An orange FUR (faux) table covering, a marvelous hanging backdrop and monsters on the drinking glasses are just a few of my favorites at this fun spot.

4. Monster Mash Budget Bash

From Starburst Studio via Spaceships and Laser Beams

After seeing this party, I cannot imagine any monster party without these darling monster chairs! You’ll also see an eyeball chandelier and table decorating monsters made from dollar store sponges!

This "Where the Wild Things Are" party is incredible. It stays true to the classic story and incorporates fun party decor.

5. Where the Wild Things Are

From Nikki Berry via The Party Wagon

Great set-up! I love the woodland scene and the birthday cake looks wonderful inside and out.

This little boy monster birthday party includes a coloring wall that little ones will love.

6. Little Monster Birthday Party

From Nounces via Celebrations at Home

The coloring wall of monster characters is a brilliant idea! See especially cute favor ideas here, too.

You'll be amazed at what googly eyes can transform! Check out this inspirational monster party.

7. Daniel’s Monster Party

From Karo’s Funland via Mimi’s Dollhouse

Even the rock candy and marshmallows have eyes for you at this party! Of course, you’ll see zaps of color and pick up terrific monster ideas here.

Adorable polka dots complement the vibrant monsters at this party. And the monstrous cake is fantastic!

8. Monsters

From Michelle’s Party Plan-It Designs via The Party Wagon

Black and white polka dots really make the bright monster colors pop! Take a look at this stylish celebration.

9. A Colorful Monster Party

From The Side Stuff via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Hanging paper party balls, stripes and of course, monsters, make up a fun play environment. Find activity ideas for the younger crowd, too.

Luminous greens and party games mean this monster party will be memorable.

10. Little Monster

From Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line via Bird’s Party

Color blocking on this monstrous party table is so effective. Love the party hat-wearing monster on top of the cake; the pedestal is awesome, too. Yarn-wrapped frames starring little monsters are cute.

Yarn monsters, stickers for water bottles and the efficient use of paper lanterns make this monster party inspirational.

11. Silly Monster 1st Birthday

From Angy Design via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Bright orange, blue, green and yellow were used to arrest attention and delight small guests. Monsters on the cakes, decorations and handmade favors were too silly to scare!

12. Monster Party

From Bridgey Widgey via Mimi’s Dollhouse

The Furry Foto booth has to be one of the best I’ve seen. Favor cones are especially celebratory and of course the colorful energy is great.

This boy's monster-themed second birthday party uses texture and primary colors to make the theme pop.

13. A Monster 2nd Birthday Party

From Autumn Lynn’s Chocolate Sins via Kara’s Party Ideas

Four-foot-tall monsters would certainly thrill short little kids! Color AND texture were used to create this party environment.

These Monsters University birthday party ideas are sure to inspire.

14. Monsters University Birthday

From Danielle via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Clever details and cheery color build on the fun characters from the Disney world of Monsters University. This party loving mom really wows us!

15. Ben’s Birthday Party

From Kate Bogot Photography

This party gets my “Best Monster Party Hat” award! Great cake, too; a twin paper mache version stands out on the guest table.

Cute colors and little details make this monster party really special.

16. Not So Scary Monster Birthday

From RV Parties via Spaceships and Laser Beams

All of the monsters are smiling at this party – and there are a lot of ’em! Place settings, serving dishes and photo props all have funny little monster adornments.

The happiest monsters you'll ever see! Kids and monsters alike are sure to have a good time at this birthday bash.

17. Colorful Monster Party

From Owlie Powlie via Kara’s Party Ideas

Just imagine a room full of kidlets wearing these eyeball hats! HA! See lots of friendly little monsters wearing their best party colors.

Clever decor make party food staples monstrous, at this delightful party.

18. The Birthday Monster

From Shindig Diva via Pizzazzerie

A watermelon monster, wrapped mummy hot dogs and an awesome orange monster cake fill up a fun party table.

You can throw a gorgeous monster party on a budget!

19. Monster Boy Bash on a Budget

From I Heart Parties via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Purple and orange are the starring colors at this delightful party. A purple and green layered cake with orange marshmallow pops on top is especially fun.

Boy's first monster birthday party ideas will thrill you. Such cute decorations.

20. Colorful Monster Party

From Infiniti Foto via Home Confetti

See another really cute cake here. I really liked the “monster factory” idea for a craft station, too.

21. Monster Themed Birthday Party

From Acuarela via Kara’s Party Ideas

Even the table has become a monster at this delightful celebration! I love the collection of containers at the beverage station. All the party monsters seem to be cheering for a happy time!

Gorgeous bright colors make this a boy's birthday to remember.

22. Colorful Monster 1st Birthday

From Ever After Event & Floral Design via Pretty My Party

Chevron and stripes work well with bright pops of solid colors. The photo display beautifully utilized the play environment at this sweet party.

Monster portraits are a great backing to this delicious dessert table.

23. Monster Themed Boy’s Birthday

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Our Monster Fest Collection is used in yet another way; I particularly like the way the framed monsters look like a family gallery behind the dessert table! A fun cake and raspberry and orange fruit monsters add a lot to the table, too.

Cute cake idea - incorporate a pattern (like these stripes) with your theme (monsters)!

24. 3rd Birthday Monster Party

From Stationery Scoop

The aqua, yellow and brown décor is a departure from the usual party brights. Great cake!

Be careful! The monsters may eat your desserts before your guests can! This monster-themed dessert table is too cute.

25. Monster Bash

From Setting the Mood via Pretty My Party

Subtract the Halloween elements and you still have a great monster bash. Dimensional monsters add an interesting element. Watch out for the fur covered guest table — there are monsters over there!

This tickle monster party takes away the scary side of monsters and you're left with a cute party everyone can enjoy.

26. Tickle Monster 2nd Birthday Party

From Charming Touch Parties via Kara’s Party Ideas

A sweet book and a delightful party theme – doesn’t it make you giggle just to think of the tickles?

27. Monstrous 2nd Birthday

From J at Your Service via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Here’s another colorful, imaginative birthday celebration full of festive details and it is not really scary at all!

This stacked birthday cake includes really adorable monsters.

29. Monster 1st Birthday

From Amy Griffin via Project Nursery

A welcoming committee of monsters is a super idea. Kleenex box monsters-cum-cutlery work for me – and the cake is awesome!

This lime green monster cake is incredible! Even he looks amazed by how awesome this party is.

30. Monster Dessert Table

From Paper Candy via Amy Atlas

Blue, green and purple decorate the party monsters here. Especially noteworthy is the cake feature.

31. Monster Mash Party

From Simply Creative Insanity via Celebrations at Home

Using an eyeball ring as a napkin holder is a new idea! Using scrapbook paper for placemats gives guest place settings an extra dose of color.

boy's monster birthday party cake table

32. Aren’s 1st Birthday

From Morkiraz via Project Nursery

An amusing veggie display and monster sandwiches caught my attention immediately. Blue and green monsters somehow seem more civilized!

33. Where the Wild Things Are 1st Birthday Party

From Kitchen Doughdough

Even the little birthday boy gets dressed as King of the Wild Things at this party!

Monster color blocking! I love these cute decorations.

34. Monster Party

From  Malu Locacao Para Festas via Kara’s Party Ideas

Here’s a monster of a monster party! This one is also done in color blocking and it is filled with colorful candies, little monsters and details to excite your imagination.

If you’re getting ready for a monster-themed boy’s birthday party, check out these ideas as well…

Plus, don’t miss Purple Monster Snacks for Kids…

Purple Monster Snacks for Kids

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