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A Prehistoric Dinosaur Birthday Party

Table of Contents
  1. Plan a dinosaur themed birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. Be sure to check out more dinosaur birthday party ideas here.
  3. Plus, you don't want to miss 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas...

You’ll be channeling your inner caveman once you lay eyes on this awesome prehistoric dinosaur themed birthday party by Marissa of The Princess and the Pirate!

Styled to promote their printable dinosaur decorations, Marissa showcases two takes on the refreshment table—one full of dessert delights with cupcakes and candy galore and the other with more nutritious alternatives for the health-conscious.

Cool Dinosaur Birthday Party ideas

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Boys Prehistoric Birthday Party Dessert Table

To set the stage for both refreshment table versions, bamboo fencing is used as a backdrop. I love the jungle feel it immediately establishes.

To add interest, a caveman themed banner in bright shades of orange and green is strung across the backdrop. (Isn’t that the cutest little caveman you’ve ever seen?)

These decorations would look great at a Jurassic World themed dinosaur party as well!

Boys Prehistoric Birthday Party Decorations

Tropical plants and foliage are displayed in color coordinating pots. They add so much to the prehistoric jungle vibe. Wooden dinosaur models serve as perfect props.

Guests love party favors so orange treat bags are neatly arranged atop the table. That sweet caveman shows up again on printable caveman tags.

Boys Prehistoric Birthday Party Decorations

Take 1: The dessert table. This version of the refreshment table is filled with tantalizing treats.

A tiered stand boasts yummy-looking cupcakes. Mini stools elevate jars full of candy. Sugary green drinks are served in glass bottles, made party ready with orange polka-dotted straws.

White trays are lined up with amazing confections, ready for ravenous party goers to chomp.

Boys Prehistoric Birthday Party Dessert Table

Take 2:  The healthy refreshment station. A few things are swapped out to give party goers nutritious snack options.

Muffins replace cupcakes on the tiered stand.

Bright green buckets full of oranges take the place of the candy jars on the stools. Bottles of juice, dressed up in coordinating caveman labels, are swapped for the sugary beverages.

Dinosaur-shaped, mini sandwiches and trays of veggies and dip replace the more decadent desserts.

I love seeing this party theme celebrated in two equally awesome ways. Which would you go for–healthy snacks or sweet treats? Personally, I would love to see an equal mix!

What fabulously creative ideas for celebrating a dinosaur-loving little boy’s birthday!

Prehistoric dinosaur parties rock!

Plan a dinosaur themed birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Dinosaurs Giant Wall Decals
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  • Dinosaur Bubbles

Be sure to check out more dinosaur birthday party ideas here.

Plus, you don’t want to miss 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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