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Free Back to School Lunch Note Printables

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Kid Activity Notes
  2. 2. Back-to-School Notes
  3. 3. Piece of Cake
  4. 4. Random Acts of Kindness
  5. 5. Love Notes - In yellow or aqua
  6. 6. Lunch Box Jokes
  7. 7. Smiley Face
  8. 8. Super Hero Lunch Notes
  9. 9. Silly Animal Jokes
  10. 10. Fun Notes
  11. 11. Adorably Simple Notes
  12. 12. Inspirational Notes
  13. 13. Riddles
  14. 14. Motivational Lunch Box Notes
  15. 15. Motivational Notes
  16. 16. 10 Little Notes
  17. 17. Creative Notes
  18. 18. Free Lunch Notes for Kids
  19. 19. Post It Lunchbox Notes
  20. 20. Lunchbox Love
  21. Make sure they get the lunch box they want. We have gathered some great lunch box resources that will be perfect to head back to school.

It seems like we were just starting to talk about summer plans and here it is time for school to begin–—again!

Let your kids know you’re thinking of them and send a little (a lot of!) love with these FREE downloadable, printable notes.

Tuck them in lunches or backpacks to inspire and encourage, especially in those first days of back-to-school.

See Also

1. Kid Activity Notes

From Rook No.17:

This offering was created from a set of vintage alphabet cards. There are 18 cards with a letter of the alphabet, a picture and a fill-in-the blank. Examples include: “You’re the icing on my _____”; and “You’re the greatest thing since sliced ______.” Charming!

2. Back-to-School Notes

From The Pinning Mama

Polka-dots in eight colors have eight message beginnings for you to personalize: “You are smart”; “Surprise!”; “I love you because”; “You make me smile”; “Have fun today”; “Great job!”; “I am proud of you”; “Have a great day”.

3. Piece of Cake

From Happy Home Fairy

Not only will you find a cheery “Hope your 1st day was a piece of cake” note, there are suggestions for including a decorated cupcake.

4. Random Acts of Kindness

From I Should be Mopping the Floor

There are fourteen colorful and positive messages in this printable collection which includes: “The world needs more people like you”; “Think big”; “Oh, hello gorgeous”;” Think BIG”.

5. Love Notes – In yellow or aqua

From Tip Junkie

“Hey there smartie pants, hope your 1st day is going great!”


A close up of a map

6. Lunch Box Jokes

From Mom Has Cooties

Thoughtful encouragement from scriptures references, but in Mom’s words. Messages revolve around worry, peer pressure, judging, working hard and feeling important. There’s also a first day of school sign to print and flag straws that celebrate the occasion.

7. Smiley Face

From abc teach

The iconic happy face wishes a happy first day.

A close up of text on a white background


8. Super Hero Lunch Notes

From Time Out With Mom

Find six encouragements, such as “Never forget mommy loves you” and “You are my sunshine”, plus six scriptures about courage, trust, and strength, including “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid”. There are also four blank, color-framed notes for personalization.

A girl holding a piece of cake on a table


9. Silly Animal Jokes

From Kids Activities

An owl reminds your student to “Seize the day” and a line-up of pencils encourages: “Be smart. Be honest. Be kind.” Chalkboard style notes say, “Make today amazing” and “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

10. Fun Notes

From Frugal Coupon Living

See a collection of eight colorful printables with eight different messages that include: “Some buggy loves you”; “Have a whale of a time”; “You are the apple of my eye”; and “You brighten my day”.

11. Adorably Simple Notes

From weelife

There are six single color squares with a fun image and a spot to write your own message or you can use the same format with messages that include: “Happy day”; “Miss you”; “Hugs and kisses”; “Super star”; “Love you”; and “Big hug”.

12. Inspirational Notes

From Whipperberry

Discover a half dozen positive notes and modern style for your kids with these messages: “Be awesome today”; “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”; “Keep your chin up”; “Life is a beautiful ride”; “Don’t worry, be happy”; and “I love you”.

13. Riddles

From All for the Boys

Eight different jokes, such as, “Why couldn’t the pirate play cards? Because he was sitting on the deck”! There are also eight blank cards so you can write your own jokes and puns.

Lunch and School


14. Motivational Lunch Box Notes

From Ayelet Keshet

There are a dozen notes here; six are blank and six have phrases for you to complete, such as: “I can’t wait to…”; “You are special to me because…”; “You will do a great job on…”. All have attractive borders and colors.

15. Motivational Notes

From Living Locurto and Paper Crave

See seven messages here that include: “Good luck on your test”; “Hope you’re having a great day”; “TGIF-get ready for the weekend”.

16. 10 Little Notes

From Mama Miss

Some vintage images, some more contemporary, but all with encouraging messages like: “you rock”; “sending you hugs today octopus style”; “have a blast today”.

17. Creative Notes

From Jones Design Company

Use these prompts to fill in a daily message: “To ____, I hope you have a ____day. Remember to _____. I’ll see you ____. Lots of love”.


A close up of a sign

18. Free Lunch Notes for Kids

From Simple Everyday Mom

Silly pictures and funny jokes are sure to garner a grin. An example: “What do you call a pig that knows karate? A pork chop”!

19. Post It Lunchbox Notes

From Dabbles and Babbles

Print these on any color note. There are a half dozen affirming messages, such as: “You are one amazing kid!” and “You are epic awesomeness in one cute little package!”

20. Lunchbox Love

From Kiki and Company

Six artsy fun and bright colored pictures accompany notes like: “You are dino-mite!” and “Superkid”.

Make sure they get the lunch box they want. We have gathered some great lunch box resources that will be perfect to head back to school.

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